May, Myself and I: 3 Mayday Payday Treats

May is nearly here, bringing with it the joys of a three-day weekend! At fabulous, May signifies having some much-needed me-time, indulging in some self care and making sure we spend time with the most important person in our lives.The combined bliss of a bank holiday and payday weekend to usher in May offers the perfect opportunity to spend three lovely days treating yourself. This May, we are all about jewellery that resonates with self-love and self-development. Our 3 Mayday Payday treats are…


Silver Swooping Bird Necklace, £69, Gold Bird Studs, £49

#1 These stunning pieces from Daisy’s new Nature’s Way collection. The swallow is the perfect emblem of self-actualisation, symbolising aspiration, direction and future.

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Glam & Soul Mother of Pearl Tiger’s Tooth by Thomas Sabo, £180

#2 This intricate, hand-cut tiger’s tooth necklace by Thomas Sabo is inspired by Buddhist and Hindu traditions in which the tiger’s tooth signifies wisdom, benevolence and freedom from anger.

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Base Chakra Gold Necklace, £85, Sacral Chakra Silver Ring £49, Base Chakra Rose Gold Bracelet £69

#3 The new Chakra designs by Daisy are a perfect fusion of spirituality and sophistication with their delicate filigree motifs. In yogic traditions, chakras are the physical manifestation of spiritual energies. Well-balanced chakras ensure a healthy and happy life, with each chakra addressing a different aspect your personality.

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Having a moment: Paradise Prints

It’s seconds away from May and the promise of a fabulous Summer is on the horizon (OK it snowed this week but we’re ignoring that) with payday around the corner I’ve been compiling a Summer wish list ready for holidays, a fun social calendar and well, just because! I’m known in fabulous for my colour aversion but something has happened this season and my eye is drawn to vibrant palettes and busy prints. I love the combination of bright flora and forna in watercolour strokes and neon shades, I’ve decided I’m a convert – and I’m calling it paradise prints, because I’m not a ‘floral’ person!

On my lust list…

It all started with this watch from Ice – I love it!

ice watch paradise prints

Paradise Ice Watch, £79.95 from fabulous

Then after wondering what the brands from my teen years were up to, I re-visited Warehouse, and boy am I glad I did. My wedding guest wardrobe will solely be from them this year as well as many a holiday outfit!

warehouse dress paradise prints

Silk Floral Print Dress, £95 from Warehouse

We’ve been working with our friends from Mercy this season, and we love their Druzy Rocks collection. I love the lustre of the crystals, they’re the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your look and the beautiful card they come on looks great in my jewellery box!


Druzy Rocks Necklace, £24 from fabulous

There’s no better way to brighten up your bedroom than a fabulous set of bedding (you know you’re getting older when a duvet cover is as exciting as a new pair of shoes!) I love this one from BHS, £65 for Superking

bhs bedding paradise print

Happy Friday Tropical Bedding Set, £65 from BHS

What have you got your eyes on for Summer, or what will you be treating yourself to this payday? Let us know in the comments below…

Gift Guide: Bridesmaid Keepsakes


With May just around the corner, Wedding Season is fast approaching. Whether you’re getting married yourself, or are in the bridal party, it’s an incredibly exciting and special time that you will want to commemorate for years to come. Bridesmaid gifts are the perfect way to share and cherish the joy of the occasion. At fabulous HQ, we’ve narrowed down our favourite precious pieces with a personal touch- perfect for honoring each bridesmaid individually, and letting them know how special and vital they are to the big day.


Mantra Silver Initial Necklaces, £25

Shop Mantra at fabulous


Daisy Alpha Rings, £11.10 (originally £37)

Shop Daisy at fabulous!


me.mi Customised Name Necklaces, £50-195

Shop me.mi at fabulous!

alex and ani bs.jpg

Alex and Ani Birthstone Bracelets, £24

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

Having a moment: Bees

Happy Earth Day, everyone! With summer just around the corner, nature prints can be found just about everywhere, and there is a particular focus on one creepy-crawlie: the bumble bee!

It’s no wonder that bees are the star of this season, with the little workers performing some amazing feats:

  • a bee will visit 100 flowers in one flight
  • a hive of bees flies the equivalent of three orbits around the earth to make 1kg of honey
  • bees pollinate 1/3 of our global food supply- without bees, there would be no us!
bee necklace

Silver Bee Necklace by Mantra £20

We love the bee at fabulous- to us it is an emblem of community, productivity and joy. The above Mantra“hard work brings sweet rewards”– summarises everything we love about bees and the values they embody. It then seems fitting that, with pay-day looming, we’ve spotted lots of bee-themed treats to splurge on after a month of hard work!

bee accents.png

Bee oak tea-light holder £15.95, Bee coaster £6, Notonthehighstreet

Bring summer into your home with subtle bee-themed accents, like this tea-light holder or coaster.


Small Bee Necklace by Daisy £85

We love the mixed metals and intricate detail on this dainty bee necklace by Daisy, from their new Nature’s Way collection.

bee sticker.png

Bee Polka Slim Sticker by Paperchase £1.50

Adorn your stationary with these little golden bee stickers– perfect reminders of the rewards of hard work when you’re in need of motivation.

bee rings

Bee Wrap Ring in Rafaelian Gold, Silver or Rose Gold by Alex and Ani £24

Mix and match with these adorable bee wrap rings by Alex and Ani, which come in three toned finishes and signify drive, loyalty and conscientiousness.

lush honey gift set

Honey Gift Set by Lush £22.50

Indulge yourself with the Honey gift set by Lush which features a bee-themed bath bomb, soap, shower gel and massage bar.

Happy Birthday Taurans!

taurus 4

Taurus is in the stars this month! This earth sign is trustworthy, reliable and stable; however, still waters run deep, and Taurans can be surprisingly passionate and headstrong if they are moved. Taurans are highly in tune with the senses, and love beauty and material luxury- making jewellery a perfect birthday gift this month!

Taurus Strengths:

  • Generous
  • Compassionate
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Down to earth
star maps taurus

Taurus Star Maps by Mantra in Gold (£50) and Silver (£35)

These stunning Star Map necklaces by Mantra reflect the alignment of the stars upon the wearers’ birth. We love the attention to detail in these necklaces- with tiny cubic zirconias embedded in the constellation in white and black, respectively. Buy them at fabulous!

alex and ani celestial wheels

Taurus Bangle in Rafaelian Silver and Celestial Wheel Taurus in Shiny Silver  by Alex and Ani (£24 each)

These zodiac bangles by Alex and Ani are the perfect way to personalise your stack. The traditional zodiac bangle features the classic Taurus bull emblem on Alex and Ani’s trademark Rafaelian finish, while the Celestial Wheel offers a pop of colour on a shiny finish. Buy them at fabulous

chlobo taurus

Silver Taurus Zodiac Necklace by ChloBo (£105), Taurus Zodiac Bangle by ChloBo (£200)

We love the hammered Silver finish of the Silver Taurus Zodiac necklace by Chlobo, which features the traditional Pisces symbol. Pair with the Taurus Zodiac Bangle for the perfect present. Buy them at fabulous

Trend Alert: Talisman


With summer seeming less and less far away, our style choices are being influenced by a strong sense of wanderlust. Whether your spiritual heartland is in Mount Kailash, Tibet, or Varanasi, India, warm weather implores the traveler in all of us to get out and see the world.


Base Chakra Gold Necklace £85, Sacral Chakra Silver Ring £49, Base Chakra Rose Gold Bracelet £69

The new Chakra designs by Daisy are a perfect fusion of spirituality and sophistication with their delicate filigree motifs. In yogic traditions, chakras are the physical manifestation of spiritual energies. Well-balanced chakras ensure a healthy and happy life, with each chakra addressing a different aspect your personality.

Shop Daisy at fabulous!


Ouroboros Bangle in Rafaelian Gold and Silver Finish, £24 each

The ouroboros is one of the most iconic symbols in ancient mythology. Found everywhere from Egyptian to Indian legend, Norse mythology, and Alchemy, the snake eating itself has come to embody the infinite cyclical nature of life.Wear this beautifully intricate bangle by Alex and Ani on your travels to remind yourself that you are at one with the wider world, part of the renewal of the beautiful lands that surround you.

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!


Silver Cube Moon Bracelet £80,  Moon Hamsa Necklace £145, Aventurine Moon Hamsa Bracelet £65

The hamsa is an iconic talisman in the middle east for warding off evil spirits, and is featured beautifully in ChloBo’s Luna Soul collection. Never venture far from home without your hamsa to ensure good fortune and protection along your journey.

Shop ChloBo at fabulous!


Trend Alert: Prism


Spring is finally here, and we are loving the bright sunshine and the vibrant colours of the world in bloom. With the Rio Olympics fast approaching, we are embracing the South American Spirit with an explosion of colour.

druzy collage

Agate Bar Necklace £27, Agate Round Studs £19, Two Tone Rings £22

The Druzy collection celebrates natural beauty with an eclectic mixture of vivid colours and textures. Crafted from Agate and electroplated in Gold, their pieces feature sparkling facets and a intense colour. Versatile and eye-catching, Druzy is the perfect collection for channeling your inner carnival queen.

Shop Druzy at fabulous!

cdl collage

Pink Couture Geo Cube Drop Earrings £42, Geo Cube Malachite Necklace £149, Multi Couture Geo Cube Bracelet £65

Coeur de Lion’s Geo Cube collection is an innovative fusion of minimalist design and on-trend colour combinations. Made using state of the art techniques from light-refracting polaris, the sunshine plays off these colourful pieces beautifully, making them perfect for summer.

Shop Coeur de Lion at fabulous!

swatch collage

Flowerfool £47.50, Fiorinella £47.50

These new designs by iconic Swedish watch giant Swatch embody the joys of spring with their kaleidoscopic colour-ways and floral prints. The perfect accessory for touring the Americas!

Shop Swatch at fabulous!



Trend Alert: Lunar


With spring welcoming in splendorous sunshine, and warm starlit nights, it’s no wonder that we’re looking to the skies for style inspiration. This season, we love jewellery that captures the enigmatic and enduring beauty of the galaxy and are accessorising with pieces that channel our inner sense of cosmic wonder.

luna soul.jpg

Silver Moon Ring £35,  Multi-Way Moon Necklace £130, Luna Soul Cuff £135

A constant source of illumination and beauty, wherever you are in the world, the moon is a reliable guide through even the darkest of nights. Luna Soul, the latest collection by ChloBo, is a celebration of the spiritually restorative powers of the moon, and we love the lunar motifs on these pieces!

Shop ChloBo at fabulous!


daisy collage

Sun & Moon Wrap Ring £59, Sun & Moon Chain Bracelet £65, Mother of Pearl Reversible Sun Necklace £135

The Sun and Moon collection by Daisy also reflects the beauty of celestial bodies with crisp silver moons and glorious golden suns. Wear with dark stones for mysterious night glamour.

Shop Daisy at fabulous!

zodiac collage

Star Map necklace by Mantra £35-50, Celestial Wheel Bangle by Alex and Ani £24

Zodiac pieces play perfectly into this trend, and are ideal for putting a personal twist on classic star motifs. Star maps reflect the alignment of the stars upon our birth, and are thought to determine our our true natures and destinies. Express your cosmic self and connect to your astrological identity with a Star Map necklace by Mantra, or a Celestial Wheel bangle by Alex and Ani.

Shop Mantra at fabulous!

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!


Trend Alert: Mirage


With Coachella just around the corner, we’re looking to California’s Colorado Desert Valley for style inspiration this spring. We love this season’s striking combination of chic peaches and charcoals, which perfectly capture the tones of the desert at dusk.

nikki mirage coins

Chic Blue-Grey Mirror Glass Coin £55, The Sky is the Limit Coin £43, Peach Rock Crystal Fantasy Coin £75

These latest additions from Nikki Lissoni are on-trend, contrasting warm rose gold and cool silver with pastel crystals and blue-grey glass. Wear against sun-kissed skin as the perfect accessory for a road trip along Route 66.

Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!

chlobo mirage

Pink Aventurine Bar Bracelet £65, Grey Agate Tassel Bracelet £150, Labradorite Sparkle Bracelet £75

ChloBo’s spring collection, Luna Soul, also evokes dusty dunes and rolling, starlit canyons by playing warm pink aventurine off silver, and calming grey agate off rose gold. Express your inner explorer by stacking these contrasting bracelets against one another.

Shop ChloBo at fabulous!


Scarab Bangle in Rafaelian Silver and Gold, £24 each

An ancient emblem of the desert, the scarab is a symbol of good fortune and ensures a safe passage to unknown destinations. Have the scarab accompany you for good luck on any upcoming adventures with this beautifully intricate bangle by Alex and Ani.

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!


Jo’s Training Update: London Marathon

It’s rapidly approaching: just 2 weeks until the London Marathon, which I am running to raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

Thanks to all of you, I have passed my fund-raising target of £3000, which is absolutely fantastic – thank you all so much. But please don’t stop there! I would love to raise even more for this important charity, so please do sponsor me, if you would like to and haven’t yet had chance. I have a fund-raising page at

I started experiencing severe pain in my right knee when running lately, and have had good advice that it is ‘Iliotibial band syndrome’. This is a weakness in the muscles in my hip and thigh, putting pressure on my knee – so I have been doing lots of exercises and Pilates moves every day to correct it.

Position of iliotibial band


And it seems to be doing the trick, as my knee didn’t hurt so much on my longest run so far – 18.5 miles – last weekend. It was very tough, and pretty slow-going towards the end – but it’s the furthest I have ever run, so it left me feeling hopeful about at least being able to finish the marathon!

The most glorious day for a run

So – one more long run this coming weekend, aiming for 20 miles; and still lots of short sprints to build my overall fitness; and weights and stretches to work on my muscles. Then, it’s just resting before the big day.

I know many of you have run the marathon yourselves, and I am hugely appreciative to all of you for the advice, support and encouragement you are giving me. I’m getting more and more nervous as the day approaches – but it’s such a good cause, and I am determined to run the whole thing and finish well – so that is keeping me going.

I suspect now it is more my mind than my body that needs to keep going; so, it’s all about positive thinking now – and, as we say in our Mantra jewellery collection, ‘All things are possible, if you believe’. I have about 20 mantras to repeat to myself while I’m running, to get me through the miles!


I’ll look forward to updating you all on how I get on, as April 24th is now just around the corner. Thanks very much for reading this, and for your support.

Jo x