New Season Swarovski Jewellery

A beautiful new collection of Swarovski jewellery has arrived here with us, and we truly love it all, with charms, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in an array of bright colours perfect for the Summer and just waiting to be shown off!

Swarovski’s Tropical Paradise collection is inspired by South America with playful charms that are bright and fun with sparkling pave stones and coloured enamel in tone-on-tone shades. The lovable Turtle charm is a charming piece with delicate crystal detailing in stunning shades of green, finished with dangling legs and big eyes! The beautiful Seahorse charm is girly and cute in fuschia with sparkling crystals!

Crystal in blue, purple and green tones have really taken hold of the collection in a variety of different styles. Inspired by water droplets, the delicate and feminine Tonality bracelet features a cascade of pastel coloured crystals and echoes the nature- inspired shapes and colours apparent in all of the new pieces.

tatiana necklace          tatiana drops    tat ring

The Tatiana set is truly stunning with petal shaped crystals in an exclusive Swarovski cut, complete with clear crystal pave detailing. The Tatiana necklace is a glamorous evening accessory, as are the Tatiana drop earrings that follow the bold and chunky trend so popular this season. The Talesia pieces keep it timeless and classic with pear shapes clear crystals, with a long silhouette of crystals in an alternating pattern in stunning drop earrings and a show stopping necklace. All that’s needed now is the perfect occasion to show them off!

tempo green    tempo white   paralll

The Tempo necklace and stud earrings are lovely colourful pieces that can be worn day to day, whilst we love the shape of the Parallele Micro Pendant that will compliment all outfits in Light Azore Crystal.

For all the Swarovski collectors, this season’s collection sees the classic Nirvana style given a twist with the lovely Nirvana Baby Necklace. The Nirvana ring is now available as a miniature clear or light turquoise crystal pendant on a rhodium plated chain!

nirv white    nirvava blue

Feminine and eye-catching shades of pink and fuschia is a key colour for this season’s pieces. Swarovski’s Tyra ring is truly glamorous with a large Light Rose crystal that is delicately decorated with clear crystal pave and Rodhium plated. Whilst the Nirvana Rosaline Ring is the perfect accessory for a splash of c0lour in a light pink crystal.

Tyra                   pink rosaline

Tasha and Sensible offer romance and sophistication with filigree hearts and flowers. The Tasha set is stunning in Rose Gold and delicately decorated with crystal pave. The Tasha bracelet includes a dangling heart and key motif, ideal for a romantic gift for Valentines Day!

tasha     tasha n

新年快樂 (Happy New Year)

Before you question the sanity of the writer, I know that New Year was almost a month ago now (scary!) and I am of course referring to the upcoming celebrations for Chinese New Year, a great and honoured tradition across Asia.

On February 10th 2013, bright and exciting festivals and carnivals will be taking place across China to celebrate what is also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. As this is such a world famous tradition Pandora have created these beautiful Chinese Zodiac Charms.

Pandora Bath now stock these gorgeous Sterling Silver dangly charms for just £35. Even if you aren’t a follower of the Chinese New Year celebrations, (or don’t really know what it’s about) have no fear! Each adorable animal can be easily identifiable as one of your own adored pets or favourite animals, there’s even a dragon in there for those in love with fantasy creatures.

Obviously, we realise that not everyone knows what each animal represents from the Chinese zodiac so here’s a little bit of help for you, along with the birth dates for each symbol.


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Snake

    Year of the Snake:

• In control, charming, captivating, and value companionship, moral support and love.
– Feb 10th 1929 – Jan 29th 1930
– Jan 27th 1941 – Feb 14th 1942
– Feb 14th 1953 – Feb 2nd 1954
– Feb 2nd 1965 – Jan 20th 1966
– Feb 18th 1977 – Feb 6th 1978
– Feb 6th 1989 – Jan 26th 1990
– Jan 24st 2001 – Feb 11th 2002
– Feb 10th 2013 – Jan 30th 2014


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Dog

Year of the Dog

• Honest, friendly and sincere, they can be brave, courageous and very committed.
– Feb 14th 1934 – Feb 3rd 1935
– Feb 2nd 1946 – Jan 21st 1947
– Feb 18th 1958 – Feb 7th 1959
– Feb 6th 1970 – Jan 26th 1971
– Jan 25th 1982 – Feb 12th 1983
– Feb 10th 1994 – Jan 30th 1995
– Jan 29th 2006 – Feb 17th 2007
– Feb 16th 2018 – Feb 4th 2019


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Horse

Year of the Horse
• Often found to be independent, ambitious and confident.
– Jan 30th 1930 – Feb 16th 1931
– Feb 15th 1942 – Feb 4th 1943
– Feb 3rd 1954 – Jan 23rd 1955
– Jan 21st 1966 – Feb 8th 1967
– Feb 7th 1978 – Jan 27th 1979
– Jan 27th 1990 – Feb 14th 1991
– Feb 12th 2002 – Jan 31st 2003
– Jan 31st 2014 – Feb 18th 2015


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Sheep

Year of the Sheep
• Very patient and work well under pressure.
– Feb 17th 1931 – Feb 5th 1932
– Feb 5th 1943 – Jan 24th 1944
– Jan 24th 1955 – Feb 11th 1956
– Feb 9th 1967 – Jan 29th 1968
– Jan 28th 1979 – Feb 15th 1980
– Feb 15th 1991 – Feb 3rd 1992
– Feb 1st 2003 – Jan 21st 2004
– Feb 19th 2015 – Feb 7th 2016


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

• Generous, friendly and tranquil by nature. They pay great attention to detail and like everything to be low-key.
– Feb 2nd 1927 – Jan 22nd 1928
– Feb 19th 1939 – Feb 7th 1940
– Feb 6th 1951 – Jan 26th 1952
– Jan 25th 1963 – Feb 12th 1964
– Feb 11th 1975 – Jan 30th 1976
– Jan 29th 1987 – Feb 16th 1988
– Feb 16th 1999 – Feb 4th 2000
– Feb 3rd 2011 – Jan 22nd 2012
– Jan 22nd 2023 – Feb 9th 2024


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Monkey

Year of the Monkey

• Intelligent and have the ability to learn things quickly.
– Feb 6th 1932 – Jan 25th 1933
– Jan 25th 1944 – Feb 12th 1945
– Feb 12th 1956 – Jan 30th 1957
– Jan 30th 1968 – Feb 16th 1969
– Feb 16th 1980 – Feb 4th 1981
– Feb 4th 1992 – Jan 22nd 1993
– Jan 22nd 2004 – Feb 8th 2005
– Feb 8th 2016 – Jan 27th 2017


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Pig

Year of the Pig

• Found to be tolerant, generous, virtuous and peaceful. Well liked for their honesty and warm nature, meaning they have very few enemies.
– Feb 4th 1935 – Jan 23rd 1936
– Jan 22nd 1947 – Feb 9th 1948
– Feb 8th 1959 – Jan 27th 1960
– Jan 27th 1971 – Feb 14th 1972
– Feb 13th 1983 – Feb 1st 1984
– Jan 31st 1995 – Feb 18th 1996
– Feb 18th 2007 – Feb 6th 2008
– Feb 5th 2019 – Jan 24th 2020


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Ox

Year of the Ox
• Steady, honest, gentle and reliable. They need peace and quiet to work through their ideas best.
– Jan 24th 1925 – Feb 12th 1926
– Feb 11th 1937 – Jan 30th 1938
– Jan 29th 1949 – Feb 16th 1950
– Feb 15th 1961 – Feb 4th 1962
– Feb 3rd 1973 – Jan 22nd 1974
– Feb 20th 1985 – Feb 8th 1986
– Feb 7th 1997 – Jan 27th 1998
– Jan 26th 2009 – Feb 13th 2010
– Feb 12th 2021 – Jan 31st 2022


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Rat

Year of the Rat
• Intelligent, charming, ambitious and often very successful in business. Energetic, great organisers and often thrive in managerial positions.
– Jan 24th 1936 – Feb 11th 1937
– Feb 10th 1948 – Jan 29th 1949
– Jan 28th 1960 – Feb 15th 1961
– Feb 15th 1972 – Feb 3rd 1973
– Feb 2nd 1984 – Feb 20th 1985
– Feb 19th 1996 – Feb 7th 1997
– Feb 7th 2008 – Jan 26th 2009
– Jan 25th 2020 – Feb 12th 2021


Pandora Chinese Zodiac collection – Rooster

Year of the Rooster
• Courageous, brace and wise. Also very creative and have powerful imaginations.
– Jan 26th 1933 – Feb 13th 1934
– Feb 13th 1945 – Feb 1st 1946
– Jan 31st 1957 – Feb 17th 1958
– Feb 17th 1969 – Feb 5th 1970
– Feb 5th 1981 – Jan 24th 1982
– Jan 23rd 1993 – Feb 9th 1994
– Feb 9th 2005 – Jan 28th 2006
– Jan 28th 2017 – Feb 15th 2018

Tiger Pandora

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

• Determined, enthusiastic and positive with a sense of superiority.
– Feb 13th 1926 – Feb 1st 1927
– Jan 31st 1938 – Feb 18th 1939
– Feb 17th 1950 – Feb 5th 1951
– Feb 5th 1962 – Jan 24th 1963
– Jan 23rd 1974 – Feb 10th 1975
– Feb 9th 1986 – Jan 28th 1987
– Jan 28th 1998 – Feb 15th 1999
– Feb 14th 2010 – Feb 2nd 2011
– Feb 1st 2022 – Jan 21st 2023


Pandora Chinese Zodiac Collection – Dragon

Year of the Dragon
• Energetic, enthusiastic and with a high level of self confidence
– Jan 23rd 1928 – Feb 9th 1929
– Feb 8th 1940 – Jan 26th 1941
– Jan 27th 1952 – Feb 13th 1953
– Feb 13th 1964 – Feb 1st 1965
– Jan 31st 1976 – Feb 17th 1977
– Feb 17th 1988 – Feb 5th 1989
– Feb 5th 2000 – Jan 23rd 2001
– Jan 23rd 2012 – Feb 9th 2013
– Feb 10th 2024 – Jan 28th 2025

We’re sure you’ll find something fabulous to add to your bracelets even if you don’t celebrate the Chinese New Year. But thanks again to Pandora for finding a way to brighten up what is turning out to be a rather cold and gloomy January.


Make your Moments Unforgettable

Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Pandora Bath!

We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if you were lucky enough to get a gorgeous Pandora charm bracelet and that you’re looking forward to creating a fabulous and truly individual piece of jewellery. Here at Pandora, Bath, we had a great time helping you find the perfect Christmas present for that special someone. And to all those slightly bemused (yes gentlemen we do mean you) by the bright lights and dazzling array of charms and gift ideas we salute your dedication to finding a gift that shows you really care.

A gift from the heart

We had some adorable additions to our vastly growing charm collections this Christmas, with many proving to be extremely popular. The charming dangly enamel Gingerbread Man was a particular favourite with some of the more prepared Christmas shoppers. Apologies to those who missed out on this one, it appears even Pandora weren’t prepared for their increasing demand. The new sterling silver stocking also seemed to be very popular with the intricate detail attracting a wide variety of customers. Along with the great value price of £25 this was described as ‘the perfect stocking filler’ (please excuse the pun) by our shoppers.

Heart charms

Finally, for those looking for a bit of sparkle and glamour this Christmas, the new cubic zirconia Pavé charms provided the perfect amount of bling for your bracelet. With Pandora celebrating its 30th anniversary this Christmas topped off what was already a fantastic year.

Natalie's Pandora Bracelet

Natalie’s Pandora Bracelet

Pandora Bath opened its doors to the public at the end of August this year and we couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had, with both new and regular faces popping in to see what’s on offer. So thank you to everyone who’s visited us so far and please tell your friends about us as we would love to introduce some new faces to the wonderful world of Pandora.

Heart Earrings from Pandora

Heart Earrings from Pandora

But now January is upon us, along with waking up when it’s still dark and trudging back to the office as the weather struggles to decide what to do with itself (although if we’re honest, we wouldn’t mind a bit of snow!). However, Pandora Bath is still going with its January Sale and with up to 40% off it’s the perfect time to treat yourself. But it won’t be on for much longer so pop in and grab a bargain.

If you’ve had enough of the sales and the January blues are slowly creeping in do not fret Pandora lovers, as the new 2013 valentines stock has just arrived! And I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Even some of our staff are eager to get their hands on the gorgeous new loved up pieces!

Turtle Doves Pandora

Turtle Dove Charm from Pandora

Emma (Supervisor) loves the new dangly pavé heart charms, whilst Jodie (Full-Time) cannot wait to add the turtle-doves charm to her bracelet. This seems to be a favourite among most of the Pandora Bath staff. As do the new elegant drop heart earrings in a sparkling sterling silver. Keep an eye out for your favourite additions ladies (and gents of course) and start placing those ‘subtle’ hints, as always, here in the Bath store we’re happy to help with any questions and hopefully we can help some of you find the perfect valentines gift.

Valentine's bracelet from Pandora

The new Mother’s Day charms will also soon be making an appearance in our store so I’m sure you cannot wait to show your Mum’s just how much you love and appreciate them.

But for now, I’ll leave you with thoughts of sparkling hearts and gorgeous gold. Stay glued to the blog as our members of staff will update with their own Pandora favourites as well as what they plan to add to their ever growing collections. You may even find some inspiration for your own Pandora jewellery!


Visit the Pandora Bath store here!

Make all your moments Unforgettable!


Get the look! Golden Globes ’13

Out stepped Hollywood’s brightest stars on the red carpet at this years’ Golden Globes showcasing the latest fashions at their very best!

This years glittering event turned back the clock, with inspiration from the catwalk and this years blockbusters. The Spring/Summer catwalk saw designers such as Louis Vuitton take inspiration from the 1960’s, whilst 1940’s glamour is showcased in Emma Stone’s latest film Gangsta Squad and 1920’s elegance in the hotly anticipated The Great Gatsby with Cary Mulligan. These latest styles were mirrored on the red carpet from Zooey Deschanel’s 60’s chic with her high ponytail, red lips and oversized pearls & Adele’s 60’s inspired beehive, to the many perfected vintage waves with a 40’s feel from the likes of Megan Fox, Isla Fisher & Tina Fey; to the 20’s inspired waves sculpted into elegant side buns and faux-bob’s as worn by Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift & Amy Adams.

zooeyisla fishernaomi

But no show stopping outfit is complete without the little details – the dazzling jewels and the complimentary accessories and the stars rocked some true statement pieces of jewellery this year. Bold and chunky earrings were the big trend of the night. Megan Fox, Taylor Swift, Emily Blunt & Salma Hayek showed us how big is best with their bright choices.

Megan went bright and sparkly with her pink gemstone large drop earrings, whilst Taylor Swift teamed her plum Donna Karen gown with matching tiered earrings. Both Salma Hayek & Alyssa Milano opted for stunning turquoise drop earring that completed their outfits perfectly.

salmamegan foxtaylor swift

Julianne Moore, Jennifer Garner & Jennifer Lawrence kept their jewellery very elegant with statement diamond pieces, whilst Anne Hathaway went chic and simple with delicate studs to compliment her pixie cut.

Some stars of the night pulled out all the stops with Harry Winston diamonds! In true Hollywood style, Jessica Alba made sure all eyes were on her. Dressed in a strapless Oscar de la Renta gown, she accessorized her plunging neckline with a striking Mrs. Winston necklace worth $5.8 million, complimented with a ring and platinum diamond earrings to complete her sparkling look! Best actress winner Jessica Chastain also customised her blue Calvin Klein dress with Harry Winston diamonds set in a stunning bracelet and dangling earrings.

Gowns in shades of red and nude were the colours of the night. Hayden Panettiere, Amy Adams and Megan Fox showed us how to do it wearing stunning strapless fishtail dresses in nude shades. Hayden teamed hers with a small pink clutch for a youthful and feminine touch.

Bright to deep red were popular shades of the night, looking fabulous on Clare Danes, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Garner, whilst French actress Marion Cotillard wore orange.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalslul clutch

Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked sexy and confident in classic Black, whilst Kate Hudson’s black Alexander McQueen gown was a winner spiced up with beautiful gold embroidery! As cool as ever with husband Tim Burton in toe, Helena Bonham Carter looked fabulous in her black (of course!) lace Dolce & Gabbana gown teamed with a bright red Lulu Guinness clutch!

Get the look…!

jennifer-lawrence-2-290JLaw two tier




Jennifer garner hoop earrings

Garner Dinny



anne-hathaway-headshotanne 3.0ct small round



zooey-deschanel-braceletZooey Tresor

jessica-alba-headshotJess Alba Diamonfire



hayden-panettiere-headshotHayden set

What’s on your wrist list competition! #wristlist #armcandy

Happy New Year friends of fabulous – to celebrate the beginning of a New Year we’ve started a little competition. It’s called wrist list and here’s how it works!

Post a picture of your arm candy on our Facebook wall and let us know what you’d like to add to your collection. Whether it’s a charm to add to your bracelet, or a bracelet to add to your stack – we want to know what’s on your wrist list.

All entrants will be entered into our prize draw to win a £30 gift card which they can use to complete their New Year look. The competition is open until the 31st January – so get liking, sharing and entering for your chance to win this fabulous prize!

Nomination #wristlist

Ali wants more fun charms for her Nomination bracelet

ChloBo stack and BCBG watch

Rhian wants more ChloBo for her stack to go with her BCBG watch