Fabulous Solihull has moved!

We opened our new, larger store in Touchwood, Solihull on Thursday 23rd June, and raised £150 for Breast Cancer Care in the process!

The launch, which took the form of a Strawberry Tea Party, was a great success with 100 loyal fabulous customers in attendance, who were all excited to be among the first to browse the new store. The reaction from shoppers was great, with many commenting on the beautiful chandeliers, the new designers now available, and all the space – the old shop was infamous for getting a bit cramped on a busy Saturday! The bigger shop means that customers will find it easier to browse even wider collections of Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Trollbeads charms and the other great collections that fabulous stocks, such as Azuni, Lucas Jack and ChloBo.

During the evening, attendees were invited to take part in a raffle benefiting Breast Cancer Care. The prizes for the raffle were some special strawberry related pieces by designers such as Thomas Sabo and Pandora. Whilst pink themed canapés were served, those with a sweet tooth enjoyed fabulous cupcakes, kindly made by Georgina and Claire McCormick, which also helped to raise money for the charity. The soundtrack to the summery evening was provided by professional saxophonist Danielle Mason.

Jo Stroud, owner of fabulous, is thrilled with the new store and explains how, “it is definitely the flagship store of fabulous, with much larger areas dedicated to Thomas Sabo and Pandora, and all the exciting new designers we are also proud to stock. The launch went brilliantly and it’s fantastic that we raised so much for Breast Cancer Care.”

The celebrations continued over the weekend, as Touchwood was the location for a fabulous “Flash Mob”! A group of six descended on Poplar Arcade in attention-grabbing pink fabulous t-shirts and danced around the centre throughout Saturday 25th June, indulging shoppers with some spontaneous entertainment in order to mark the opening of the new store.

fabulous Solihull is now situated at 3 Poplar Arcade, Touchwood (opposite the original store) and continues to be contactable on the number: 0121 709 0585.

Head over to our Facebook Gallery to see the full set of photos from the night!

The fabulous Solihull new store launch - more photos on Facebook!

Work the Trend – 70s Glam!

Get ready to party in style this season with our guide to working the latest trend!

Work the Trend - 70s Glam, look 1

Look 1 – laid-back party girl!

The 70s revival is well and truly here, and we can’t think of a better way to get stylish this Summer than by kitting out our wardrobes with all things 70s! The current trend is for bright colours and bold, funky designs, and 70s shapes have burst onto the scene as well.

Don’t be afraid to go a little psychedelic with your outfits this season. Miniskirts were all the rage in the 70s, but the Maxi length was also a hit, and it’s the Maxi Dress that’s taking the high street by storm right now. Pair an eye-catching Maxi Dress like this multi zigzag bandeau maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins with monochrome accessories and colourful jewellery. We love this versatile imitation leather belt from H&M – tassels are right on trend at the moment, so this is the perfect way to update a 70s look. And why not add some wow factor to your outfit with some retro accessories like these fantastic Round sunglasses from H&M… oh so 70s! This is a trend you can definitely have some fun with.

Our favourite jewellery in keeping with the 70s trend has to be the colourful, symbolic Chakra Bracelets in Gold from Daisy. There’s a colour for every outfit, and the spiritual symbolism of the seven Chakras (plus the Aura, Daisy’s eighth Chakra) lets you wear your personality on your wrist! Gold jewellery is definitely making a comeback, and works perfectly with the warm colours in this dress. Alex Monroe’s bumblebee necklace is our must-have piece for glamming up your Maxi Dresses.

Work the Trend - 70s Glam, look 2

Look 2 – ready for anything!

There are some trends that jump straight to mind when the 70s are mentioned. We’re thinking flares and platforms! Designers have put a modern twist on the classic, flared trouser shape with wide-legged, high-waisted trousers which we can’t get enough of. Monsoon’s ‘Nikki’ wide leg trousers look great paired with colourful, patterned tops like this red paisley print gypsy top from River Island. And of course you can’t go 70s without at least one pair of wedges! Our favourite are these gorgeous orange wedges from New Look, a steal at £19.99.

We’ve kept with the Gold jewellery theme for this look, choosing simple, geometric designs and monochrome colours. Azuni’s friendship bracelets in Gold come in three different colours to match your favourite 70s outfit, and for a bit of glamour we’ve added this fantastic Bali Bubble Ring from Hot Diamonds and a chic pair of earrings from Lucas Jack.

So if the groovy 70s are your thing, you’re in luck this season. And when you’re putting together your favourite ‘far out’ ensemble, don’t forget to have fun and be daring!

fabulous Solihull is moving – here’s to being even more fabulous!

We’re launching our new, larger store in Touchwood, Solihull with a fabulous party in aid of Breast Cancer Care on Thursday 23rd June – and you’re all invited!

Since the announcement was made that fabulous Solihull will be moving premises, there has been a buzz about what the new store will be like. We’re pleased to announce that the new store will be opening at 3 Poplar Arcade, just opposite the current shop, and is three times as big! This means customers will find it easier to browse even wider collections of Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Trollbeads charms, as well as all the other great collections that fabulous stocks.

The new store boasts a flat screen detailing the latest fabulous news and an area devoted to fabulous forever, the boutique’s exclusive wedding and engagement ring collections, complete with a Style Finder – which means brides-to-be can play with samples of their favourite rings in order to help them decide which style suits them best.

Our launch party for the store is taking place on Thursday 23rd June from 6 until 8pm in the brand new shop. fabulous is proud to announce it will be a Strawberry Tea Party to benefit the charity Breast Cancer Care. It will be a summery, fun filled evening, complete with live music, pink canapés and cupcakes. As if supporting a great cause isn’t enough, there are also some fabulous prizes to be won on the day! A raffle will be drawn, and there will be a Strawberry Hunt for children, with the lucky winners receiving gorgeous prizes from Thomas Sabo and Pandora.

The opening of the store will also see the launch of some highly desirable new collections. These include ChloBo, which has been adorning the arms of the UK’s most stylish celebrities since its launch in 2005. Delicate Sterling Silver bracelets complete with boho themed charms and details look stunning when piled high on the wrist, creating a relaxed but chic look. Chloe Moss, the founder and designer of ChloBo, was inspired to create her own jewellery line after visiting the Indonesian island of Bali, a trip which extended from one week to two months!

Another new brand to be stocked at fabulous Solihull is Daisy, whose delicate Chakra bracelets have been spotted on celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Sienna Miller and Kanye West. Chakras are the physical manifestation of energies, thought to regulate bodily functions and mental abilities. Available in Sterling Silver or 24carat-plated yellow Gold the chakra symbols are attached to colourful cotton twill braids. They are a great way to wear the trend for hand-made friendship bracelets that is taking the fashionistas by storm.

Be the first to have a look round and help us celebrate our inauguration! To RSVP, please call the Solihull store on 0121 709 0585. You’ll need the invitation below to get in, so be sure to print out your copy!

Solihull Launch - Strawberry Tea Party

June Birthstone – Pretty Pearl

Celebrate June birthdays with the birthstone for this month, Pearl

June Birthstone - Pearl - Gift Ideas

“By her who in this month was born
No gem save Pearls shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.”

– June Birthstone Poem

All about Pearls

The traditional birthstone for June, Pearls have long been admired for their beautiful natural glow and white-cream colourings. Pearl is associated with faithfulness and friendship and symbolises purity and modesty. Pearls are generally found with creamy-white tones, but it is possible to get pink, grey and lilac Pearls as well. Natural saltwater or freshwater Pearls are formed inside the shells of mollusks such as oysters, caused by a foreign body such as a grain of sand which causes an irritation. They can also be manmade to produce cultured Pearls, and a good sized pearl takes around five years to grow.

The beautiful lustre of Pearls has made them the darlings of many jewellery designers over the years. Pearl jewellery was the favourite of the ever-glamorous Coco Chanel, and their classic glamour was seen on many screen starlets in Hollywood’s golden age. They’re popular with many designers at fabulous, including Argent of London and Trollbeads. Mother of Pearl is also used in many jewellery designs – it’s more versatile than Pearl but shares the same beautiful glow.

Did you know?

  • The ancient Greeks believed that Pearls promote marital bliss and that a Pearl necklace can prevent newly-wed brides from crying.
  • Several factors are considered when evaluating the value of a Pearl. The most important factor for jewellers is the Pearl’s luster, but size, colour, flawlessness and symmetry are also significant.

You can read more about Pearls and their interesting history over at Wikipedia!

Gift Ideas

Pearl has long been a favourite material of jewellery designers, and we have a fantastic range of Pearl jewellery available at fabulous! Birthstone jewellery makes a wonderful, personal gift, so whether you’re after a special charm, a new charm bracelet or a luxury piece of Pearl jewellery, there’s something for everyone.

Gift Ideas for June Birthdays - Pearl

How to care for your Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are very delicate, fragile gemstones, and require gentle TLC! But when properly looked after they can last for generations, so here are our top tips on how to care for and clean your Pearl jewellery:

  • Try not to let your Pearls come into contact with perfume, make-up or moisturiser. This will help keep your Pearls clean, and will also ensure that they don’t come into contact with any chemicals that could diminish their beauty.
  • If you need to clean your Pearls, find a soft cloth and gently polish them. You can dampen the cloth if it helps, but be sure to air your Pearls after polishing them to let them dry.
  • The chlorine in swimming pools can damage your Pearls – so make sure to remove your jewellery before swimming.
  • Never place your Pearls in commercial Silver cleaner! Commercial Silver ‘dipping’ cleaners are becoming more readily available, and are a great way to return some sparkle to your Silver Jewellery. But the delicacy of Pearls means they will lose some of their lustre and may change in colour when dipped in these cleaners, and once a Pearl is ruined it can’t be repaired… so protect your Pearls!
  • It’s often recommended that you have your Pearl necklaces and bracelets re-strung every year if you wear them frequently. This is a good idea to prevent stretching and possible breakage.
  • Another top tip is to store your Pearls carefully away from other, harder jewellery (such as Diamonds), which might scratch the Pearls.
  • Pearls don’t like the heat, so where possible it’s safest to avoid wearing your Pearls while cooking, and if you spill anything hot on them, try to gently clean them with a cloth straight away.

June’s Zodiac Sign

June also introduces the Gemini zodiac sign, from 22nd May to the 21st June. The symbol for Gemini is the twins, and people born under this star sign are said to be versatile, witty and inquisitive.

Happy birthday to everyone born in June!