PAYDAY TREAT – FREE Thomas Sabo Gift!

For anyone with a Thomas Sabo fan on their gift list, now is the time to buy their present! We will send a gift with every Thomas Sabo purchase from now until midnight Sunday!

If you don’t already have a Thomas Sabo collection, now is the time to start…

Thomas Sabo Payday Treat

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This Week in Jewellery; Fabulous Red Carpet Looks!

With the Christmas party season approaching, we’re keeping our eyes firmly on the red carpet for some serious glamour inspiration. As the little black dresses come out we know there’ll be plenty of sparkle to accompany them, so if you’re looking for some red carpet #frost and #sparkle glamour, you can get the look with us!

Fiorelli Earrings £40

Fiorelli Earrings £40

This week on the red carpet Jennifer Lawrence was promoting the latest Hunger Games film (Hunger Games fan? Check this out!) avec a cute crop. Short hair styles are the perfect way to show off stunning earrings, and Jennifer took full advantage. Get creative with a cuff, or wear your drops along your lobes like Jennifer. Jennifer’s earrings are by Ana Khouri and our version are from Fiorelli, designer jewellery at a fraction of the cost.

Fiorelli Crystal Earrings, £98

Fiorelli Crystal Earrings, £98

Victoria Beckham is the epitome of a classic dresser, she combines simple and elegant style with luxe accessories like these beautiful Chopard earrings in striking Emerald green. Statement earrings are huge this season and they’re a great way to add a pop of colour to your party outfit. Vibrant coloured stones will continue to be a big fashion story influenced by Dolce and Gabbana’s AW collection and of course the Kate Middleton effect. We love Fiorelli’s vibrant crystal drops, chic, understated with plenty of glamour factor.

Dinny Hall Wave Bangle, Gold £280 and SIlver £220

Dinny Hall Wave Bangle, Gold £280 and Silver £220

Nicole Scherzinger looked absolutely stunning last week on The X Factor, sporting a breathtaking gown covered in sequins and sparkle! We particularly loved the Dinny Hall Wave bracelets that she stacked with the look, the simple wave bangle in Gold was the perfect subtle addition to a show stopping look. So if you’re going big on the dress, take a leaf out of Nicole’s book and keep the accessories simple. Nicole is a huge fan of Dinny Hall and was also spotted in Nikki Lissoni this week!

That’s our round up of Jewellery looks for today – let us know which look you love and what you’re adding to your wishlist!

Christmas Gifts for Teenagers: Presents Worth Tweeting About!

It can be really hard finding new ideas for teenagers every Christmas, as it’s so easy to buy the ‘wrong’ brand in their eyes, or something that just isn’t on trend. It’s especially hard if you’re buying for a friend’s kids, rather than close family.

Jo Stroud and Sinade Prosser are our head buyers and it’s their task to seek out what is hot and not in the eyes of teenagers. Along with the web team, they keep a close eye on the fashion press, as well as social media and top blogs to see what everyone wants to be seen in. Celebrity endorsements are a big part of the ‘cool’ factor, as well as European and American trends.

“We know our customers really well, and we know how hard they find it to come up with thoughtful gifts for those difficult teenage years. We spend hours on our customers’ behalf seeking out perfect treasures, and highlighting them as ‘Fab 5’ gifts in our Christmas Catalogue and on-line, to make it even easier.”

These five gifts meet the brief exactly – must-have gifts they’ll be tweeting about on Christmas Day, and still talking about when they get back to school!

You're a Star, Lily and Lotty

You’re a Star, Lily and Lotty

1. Lily and Lotty ‘Love Letter’, £42
This is such a cute gift for a teenage girl or younger. A Sterling Silver envelope, set with a real diamond, and inscribed with a meaningful message. It comes on a chain so she can wear it as a pendant, or simply keep it as a lucky charm. We’ve picked out ‘You’re a Star’, but there are more than 30 other lovely messages to choose from. Perfect for your little star.

Cruciani Bracelets

Cruciani Bracelets

2. Cruciani Macrame Bracelet, £10
From Beyoncé to Paris Hilton, celebrities around the world have been going mad for these crocheted bracelets from Italy. Made from macramé lace, and available in a riot of colours, in patterns from hearts to clovers to knots, these are the perfect stocking fillers for kids and grown-ups! Perfect for the on-trend teenager into her music and festivals.

Lizas Sparkling Nights Set

Lizas Sparkling Nights Set

3. Sparkling Nights, £28
A stack of semi-precious stone and crystal bracelets, in shades of midnight blue. These semi-precious stone sets are gorgeously glamorous, and are a great way to glam up jeans for a night out, without breaking the bank. Perfect for a party girl!

Ice Watch

Ice Watch

4. Ice-Watch, from £79.95
Brightly-coloured Ice-Watches started appearing on the scene a few years ago, and have become one of the must-have gifts for teenage boys and girls. Made from sturdy silicon, and water resistant to 100 metres, they come in a rainbow of bright colours that can match any outfit. Perfect for an outdoorsy girl, or tomboy.

Treasure Me, Estella Bartlett

Treasure Me, Estella Bartlett

5. ‘Treasure Me’, Estella Bartlett, £14
On-trend necklaces plated in Silver or Rose Gold, from an ex-fashion journalist, designed with whimsical motifs. This cute gold-plated bow is perfect for channelling her inner Alexa Chung. With loads of different designs from wishbones to hearts, these well-priced and thoughtfully packaged necklaces make great gifts. Perfect for a fashionista.

#WW Watch Wednesday

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November Birthstone Jewellery

Beth from our Leamington Spa store explains the history of the beautiful gemstone Citrine, the official birthstone for November.

Official birthstone of November: Citrine saboh
Zodiac sign: Scorpio & Sagittarius 

The official birthstone for the month of November is Citrine which is an exotic, translucent golden brown to yellow colour. This stone has often been referred to as ‘the stone of the mind’ where many ancient cultures believed that placing it on the foreheads of strong, independent women would grant them psychic powers.

The Citrine stone originates from Madeira Spain but is derived from the French word ‘Citron’ reflecting the lemon saturation of the gemstone. It is a symbol of love and affection believed to increase self esteem, open the mind to think clearer and rid the body of any negative energy. It’s thought to combine your emotions, intuitions and thoughts into one, singular harmony. This gemstone is the perfect jewellery gift to buy for a loved one, family member or close companion.

The gemstone is a variety of quartz, the mineral which is frequently heated to bring out its fierce golden, yellow colour. Overall it is a brighter and purer yellow than Golden Topaz an alternative birthstone for November. During the Romantic period, skilled artisans would emphasise the warmth of the Citrine to enhance the gold jewellery colour. With qualities including durability, beauty and affordability, Citrine makes a great choice for everyday wear.

Shop November birthstone jewellery online with Fabulous here with free UK delivery.

insta nov

Our favourite jewellery piece is the beautiful black obsidian charm bracelet by Thomas Sabo worn with the Citrine Thomas Sabo birthstone. The stunning yellow hue looks perfect with black and works perfectly with gold and copper colours on trend this season. This beautiful set is £51.90 – get it here.

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PANDORA essence

Pandora Bath is excited to finally reveal the new Essence Collection. The Essence collection is a brand new bracelet with charms that will connect us with who we are. It digs deep into your true meanings and feelings with each and every beautiful and symbolic charm. We want the essence collection to inspire women across the world to express their true inner selves.

The bracelet is a snake chain made from Sterling Silver and has an elegant and slender look featuring the classic Pandora barrel clasp. It’s priced at a very affordable £49 and you can come along to our Bath Pandora store to get measured for the correct size bracelet.

The essence charms are small and delicate and are all equally size, different gemstones have been used to symbolise different values, concepts and meanings and express the essence of your personality.

Pandora have used Cubic Zirconia in this fantastic new range, adding a glamorous sparkling look to the bracelet. As well as gemstones and Cubic Zirconia Pandora have also used hand finished Sterling Silver charms with ornamental designs; incorporating ancient patterns and modern techniques.
These charms have a new unique silicone grip inside each charm, which stops them from moving around the bracelet, so no spacers are required. The charms slide on to the bracelet effortlessly but are also very secure because allowing you to place each charm where ever you choose, creating your own unique bracelet.
Due to the nature of the design of the Essence bracelet it is not recommended that you put any charms from the moments range on to the bracelet as it is not designed to carry the weight of them.

Some of our favourites here at Pandora Bath are:

Freedom – Breathe in the possibilities of a life without limitations – A delicate openwork lace pattern, enhanced with oxidation, symbolises freedom and the many routes we can take in life.

Peace – Stillness and quiet allow you to act and hear yourself – The rich ultramarine colour of lapis lazuli, with links to the sky, has a reputation of promoting peace. The peacefulness of a night sky with small twinkling stars is reflected in the faceted surface.

Confidence – Believe in yourself and reach unbelievable heights – 122 dazzling stones, each set by hand in channels of sterling silver, portray a novel and strong look celebrating feminine confidence.

Strength – Embrace your inner force. You are more powerful than you realise – The bold black colour conveys a feeling of strength. Black is always in fashion and the charm emits an air of sophisticated elegance.

Loyalty – Be true to your heart, your desires, your instincts – The cool and tranquil aquamarine gem is said to have a soothing influence on relationships, promoting loyalty and encouraging a long and happy partnership or friendship.

Joy – The thrill of life that illuminates you from within – The sparkling stones embedded as small islands of bliss, represent the many different kinds of joy to be found all around.

Available in Pandora concept stores only, you can shop Pandora Essence at our Pandora Bath store or call our Pandora hotline 0845 450 9334