Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw in Nikki Lissoni

Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw in Nikki Lissoni

To celebrate Sarah Jessica Parker’s Birthday, we looked back through Carrie Bradshaw’s best jewellery moments. Is this her rocking Nikki Lissoni before anyone else? Always ahead of the trend, we think Carrie Bradshaw would love Nikki Lissoni. You can mix and match the entire collection to create necklaces personal to you – add an initial to personalise your look in true Carrie Bradshaw style…

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Happy Birthday SJP!

Spring Trends: Spring in the City

Spring Trends: Spring in the City

For Spring in the City wear the vintage trend. You are free-spirited and cultured, love people watching and looking through vintage markets. All of your jewellery has a story behind it and you love finding new pieces to add to your collection.

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Spring Trends: Wind-down Weekends

Spring Trends: Wind-down Weekends

For laid-back lunches and wind-down weekends sport the laid-back luxe trend. You’re a spontaneous person and nothing makes you happier than hanging out with your nearest and dearest. You’re a natural host who loves luxurious understated clothes and jewellery, your look is polished, laid-back and accessorised perfectly.

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Spring Trends: The Social Season

Spring Trends: The Social Season

For this Spring’s Social Season channel your English Rose. You love getting dressed up and can’t wait to get your pretty pastels out of your wardrobe. You love chic jewellery with a personal, sentimental touch.

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Spring Trends: Festivals and Fiestas

Spring Trends: Festivals and Fiestas

For a summer full of fun wear the ‘festival’ trend. You love finding unusual clothes and accessories and are at your happiest surrounded by your friends with good music and a fun atmosphere. You love colourful jewellery with a handcrafted feel.

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Perfect for my Mum; Beth

This Mother’s Day I want to treat my mom, Sally, to something special to show her just how much she means to me. I’ve picked five items that I think will appeal to her personal taste the most. Each beautiful piece of jewellery holds a story linking to my mum and my reasons for choosing them – Beth x

photo 5(4)

Thomas Sabo Locket Heart Pendant, £250

Thomas Sabo Heart Locket

This locket from the Glam and Soul collection is the perfect gift to show the bond between a mother and daughter. The larger rose gold heart represents the mum, lovingly encasing the smaller silver heart that represents the daughter. In return the silver heart can be seen as an organ physically linked to the rose gold heart. My mum will hold my heart for a lifetime so this Thomas Sabo pendant is a fabulous interpretation of my love towards her. Although I’ve outgrown some aspects of childhood, I will never outgrow her heart.

“This is lovely! I’m a massive fan of rose gold; I love its warm rich tones. The encased heart not only reminds me of carrying Beth; but also of how now as I watch her grow into a beautiful, independent young woman, she remains forever close to my heart.” – Sally

Mother's Day jewellery

Folli Follie Thin champagne Ring (£45), Tales from the Earth Hearts Bracelet (£50)

Folli Follie Match Dazzle Ring

My mum tends to favour Rose gold over all other metals -so this ring fits in perfectly with her style. It can be worn separately or stacked with another rose gold ring which I bought her before for Christmas. It dazzles like the stars which symbolises my aspiration to follow in her footsteps. I will always look up to her.

“Bethany really knows my taste. This is a stunning ring that would complement the one she bought me for Christmas. Folli Follie means crazy, crazy and this fun style embodies how we both like to look on the positive side of life. It is also a Greek brand and the Greek islands are one of my favourite places where I have fond memories of family holidays. The full circle of stones would catch the light beautifully and be a constant reminder of how Beth’s smile lights up my day.” – Sally

Tales From the Earth Hearts Bracelet 

This Tales from the Earth bracelet represents an eternal love that is inseparable. Our hearts will forever be interlinked and when worn, we will always be connected. The solid heart shows that my mum’s love will always keep me whole.

“Another beautiful piece. I love the organic feel of this bracelet with the differing size hearts. It reminds me of linked arms and the friendship that Beth and I share. The large heart is a real focal point and the continuous circle represents how, whatever path Beth chooses and wherever she is, we will always be closely linked together.” – Sally

Mother's Day jewellery

Ted Baker Chronograph (£145), Alex and Ani Because I Love you (£24)

Ted Baker Rose Gold Watch 

A watch is a great piece to give my mum for Mother’s day. She would be able to wear this Ted Baker watch every day and would benefit her keeping track of her busy schedule at work. It could represent time being an important aspect of our bond to one another and our memories we have. The times we’ve cherished together are precious and I’m grateful that there will be more to come!

“I love this rose gold watch, it could be worn with so many outfits and would look equally good for work as well as worn casually. It would be a great reminder of how we need to make time for the most important things in life – family and to sometimes stop rushing around but to enjoy the moment. Whenever I look at this it would bring a smile to my face and make me think of Beth” – Sally

Alex and Ani Because I love you, Daughter

This bracelet represents our love being limitless. My mum would literally be able to wear her ‘heart on her sleeve’ with this bangle and show what she means to me. The daisy represents a pure love felt towards one another. My mum has helped my blossom into the person I am today so this bracelet is a token of my gratitude.

“This piece speaks for itself. I love the way it looks like a collector’s piece with the different charms. The flower reminds me of the summer, my favourite time of the year and of so many precious holidays which I have shared with Beth.  Sometimes less is more and the words ‘because I love you’ are always enough.” – Sally

Perfect for my Mum: Michelle

I love Mother’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the love and support from my Mum, and while I appreciate her every day, it’s a great day to focus on my Mum and spoil her like she deserves.

This year especially I have a lot to thank my Mum for. She has been my rock, has given me endless love and support in helping me through a very difficult time which I will forever be grateful for. For this reason I will be truly spoiling her this Mothers day!

My mum loves flowers! (What Mum doesn’t?) But this year I wanted something a bit different. Flowers are lovely and look great for a week but I want to get mum something she can keep. I think a necklace from ‘Flower jewellery’ will be perfect, flowers that she can keep for a life-time and wear them with her wherever she goes.

I am still deciding between the Forget Me Not round necklace (£30) or the Rose Bud Baton necklace (£20).

Flower Jewellery

Flower Jewellery

Mother’s day is about celebrating the relationship between you and your Mum and what makes it special. Although myself, my sister and brother have all flown the nest we all know that Mums door is always open for a cup of coffee and chat!

For that reason I am buying her the Pandora teacup charm (£25) for her bracelet. This will symbolize the endless catch ups we all have, after all, what can’t be solved with a nice cuppa!

A cuppa with Mum solves everything!

A cuppa with Mum solves everything!

I will also be buying her the new ‘lots of love’ Pandora charm (£55) I chose this charm as it features one little 14ct gold heart amongst lots of pink enamel hearts, to show Mum she really is one in a million.

If  you’d like some help choosing the perfect present for your Mum, come down and see us in-store or call 0845 450 9334 for some personal shopping advice.

New Thomas Sabo Charm Club Collection Summer 2014


The Spring/Summer Charm Club Collection by Thomas Sabo has landed at Fabulous!

The fabulous new Thomas Sabo collection features detailed charms full of summer colour with radiant yellow gold and rose gold plating. New talismans that radiate positive energy and celebrate Oriental chic are a highlight of the collection, with lucky companions and symbols of protection crafted in sterling silver and detailed with turquoise.

Copy of oriental group

Oriental Chic – Hand of Fatima (1052), Lucky Number 8 (1049)

The new holiday inspired designs have us dreaming of sunny beaches and exotic destinations with cute sea creatures like the blue seahorse and a fabulous new cocktail charm!

summer feeling

Summer Feeling – Chalcedony & Turquoise Charm Bracelets

This season Thomas Sabo has also introduced slimmer charm bracelets in bright semi-precious stones to complete the summer look.

The new collection is available in-store and online now!

Alex and Ani March Inspiration: Sinade Prosser

The Beauty of Friendship

The Beauty of Friendship

Anna has been my best friend forever! We met in Primary school, at the age of 5 and have been truly inseparable ever since. Throughout our Secondary School and 6th Form years we barely spent an evening apart, and if we had too, you could bet we’d spend the entire evening on the phone to each other, much to our parents annoyance.

After 6th form, we were split up for University studies; I stayed in Birmingham to study at the School of Jewellery, whilst Anna abandoned me for Nottingham to study Sociology. This was the longest time we’d spent away from each other and the longest time we have ever gone without speaking everyday, it was quite a change. Nevertheless, whenever she visited it was like we’d never been apart, there has never been any awkwardness. We didn’t dwell on things we’d missed out on and were just happy to make the most of our time together.

When we completed our degrees, Anna returned to Birmingham and after a few years and a few different jobs we’ve ended up working at the same company. Working with Anna has always been fun, we have very different responsibilities at fabulous, and although we spend a few days a week together, we always make the most of our down time together – particularly our nights out dancing!

This year, in our year of positive change we are completing the ‘fabulous 50k’ walk where we will walk between our Leamington and Solihull stores. We’ve now started our training meeting each other before and after work to prepare ourselves for this incredible challenge. Training last week, we realised how great it is to be training together, giving us much more dedicated time to chat and giggle as well as support and inspire each other.

The Claddagh Bangle £24

The Claddagh Bangle £24

So far we’ve always been there for each other, through life’s highs and lows, and we’ve been there to celebrate each others biggest achievements. We’ve had different experiences and different circles of friends but our bond of friendship has remained strong throughout.

In this year of positive change, and the fabulous 50km looming I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge together, if anyone will get me to finish a 10 hour walk it’ll be Anna!

Want to walk the fabulous 50k with us? Find out more about the challenge here

Tell us how you’re planning to change your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month. One lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

Just let us know how your FRIENDSHIP has changed or will change your life this year. One lucky winner will be picked out on March 31st to win the Claddagh Disc bangle. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook or send us an email to #positivechange

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