We all have that one friend who…

The new Path of Symbols collection from Alex and Ani is the perfect gift for your besties. Great value for money, full of meaning and symbolism; they’re the perfect stack bangle and the biggest jewellery trend coming over from the US. We’ve put together 4 personality types which we all had in our friendship group and suggested the perfect bangle for their character – we’d love to know whether you have these kind of friends too, question is, which one are you?..


The Wild One

She’s the life and soul of the party and a real night owl, she’s vivacious and tenacious and it’s just not a get-together without her. She makes great plans and gets everyone organised, she loves to throw a party particularly for one of her friends, making sure all of their favourite things are there. She is wild at heart, you admire her passion and willpower and know that if she sets her mind to it she can do anything! She lights your life up, is guaranteed to make you laugh when you most need it and inspires you every day.


Wild at Heart: Primal, Power, Night – £24

The Romantic

She’s the eternal optimist, no matter what happens this friend is there with an uplifting quote or romantic notion, she believes in fate and thinks everything happens for a reason. She wears her heart on her sleeve, has a very sensitive side and loves to shower her friends in love and affection. With such a loving nature this beautiful friend will do anything to help you, she’s the one on when you need a shoulder to cry on, knowing that whatever the issue, she’ll fix it with love.


Love: Affection, Joy, Light -£24

The Protector

She’s the strong and silent type and the last one to throw her opinion around; instead she’ll take in the situation from all sides and offer her advice once she’s really thought the situation through. She protects her friends fiercely – she’s fair, she’s calm and she’s your rock. Her thoughtful nature means she approaches situations with caution, taking in due diligence and always succeeds, she’s a natural winner in life and you often joke that she’s the mum of the group, taking care of you all!


Hand of Fatima: Positivity, Abundance, Faith – £24

The Adventurer

She’s pretty much always late but when she does arrive she’ll have a crazy tail for you about a bird she had to save or a petition she just had to sign. She cares about the world around her and has a very creative nature, often with plenty of projects on the go and lots of different friendship groups. She lives for travel and experiences, with a pure soul and deep character; she’ll always be a big beautiful part of your life.


God Speed: Journey, Blessing, Grace -£24

How to: Pick the perfect present!

There’s something magical about Christmas, dark nights, twinkly lights, open fires and a festive season full of quality time with your loved ones. When choosing that something special for the one you love, be sure to pick something that will last, that will be full of memories for many Christmases to come, let your gift fill them with warm nostalgia every time they wear it. Jewellery is the perfect gift, full of sentiment, love and sparkle – just like Christmas!

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewellery for her this year, here are our top tips on getting it just right!

  1. Pay attention

Over the next few days note what jewellery she wears. Does she wear Silver, Gold or Rose Gold? Does she have a wrist full of bracelets, is she always wearing a necklace, or does she rarely wear any jewellery?

  1. Work out the size and scale

We can help you with this, but all you need to know is how tall she is and what size boobs she has. We say this because if you are buying a necklace it will help us to help you choose what length of chain to buy.

  1. What is her style?

Don’t worry we know this is a big question but we have loads of ways of helping you. From taking a quiz to just looking at photographs. Two or three photographs of your lovely lady should help us work out what kind of style she has, obviously your phone is fine, we don’t need print outs!

  1. Come armed

We can judge the size and scale, her style too but we’re never going to know your relationship. Come armed with some special dates, where you met, the best presents you’ve bought her in the past, the special people in her life. All of these things will help us come up with a romantic and sentimental present for her, for all the right reasons.

  1. Don’t be shy

We love jewellery and absolutely love the opportunity to talk about it. Don’t worry about asking us questions either in store, online or over the phone. It’s our passion and we’d love to get it just right for you.

  1. Don’t leave it too late

If you get too close to the big day you’re probably going to panic, spend twice as much and come away with something you haven’t put as much thought into because you’re in a rush. Put aside a day to have a good look around and a think. Shopping’s fun if you’re not under pressure (right?). At fabulous we extend our exchange policy so if you need to exchange anything you can do so up to 14 days after Christmas day so you don’t need to wait until closer to the day to buy.

  1. Get personal

This year there is a big trend for personalised pieces, from engraved necklaces to initials and birthstones, there are plenty of ways to make your gift personal. The majority of collections we select can be customised, so there’s always a way to add a personal touch. If you’re thinking of an engraveable item we can present her with what you wanted to have engraved if you’re not sure, then she can come back at a later date to have it completed.

  1. Spoil her

How about you pick up a little extra token to hand her as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve! If you’ve bought a composeable item, like a Nikki Lissoni necklace, Alex and Ani stack, Cherish Locket or Engelsrufer pendant you could add an extra pendant, treasure, bangle or coin to bring in the New Year! (Her friends will be past themselves with jealousy at your foresight)

  1. Cheat

If she is really, really hard to buy for, request a catalogue (you can email christmas@fabulouscollections.co.uk for your copy). Let her circle things she likes and you can choose from her selection.

  1. Don’t worry

If you’ve put thought, time and effort into your gift she will be able to see that and she’ll love it and you for choosing it. It really is the thought that counts.

quiz chrismtas

Take our quiz for some hints at what she’d like, or give us a call on 0845 450 9334 for our personal shopping service.

Or, if you’d like just 5 things to choose from – then follow the link to our fab5 gifts for her!

Fab 5 page

Wish, love, sparkle x

We’re loving: Touchwood’s Christmas Owl!

When Sinade spotted the photo-op Owl in Touchwood yesterday she sent us a photo straight away, a lover of all things festive, furry and fabulous – we weren’t surprised to hear this was right up her street!


The super cute owl will be residing in the Map Room in Solihull’s Touchwood for the festive season, so be sure to go down and take a selfie with him (or her?).

Feeling festive Sinade put together her top fabulous items inspired by the @TouchwoodTweets Owl…


Thomas Sabo Karma Bead, £125

Nomination Hanging Owl Link, £46

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Owl Charm, £55

Thomas Sabo Diamond Charm Club Charm, £60

Alex and Ani Feather Bracelet, £24


The owl is considered wise because he was Athena’s companion. The Goddess of Wisdom, Athena is said to have had an owl by her side at all times. The owl was said to reveal the truth to his master, he also had the ability to light up her blind side, hence the owls association with wisdom and light.



sinade love

This Christmas, Sinade is feeling the love! Her wish-list is full of elegant pieces that add a touch of holiday romance to her wardrobe.

thomas sabo infinity love bridge

First on Sinade’s wish-list is the Infinity Love Bridge Bracelet by Thomas Sabo. She thinks that this beautiful bracelet, made from a string of fresh-water pearls and 925 Sterling Silver, will love look perfect alongside her favourite ChloBo items. The result will be a striking stack of white and silver- an ideal colour scheme for winter night elegance.

cherish locket

Sinade cannot wait to get her hands on a Cherish Locket by Dower and Hall. She’s a huge fan of mixing metals, and is looking forward to filling her locket with lots of gold and silver Treasures! First on her list are a wishbone, and a feather.

infinity studs

Sinade already owns a Thomas Sabo infinity necklace, and bracelet, so naturally these Infinity of Love studs are high up on her wish-list.


Sinade has been counting down the days until the new Padlocks by The Giving Keys arrive at fabulous. She would love to own a brass padlock, with a ‘LOVE’ message to wear alongside her dainty ‘CREATE’ key.


georgina sparkle

Georgina is hoping to sparkle this Christmas, and her wish-list is full of festive glitz.

diamonfire trilogy

First on Georgina’s list is this stunning CZ Trilogy Ring by Diamonfire. The three brilliant round-cut stones on this ring represent past, present and future- perfect for reminiscing about Christmasses past, celebrating this Christmas, and looking forward to many more merry Christmasses to come!

bella bracelet gold

Georgina also adores this Bella Bracelet by Nomination, which is simple and elegant in 22ct Yellow Gold plated Sterling Silver with clear crystal detail. The Bella Bracelet is characterised by a lovely delicate grace, and does anything say Christmas more than gold with a hint of glitter?

silver kitty charm

Georgina plans to add a pop of festive colour to her Thomas Sabo charm collection with this Silver Kitty with Crystal Collar charm– a purrfect gift for any cat lover!

small swarovski coin

Finally, Georgina is hoping to create some subtle glamour with a Small Nikki Lissoni pendant. She particularly fancies something dainty, silver and sparkly and this Small Silver Swarovski Coin is ideal.

Shop Diamonfire at fabulous!

Shop Nomination at fabulous!

Shop Thomas Sabo at fabulous!

Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!


jo wish

This Christmas, Jo is wishing for something to remind her to stop worrying about things that’ll never happen, and thinks that a myMantra pendant is the perfect piece to bring some positive energy into her life! She wants to get her pendant engraved with this lovely sentiment by Norman Vincent Peale: “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.”

jo love

On the theme of love, Jo is very much hoping that her husband will get her a large silver Cherish locket, from Dower and Hall, filled with happy and loving Treasures. Jo loves the sea-side themed treasures, especially the seahorse and starfish. She also adores the angel wing, open heart, and wants to finish her locket off with some words of love.

jo sparkle

To sparkle this season, Jo would love to add to her Engelsrufer locket and Nikki Lissoni pendants. She thinks a Sparkling Soundball would add a touch of Christmas magic to her Gold Whisperer. Jo is always after new Nikki Lissoni coins to add to her collection, and this Christmas, she loves the iridescent glamour of the Blame It On My Wild Heart coin, and the sweet glitter of the Key to My Heart coin.

Shop myMantra at fabulous!

Shop Cherish at fabulous!

Shop Engelsrufer at fabulous!

Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!


paige wishlist

For Paige, this Christmas is all about treating herself to some fabulous Sparkle!

thomas sabo snowflake karma bead

First on Paige’s wish-list is this darling Snowflake White Agate Karma Bead by Thomas Sabo. This intricate bead, delicately crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, reminds the wearer to embrace being unique. Paige loves how eye-catching and glittery this bead is, and it perfectly captures the soft shimmer of fallen snow. She plans to pair hers with some pave beads for even more Sparkle!

nikki set

Next on Paige’s wish-list is the Rose Gold Moroccan Beauty Coin by Nikki Lissoni. This 33mm coin features sixteen Swarovski Crystals accentuating a star cut-out, making it perfect for Christmas! Paige plans on wearing this coin with a silver carrier and chain: she has loved rose gold and silver in combination ever since she treated herself to the Thomas Sabo RG Drop Ring as her first fabulous purchase!

chlobo white agate heart

Paige is also hoping to find this Multi-Flower Heart White Agate and Silver Bracelet by ChloBo under her Christmas tree! This beautiful bracelet features agate, and is said to restore balance and harmony- perfect for keeping its wearer grounded when Christmas prep gets a little too chaotic! Paige thinks that this bracelet will compliment the Snowflake Karma Bead perfectly, and loves the festive colour scheme of white and silver.

Shop Thomas Sabo at fabulous!

Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!

Shop ChloBo at fabulous!

ALEX AND ANI Path of Symbols

path of symbols

The stunning new collections by ALEX AND ANI are making the transition into winter a lot more bearable, and their new Path of Symbols Collection is no exception. The latest installment from ALEX AND ANI features re-designs of their most popular symbols as well as brand new symbols to add to your stack. These symbols have been re-imagined as larger and more heavily textured charms, and so offer a fresh way to feel empowered, express your individuality and make a statement.

path of symbols fatima


The Hand of Fatima originates from the Hebrew word hamesh, meaning five. An ancient talisman that symbolises feminine power and often used as a fertility symbol, the Hand of Fatima is worn as a defence against negative energy as it deflects evil away from the wearer. Wear your Hand of Fatima bangle to channel the forces of good, embrace the energy of the Hand of Fatima that promotes healing and fosters miracles.

wildheart path of symbols


The panther ignites passion and willpower. Paired with the alchemical symbol of antimony, a metal that represents the animal in each of us, the panther is a fierce guardian of the heart. Awaken your wild heart and reclaim what’s yours with the ALEX AND ANI Wild Heart bangle.

path of symbols cosmic balance


Channel cosmic energy with the new ALEX AND ANI symbol, Cosmic Balance. Moon and sun, yin and yang: the balance of nature is essential. One force without its opposite is powerless. The moon reflects the light of the sun, illuminating the night when life rests and restores itself. Manifest your dreams with the power of masculine and feminine energy. When both align, all is possible. This fabulous symbol hangs from an expandable wire.

Shop Path of Symbols by Alex and Ani at fabulous!