Wedding Gift Guide: Bridesmaids Jewellery


August has finally arrived, and that means we’re in the thick of wedding season! You might be getting ready for your own big day and, if not, there’s a good chance that you’re a member of a bridal party. From celebrating with the bride every step of the way to keep them grounded in their worst bridezilla moments, the role of the bridesmaid is one of the most important in any wedding. We’ve compiled our favourite pieces of jewellery to honour and thank every bridesmaid for their contribution to the special day…

Designer Jewellery Bridesmaid Gifts Sterling Silver Initial Necklaces Personalised

Initial Necklaces by Mantra, £25

Thank each bridesmaid for their individual help with a personal initial necklace from Mantra. There is a personalisation option, so you can add their name or the date of the big day on the reverse of the pendant!

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Designer Jewellery Swarovski Crystal Alex and Ani Bangles Brass Bridesmaid Gifts Jewelry

Alex and Ani Bridesmaid Bangles, £35

Alex and Ani have launched a beautiful bridal range, featuring Swarovski crystal designs with special engravings on the reverse.

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Thomas Sabo Bridesmaid Gifts Love Bridge Engravable Personalised Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Thomas Sabo Love Bridge, from £35

Thomas Sabo Love Bridge is an engravable collection inspired by the locks of love on the Pont des Arts in Paris. The perfect keepsake to remember a special day by.

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Mother’s Day 2017: Gift Guide

Somehow there are only 4 days left until Mother’s Day! But if you’re still undecided on a gift, don’t worry. We have selected special gifts for every taste, meaning you’re sure to be the favourite this year!

md necklace in silver

Infinity Heart Necklace, £70

The Heart Infinity necklace by Thomas Sabo symbolises eternal love and is the perfect keepsake to celebrate the unbreakable bond between a mother and child.

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md doublelink.jpg

Mum Double Link, £36

Begin or add to her Nomination collection. The composable Italian bracelet range is the perfect example of jewellery that tells a story, and the new double link designs are a wonderful personal gift for Mother’s Day.

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light the way

Light the Way Pendant £50, Light the Way Studs £30

Life’s Journey is a collection that celebrates the individual path that each wearer follows. Light the Way describes those who lead and nurture others, letting nothing stand in their way. They are resourceful, unwavering and devoted to others.

The perfect gift to show appreciation to a mother who has always put her children first.

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Engelsrufer (Angel Whisperer) is the perfect combination of timeless beauty and personal sentiment. The ornate filigree lockets encase a coloured chiming sound ball, imbued with a specific meaning. This purity set perfectly reflects the purity of a mother’s unconditional love.

Each chime whispers to a corresponding guardian angel; keep your Angel Whisperer close to your heart to feel loved and protected wherever you are in the world.

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md mantras.jpg

Mantra necklaces, from £20

Tell her exactly how you feel with a Mantra. The flower and rose necklaces, with their accompanying mantras, are the perfect way to show appreciation for years of support and love. The perfect reminder of love that she can wear everyday.

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mom rg

Alex and Ani bangle, £24

The Because I Love You collection by Alex and Ani features beautiful botanical engravings; the Mom bangle has a peony design that symbolises the generosity and heroism of a mother’s love.

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day 2017

February has arrived, and there are only 7 days to go until Valentine’s Day! If you’re still stuck for gift ideas, don’t worry. Our fabulous gift guide comprises the most thoughtful Valentine’s gifts for every personality, and will be sure to score you top marks next week.


Is she a hopeless romantic? Has she been counting the days until Valentine’s, because she always has the perfect gift and date ideas? If she lives for classic romantic gestures, you can’t go wrong with hearts and flowers.


Tell her exactly how you feel with a Mantra, or give her a precious keepsake with a pendant by My Token of Love. Mixing rose tones and Swarovski crystals, the new Alex and Ani collection is perfect for those who love fairy-tale romance- there’s even a Frog Prince bangle! With their timeless and elegant designs, Thomas Sabo are always a favourite for a classic romantic gift.

Shop our full romantic edit here. 


Hearts and flowers not her thing? Maybe she prefers gifts with deep meaning and thought behind them. Buy her a simple symbolic piece that she can wear all day, from the office to the yoga studio.


For a gift with deep thought behind it, respond to her psychic energy with a Daisy Chakra, or give her words to live by with a Mantra. Find a symbol that perfectly captures her with Alex and Ani’s Path of Symbols.

Shop our full spiritual edit here.


Maybe she lives to look her best. Is one of her favourite things about  Valentine’s Day having an excuse to get dressed up? If her style is all-out glamorous, spoil her with something fabulous.

glamorous jewellery.jpg

With ornate filigree pendants and chiming pave sound balls, Engelsrufer lockets  are the perfect piece of sparkle with meaning. Nikki Lissoni lockets, in which each coin has its own meaning, also carry striking dazzling designs. Or, for something that’s as unique as she is, opt for precious gemstone piece by Soru– no two are the same.

Shop our full glamorous edit here. 


She might have told you not to do Valentine’s gifts this year- don’t fall for that trap! She maybe doesn’t want the fuss of old-fashioned romance, but a low-key and on trend piece of jewellery is perfect for her laid-back attitude.

edgy jewellery gifts.jpg

Steer clear of the big designer names this Valentine’s and look into up-and-coming designers with individually striking designs. A simple bangle by Life’s Journey, chosen to match her personality, is an ideal thoughtful gift. Find a Mantra that perfectly matches her free-spirited approach to life, or motivate her with a Giving Key.

Shop our full edgy edit here.

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Happy Birthday, Libras!

happy birthday libras .jpg

Libra is in the stars this month! This air sign is characterised by their peaceful, gentle and generous nature. Naturally intellectual and fuelled by curiousity, Libras love nothing more than meaningful conversations with interesting people. They have a great appreciation for the arts and love being introduced to new ideas.Their kind and sociable character means they are amazing friends, and they always keep the peace in any group.

Libra strengths:


libra mantra star maps.jpg

Libra Star Map by Mantra from £35

These stunning Libra Star Map necklaces by Mantra reflect the alignment of the stars upon the wearers’ birth. We love the attention to detail in these necklaces- with tiny cubic zirconias embedded in the constellation in white and black, respectively. Each Mantra Star Map comes with its individual meaning card, celebrating the unique traits of each sign. This Mantra honours the balanced, friendly and affectionate nature of the Libra. Shop Mantra at fabulous!


alex and ani libra bangles.jpg

Libra Bangles by Alex and Ani from £24

These zodiac bangles by Alex and Ani are the perfect way to personalise a stack. The traditional zodiac bangle features the classic Libra scales emblem on Alex and Ani’s trademark Rafaelian finish, while the Celestial Wheel offers a pop of colour and a Libra star map motif on a shiny finish. Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

chlobo libra.jpg

ChloBo Libra necklace £105, ChloBo Libra bangle £200

We love the hammered Silver finish of the Silver Libra Zodiac necklace by Chlobo, which features the traditional symbol. Pair with the Libra Zodiac Bangle for the perfect gift set. Shop ChloBo at fabulous!


Nikki Lissoni Libra Coin £35

We love the simplicity of the zodiac collection by Nikki Lissoni, which features cut-out filigree symbols for every sign. They offer the perfect way to personalise your Nikki collection. Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!

libra nomination .jpg

Add a personal twist to a classic composable Nomination bracelet with these zodiac links. Embrace sparkle with a cubic zirconia accent, or mix metals with the gold scales emblem on silver. Shop Nomination at fabulous!


University Starters: Moving Out Gift Guide

leaving home

It seems as though it only just arrived, but August is nearly over. A Level results day has come and gone and, with September fast approaching, many school leavers and parents are turning their attention toward the next important change: university.

It’s no secret that starting university can be a big adjustment, but it’s easy to forget that this doesn’t apply just to students; having a child fly the nest can be a bit jarring for parents too- especially since they don’t have the fun of Freshers’ Week to ease them in!

Whether you’re an expectant student with pre-university nerves, or a parent bracing yourself for an unusually quiet few months, it’s important to reassure your loved one that distance doesn’t change a thing: home is where your family is.

We’ve compiled a perfect list of gifts for mothers and daughters to exchange as they embark upon a new chapter in life.

monopoly house alexandani.jpg

Alex and Ani MONOPOLY House Bangle, £24

This sweet design, featuring an iconic MONOPOLY house, symbolises roots, security and love. With its accompanying meaning card, this charming bangle is the perfect token to carry your home in your heart, wherever you go.

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

the giving keys.jpg

The Giving Keys from £30

The key is both associated with home, and a symbol of unlocking new opportunities. Embrace the new experience of university while cherishing your roots with a LOVE or GRATEFUL Giving Key necklace. If you feel your loved one is in need of support, pass your key forward.

Shop The Giving Keys at fabulous!

mantra appreciation.jpg

Mantra Necklaces from £20

Tell your loved one exactly how much they mean to you with a thoughtful Mantra. Each piece of jewellery comes with a positive affirmation on a beautiful meaning card, with space on the back for a thoughtful message. No matter how far away you are, they can carry that thought with them in the form of a dainty necklace or bracelet.

Shop Mantra at fabulous!

daniel wellington watches.jpg

Daniel Wellington Watches from £89

These classically designed watches by Daniel Wellington feature interchangeable Nato and leather straps, named after British universities. Honour your (or your loved one’s) alma mater with a beautiful timepiece.

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Class of 2016 Graduation Gift Guide

class of 2016 grad header

Across the country, students are getting results and reaping the rewards for all their hard work! Whether you are looking for yourself, or a loved one, jewellery is the perfect precious gift to commemorate the time-honoured and proud ceremony of graduation.

Jewellery gifts are ideal for demonstrating how much you appreciate the efforts of someone dear to you, or for giving yourself a much-earned treat at the end of a long course. Exchanging matching friendship jewellery at your graduation ceremony or ball is a lovely way to honour the friendships you have made at university, and to show those friends that  your bond can withstand any changes graduation may bring.

We’ve hand-selected the perfect gifts to celebrate the wonderful rite of passage that is graduation:

grad cap bangles alex and ani.jpg

2016 Graduation Cap Bangle in Rafaelian Gold and Silver, £24 each

This sweet bangle by Alex and Ani features a cute mortarboard charm, and a hand-stamped tag with the year of your graduation. The perfect keepsake to cherish a day like no other.

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

the giving keys.jpg

The Giving Keys necklaces, from £30

The Giving Keys are that rare combination of an inspiring concept and an amazing execution. Working with charities such as the LA Downtown Women’s Center to rehabilitate the homeless, The Giving Keys recycle old keys into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery stamped with a motivational word. Gift someone a DREAM or CREATE key to inspire them as they embark on life after graduation.

Shop The Giving Keys at fabulous!

mantra grad gifts.jpg

Compass Mantra Necklace in Silver £30, Explore.Dream.Discover Mantra Necklace in Rose Gold, £55

These inspiring necklaces by Mantra come with beautifully printed meaning cards, and are perfect for gifting your loved one both a beautiful piece of jewellery and a motivational mantra to guide them as they begin a new chapter in their life.

Shop Mantra at fabulous!


Tales From The Earth The World Is Your Oyster Necklace, £76

Although graduation marks the close of one of life’s stages, it is always the beginning of something bigger. This beautiful sterling silver oyster necklace, with a globe motif on the reverse, is the perfect way to tell someone that they’re in store for great things.

Shop Tales From The Earth at fabulous


Browse our full selection of graduation gifts for more inspiration



Having a moment: Bees

Happy Earth Day, everyone! With summer just around the corner, nature prints can be found just about everywhere, and there is a particular focus on one creepy-crawlie: the bumble bee!

It’s no wonder that bees are the star of this season, with the little workers performing some amazing feats:

  • a bee will visit 100 flowers in one flight
  • a hive of bees flies the equivalent of three orbits around the earth to make 1kg of honey
  • bees pollinate 1/3 of our global food supply- without bees, there would be no us!
bee necklace

Silver Bee Necklace by Mantra £20

We love the bee at fabulous- to us it is an emblem of community, productivity and joy. The above Mantra“hard work brings sweet rewards”– summarises everything we love about bees and the values they embody. It then seems fitting that, with pay-day looming, we’ve spotted lots of bee-themed treats to splurge on after a month of hard work!

bee accents.png

Bee oak tea-light holder £15.95, Bee coaster £6, Notonthehighstreet

Bring summer into your home with subtle bee-themed accents, like this tea-light holder or coaster.


Small Bee Necklace by Daisy £85

We love the mixed metals and intricate detail on this dainty bee necklace by Daisy, from their new Nature’s Way collection.

bee sticker.png

Bee Polka Slim Sticker by Paperchase £1.50

Adorn your stationary with these little golden bee stickers– perfect reminders of the rewards of hard work when you’re in need of motivation.

bee rings

Bee Wrap Ring in Rafaelian Gold, Silver or Rose Gold by Alex and Ani £24

Mix and match with these adorable bee wrap rings by Alex and Ani, which come in three toned finishes and signify drive, loyalty and conscientiousness.

lush honey gift set

Honey Gift Set by Lush £22.50

Indulge yourself with the Honey gift set by Lush which features a bee-themed bath bomb, soap, shower gel and massage bar.