Having a moment: Bees

Happy Earth Day, everyone! With summer just around the corner, nature prints can be found just about everywhere, and there is a particular focus on one creepy-crawlie: the bumble bee!

It’s no wonder that bees are the star of this season, with the little workers performing some amazing feats:

  • a bee will visit 100 flowers in one flight
  • a hive of bees flies the equivalent of three orbits around the earth to make 1kg of honey
  • bees pollinate 1/3 of our global food supply- without bees, there would be no us!
bee necklace

Silver Bee Necklace by Mantra £20

We love the bee at fabulous- to us it is an emblem of community, productivity and joy. The above Mantra“hard work brings sweet rewards”– summarises everything we love about bees and the values they embody. It then seems fitting that, with pay-day looming, we’ve spotted lots of bee-themed treats to splurge on after a month of hard work!

bee accents.png

Bee oak tea-light holder £15.95, Bee coaster £6, Notonthehighstreet

Bring summer into your home with subtle bee-themed accents, like this tea-light holder or coaster.


Small Bee Necklace by Daisy £85

We love the mixed metals and intricate detail on this dainty bee necklace by Daisy, from their new Nature’s Way collection.

bee sticker.png

Bee Polka Slim Sticker by Paperchase £1.50

Adorn your stationary with these little golden bee stickers– perfect reminders of the rewards of hard work when you’re in need of motivation.

bee rings

Bee Wrap Ring in Rafaelian Gold, Silver or Rose Gold by Alex and Ani £24

Mix and match with these adorable bee wrap rings by Alex and Ani, which come in three toned finishes and signify drive, loyalty and conscientiousness.

lush honey gift set

Honey Gift Set by Lush £22.50

Indulge yourself with the Honey gift set by Lush which features a bee-themed bath bomb, soap, shower gel and massage bar.

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