Make it Personal: Gift Guide

If there’s one gifting trend we unanimously love at fabulous, it’s personalisation! A simple personal engraving can transform a piece of jewellery by adding irreplaceable sentiment to any precious gift. The inscription of a pet-name on a necklace or bracelet ensures that it will become a treasured romantic keepsake. When buying gifts for a group, a personal flourish such as an initial or date will make sure that every recipient feels individually cherished. If a loved one is going travelling or moving away, engraving their name on a necklace will reassure them that they will always be near to your heart, wherever they are in the world.

my mantra.jpg

myMantra Pendants from £72

myMantra pendants were designed as both a beautiful piece of jewellery and a wearable, personal mantra that you can carry with you every day. Inspire a loved one with a motivational phrase, or tell them exactly how you feel with a sweet nothing.

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Mantra personalisation.jpg

Mantra Disc Necklaces from £35, Personalisation £5

Personalise any Mantra disc necklace for £5, with a simple engraving on the reverse of the disc.

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me.mi Name Necklaces from £50

A hit with celebrities, these bespoke name designs are the perfect way to show a loved one how dear they are to you. Whether you want a simple initial pendant, a luxe monogram or an intricate filigree full name, me.mi necklaces are an ideal gift.

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love bridge pendants.jpg

Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Pendants from £25.95

The Thomas Sabo Love Bridge collection is an engravable collection inspired by the Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris; covered in engraved padlocks, the bridge is a symbol of the unbreakable bonds.

love bridge sabo.jpg

Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Bracelets from £70

The collection features both engravable pendants and bracelets in silver, gold and rose gold.

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Take What You Need Engravable Bars £23.50

Take What You Need is a interchangeable bar jewellery collection from Dutch designer Mi Moneda. Completely personalise a bracelet or necklace with an engraving.

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University Starters: Moving Out Gift Guide

leaving home

It seems as though it only just arrived, but August is nearly over. A Level results day has come and gone and, with September fast approaching, many school leavers and parents are turning their attention toward the next important change: university.

It’s no secret that starting university can be a big adjustment, but it’s easy to forget that this doesn’t apply just to students; having a child fly the nest can be a bit jarring for parents too- especially since they don’t have the fun of Freshers’ Week to ease them in!

Whether you’re an expectant student with pre-university nerves, or a parent bracing yourself for an unusually quiet few months, it’s important to reassure your loved one that distance doesn’t change a thing: home is where your family is.

We’ve compiled a perfect list of gifts for mothers and daughters to exchange as they embark upon a new chapter in life.

monopoly house alexandani.jpg

Alex and Ani MONOPOLY House Bangle, £24

This sweet design, featuring an iconic MONOPOLY house, symbolises roots, security and love. With its accompanying meaning card, this charming bangle is the perfect token to carry your home in your heart, wherever you go.

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the giving keys.jpg

The Giving Keys from £30

The key is both associated with home, and a symbol of unlocking new opportunities. Embrace the new experience of university while cherishing your roots with a LOVE or GRATEFUL Giving Key necklace. If you feel your loved one is in need of support, pass your key forward.

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mantra appreciation.jpg

Mantra Necklaces from £20

Tell your loved one exactly how much they mean to you with a thoughtful Mantra. Each piece of jewellery comes with a positive affirmation on a beautiful meaning card, with space on the back for a thoughtful message. No matter how far away you are, they can carry that thought with them in the form of a dainty necklace or bracelet.

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daniel wellington watches.jpg

Daniel Wellington Watches from £89

These classically designed watches by Daniel Wellington feature interchangeable Nato and leather straps, named after British universities. Honour your (or your loved one’s) alma mater with a beautiful timepiece.

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Happy Birthday, Virgos!

virgo header.jpg

Virgo is in the stars this month! This earth sign is characterised by their kindness and careful nature. They pay meticulous attention to detail and have a methodical approach to life, leaving nothing to chance. Their kind and dependable nature means that they are incredibly reliable friends- they will have the back of anyone who needs them. They are selfless and hard-working, and do their best to make those around them happy.

Virgo strengths:

  • Loyal
  • Analytical
  • Kind
  • Hard-working
  • Practical
virgo star maps.jpg

Mantra Star Maps, from £35

These stunning Virgo Star Map necklaces by Mantra reflect the alignment of the stars upon the wearers’ birth. We love the attention to detail in these necklaces- with tiny cubic zirconias embedded in the constellation in white and black, respectively. Each Mantra Star Map comes with its individual meaning card, celebrating the unique traits of each sign. This Mantra honours the perfectionist, dedicated and honest nature of the Virgo. Shop Mantra at fabulous!


Alex and Ani bangles, £24

These zodiac bangles by Alex and Ani are the perfect way to personalise a stack. The traditional zodiac bangle features the classic Virgo maiden emblem on Alex and Ani’s trademark Rafaelian finish, while the Celestial Wheel offers a pop of colour and a Virgo star map motif on a shiny finish. Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

virgo chlobo.jpg

ChloBo Virgo bangle £200, ChloBo Virgo necklace £105

We love the hammered Silver finish of the Silver Leo Zodiac necklace by Chlobo, which features the traditional symbol. Pair with the Leo Zodiac Bangle for the perfect gift set. Shop ChloBo at fabulous!


Nikki Lissoni Virgo coin, £35

We love the simplicity of the zodiac collection by Nikki Lissoni, which features cut-out filigree symbols for every sign. They offer the perfect way to personalise your Nikki collection. Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!

virgo links.jpg

Nomination  Classic Virgo links, £18

Add a personal twist to a classic composable Nomination bracelet with these zodiac links. Embrace sparkle with a cubic zirconia accent, or mix metals with the gold maiden emblem on silver. Shop Nomination at fabulous!


Solihull: Summer Trends!

The girls from fabulous Solihull have been on a spree around the town! The team visited some of their favourite shops to find out what’s trending in the town this summer…

swatch bravissimo.jpg

Bravissimo Swimwear from £32, Swatches from £32

Firstly the girls took a trip to Bravissimo in Solihull’s beautiful shopping centre, Touchwood, to take a look at this season’s most popular swimwear. The staff in Bravissimo all agreed that high-waisted bikinis are particularly on trend this summer! As well as vibrant colours such as bright orange and lime green, perfect for your summer holidays.

The Solihull girls think Swatch Watches are the perfect pool side accessory, with their bright summer colours to complement the popular vibrant bikinis this season!

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Nars Alex and Ani.jpg

Nars Eyeshadow from £21, Alex and Ani Rings from £24

After Bravissimo the girls visited Space NK, located outside on our sunny high-street. We spoke to the staff from Nars who all said their new summer collection, Sea, Suspense and Splendor, has been very popular this season. The collection includes calming blue and dazzling gold eye-shadows, which are perfect for a summer night out with friends. Complete this look with the new Alex and Ani coastal rings.

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obag chlobo.jpg

O-Bags from £25, ChloBo Stacks from £215

The girls also went to O-Bag, which is new to Touchwood this year, to check out this season’s trends. The staff in O-Bag said their brand new insert, ‘Tropical Flowers’ has flown off the shelves this summer. Try a White Classic Body with the Tropical Flowers insert for the perfect look! Complete your outfit with a ChloBo Stack.

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Happiness Mantra Necklaces from £45

Enjoy a Touch of Rio at Solihull’s very own beach. From the 9th July – 4th September Touchwood have built their very own beach for the public to enjoy. With activities including live music, sand art, free BBQs and a Bank Holiday Party on the 27th August there is so much to do!

Enjoy a day out here wearing our ‘Happiness’ Mantra necklace bar.

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viktor rolf flower bomb daisy jewellery.jpg

Perfumes from £20, Daisy London Daisies from £32

Next the girls went to check out this season’s perfumes at the Fragrance Shop. The Staff recommended their favourite summer sent by Victor and Rolf, Flowerbomb. The scent is bursting with floral accords- perfect for summer! This concept reminds us of one of our favourite brands at fabulous – Daisy; we think Flowerbomb and Daisy jewellery are a match made in Heaven.

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turtle bay cocktails twyn.jpg

Cocktails at Turtle Bay from £6.95, Take What You Need Necklaces from £42.50

Last but not least the girls took a visit to Turtle Bay, which is brand new to Solihull this summer. Enjoy Caribbean-themed cocktails and food in the outside seated area, perfect for a summer night out with family or friends. The Turtle bay staff said Raspberry Reggae has been the most popular cocktail this summer.

The girls at fabulous Solihull think our eclectic new brand, Take What You Need, would be the perfect accessory to sparkle during a summer night at Turtle Bay.

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Exam Results Gift Guide

exam results graphic.jpg

Although August is the most relaxing time of the year for many of us, for some it heralds the arrival of one very important date: exam results day. Although exam results day can be an exciting one, it can also be incredibly stressful. For students and school pupils alike, the days building up to receiving results are often coupled with sleepless nights and feelings of uncertainty; however we at fabulous know that putting the work in to complete your classes and sit your exams is a huge achievement in and of itself, and have compiled the perfect gift guide to reward that effort, whatever the results.


nomination exam results charms graduation.jpg

Nomination links from £18

Add this important chapter of life to any classic Nomination bracelet with a beautiful gold-plated link.

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bee-silver necklace card.jpg

Mantra Bee Necklace Silver £20

Remind someone special- whether they got the results they wanted or not- that all their hard work will pay off with this sweet Mantra.

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Graduation Cap Bangle £24

This sweet bangle by Alex and Ani features a cute mortarboard charm, and a stamped tag with the year of graduation. The perfect keepsake to cherish a proud achievement.

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womens daniel wellington.jpg

Ladies Oxford Watch £119, Ladies Bristol Watch £99

For any university hopefuls or graduates, these elegant ladies’ watches by Daniel Wellington, inspired by and named for British universities, are the perfect gift.

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Trend Alert: The Yogi


For those of you in touch with your spiritual side, the reinvigorating summer sunshine serves as the perfect motivation to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. A summer holiday for you  is a state of mind, a place of extreme relaxation, recuperation and positivity. Your wardrobe consists of the latest athleisure brands and your dream destination is a yoga retreat in the Ibizan hills, fashionable and free!

chakra ring

Daisy London Chakras from £39

We love the new Chakra collection by Daisy, which features beautiful filigree motifs of all seven chakras on bracelets, rings and necklaces, in gold, rose gold and silver. In Yogic traditions, the chakras are the seven centres of spiritual power in each body; physical manifestations in the human body of each spiritual energy. It is thought that perfectly balancing all seven chakras is the key to a healthy and happy life. Read our fabulous guide to help you find your chakra.

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luna soul.jpg

ChloBo Luna Soul from £35

The stunning Luna Soul collection by ChloBo, inspired by the moon, features healing labradorite, calming pink aventurine and grey agate, a harmonious stone said to balance yin and yang energy. The perfect collection to stack high at a meditative retreat!

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Take What You Need from £21.50

Take What You Need is a interchangeable bar jewellery collection from Dutch designer Mi Moneda. Change up your necklace or bracelet depending on your mood, and draw strength, passion or inspiration from a word bar. We also love the collection’s striking filigree word rings!

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the giving keys.jpg

The Giving Keys from £30

Working with charities such as the LA Downtown Women’s Center to rehabilitate the homeless, The Giving Keys recycle old keys into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery stamped with a motivational word. Proudly wear your STRENGTH, BELIEVE or FEARLESS key or padlock for inspiration or good karma.

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Trend Alert: The Seafarer


For many of us, the summer just isn’t the summer without time spent at the sea-side. For those of us who have a natural affinity with the sea, the perfect summer is one spent chasing the tide and getting tan-lines on sun-kissed sandy beaches.

The perfect holiday talismans for those seafarers among us are totems of the ocean; go with the flow with a sea-horse, embrace the energy of the sea with a sand dollar or start your adventure with a compass.

a+a rings.jpg

Alex and Ani Precious Ring Wraps £24

Mix and match these dainty ring wraps by Alex and Ani from their new Deep Sea collection. With their delicate designs and sparkling Swarovski embellishments, these rings are the perfect trinkets to add subtle nautical flair to any outfit.

art infusion a+a.jpg

Art Infusion Bangles by Alex and Ani £24

The US designer also released limited edition Art Infusion bangles, which feature amazing water-colour illustrations that really capture the beauty of the sea.

alex and ani deep sea providence.jpg

Alex and Ani Precious Providence from £33

Alex and Ani also have Deep Sea-inspired additions in their Precious Providence range. We love the attention to detail on these intricate pieces.

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seahorse-silver necklace card.jpg

Mantra Seahorse Necklace Silver £20

Known for moving with the current, seahorses are symbols of finding joy wherever life may take you. Keep this Mantra, inspired by the seahorse, close to your heart on all your coastal adventures this summer.

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tear of heaven silver.jpg

Tear of Heaven Locket Silver £99

The sea is calling with this chiming sea-shell locket by Engelsrufer, which encases a pearlescent sound ball.

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