Ruby Red: July Birthstone Jewellery

Official July BirthstoneRuby
Zodiac: Cancer and Leo


Ruby gets its name from the word Ruber, which is Latin for red. With its vibrant red colour, the Ruby is known as “the king of gems” and is considered to embody the values of courage, devotion, romance, integrity and happiness. Ruby is the red variety of Corundum and is one of the hardest gemstones, second only to the Diamond, making this gemstone very hard wearing and perfect for jewellery worn everyday. Deemed as the most precious gemstone in ancient Sanskrit writing, the Ruby has long been a favourite gem among those in power. With romantic associations, this gem is a popular choice for engagement rings as well as the traditional anniversary gift for a couple’s 15th and 40th year together.

Red is a power colour that ignites passion and confidence so July is the month to stand out. Swap your little black dress for a little red one, perfect your pout with bright red lippy and wear your best Dorothy slippers! Accessorise any summer’s outfit with red jewellery or a statement red watch! For the perfect birthday gift, take a look at our fabulous selection of birthstone jewellery for July here.

Here’s a pick of our favourite jewellery for July! Shop online at fabulous with free delivery:

 Spinning Ruby Birthstone Ring, £49

Trollbeads Ruby and Gold Glass Charm Bead, £260 

Lulu Guinness Red Lips Watch, £160

Tresor Paris 6mm Red Studs, £11

Thomas Sabo Pearl Bracelet and Ruby Charm, £51.90

Fabulous holiday destination; Lignano with Hannah

Name: Hannah
Store: Solihull
Position: Sales assistant
Location: Italy
Duration: 5 days

Lignano, Italy

Lignano, Italy

My boyfriend and I went to Italy for a short break in May. We hadn’t planned to go away this year but we found return flights for £25, an offer we couldn’t refuse! We went to a city called Trieste, which is on the boarder of Croatia, and then we travelled down to a beach resort called Lignano. We were really lucky with the weather and enjoyed cocktails in the sunshine.

Holiday essentials
– Comfy shoes
– A good book
– Italian translation book
– Sunglasses
– Cardigan for the evenings

Highlights: Discovering the beautiful resort of Lignano. We took a gamble visiting a place we had never heard of before but it turned out to be lovely.

Top tips:  We were the only English in Lignano as they don’t get many tourists from the UK, so I would definitely recommend an Italian translation book to anybody visiting!

Favourite outfit: We did a lot of travelling during the 5 days so my favourite outfit was a vest and shorts with comfy pumps!

What was in your fabulous jewellery roll? I wore my Nomination bracelet all the time whilst I was away as it’s an Italian designer. I spotted lots of the bracelets on both men and woman and couldn’t resist popping into the Nomination shops to look at the Italian charms!



Pandora Summer 2013 Collection – New arrivals at Fabulous!

Summer has well and truly arrived in Pandora Bath thanks to even more fabulous arrivals from Pandora’s Summer Collection!

The new sterling silver Pandora Charm Bangle has now arrived in store and is set to be a popular purchase this summer! It’s one of the newest additions to the Pandora family of bracelets and is available in three different sizes: 17cm; 19cm and 21cm. The new bangle is designed to be worn with your Pandora charms but can also be worn without for a simple yet stylish accessory. Featuring a round barrel lock, this design is very light and easy to take on and off and much like the traditional Pandora charm bracelet, this bangle is strong and very durable. Team your bangle with your favourite sparkling charms for the perfect evening look!

pandora bangle

Pandora Charm Bangle 590713, £55

‘By the Sea’ is one of the themes for summer and included in the collection are nautical and beach inspired charms.The Pavè Stripe Charms boast vintage glamour, whilst the new Beach Ball Charm (791146) and the Crab Charm (791135) are fun designs that are perfect for capturing your favourite holiday moments!

beach ball

Beach Ball Charm 791146, £30.00

Turquoise is a real highlight of the summer collection. The new Turquoise and Teal Murano Glass charms look great on Sterling Silver Bracelets as well as Leather. Complete your oceanic story with these charms to reflect and embody the vibrancy and beauty of the deep blue sea. Other new additions to the collection include the Sunglasses Charm (791146); the Lighthouse Charm (791137); the Pearl Oyster Charm (791134P) and the Sparkling Starfish Charm (791163SST)!


Teal Faceted Murano Charm 791606, £35.00

Join us in-store now to see these fabulous new additions or call us on 0845 4509334 for free UK delivery!

A Gift for June: Pearl Jewellery

Official June Birthstone: Pearl
Alternative Birthstones: Alexandrite & Moonstone

group 4 -500

The beautiful pearl is acknowledged as one of the oldest gems in the world and has been valued and cherished throughout history. Incorporated into the mythology of every culture from Ancient Greece and Rome, to China and India; the pearl has been treasured as a symbol of love, wealth and protection. In Ancient Rome, pearls were the ultimate symbol of wealth and prestige, and an effort was made to prohibit anyone but royalty from wearing them. In Hindu cultures, pearls were associated with the moon and were seen as symbols of purity and love. This has meant that pearls are often associated with weddings, and with their beautiful glow and luxurious cream colour, what better accessory to compliment the dress of a bride-to-be than pearl jewellery!

1920’s glamour and Art Deco fashion is back so there is no better time to invest in some pearls. French fashion designer Coco Chanel popularised costume jewellery and long strands of pearls in the 1920’s and thanks to the revival of The Great Gatsby and their fabulous outfits, 20’s-style jewellery is back on the catwalk. Art Deco fashions emphasised geometric lines and bold colours and this has been embraced in the new designs in many of our collections, from Lola Rose and Diamonfire, to Glam Rock and Pure Attraction!

We’ve been searching for the perfect pearl collection for years at fabulous, and we’ve finally found it, in the collections of Jersey Pearl. With contemporary designs with Tahitian and Freshwater Pearls of the best quality, Jersey Pearl’s designs will make you rediscover the sheer beauty and romance of pearls!

Layer pearl necklaces and bracelets for timeless glamour ala Grace Kelly and Princess Diana, or choose a coloured pearl like the beautiful peacock pearl for a more modern style. Check out our fabulous birthstone collection here for the perfect gift this month!

jew grp 3

Shop Pearls Online at Fabulous Collections

A pick of our favourite designer pearl jewellery:

Jersey Pearl Wave Ring, £96.00

Chan Luu Gold Mother of Pearl Cuff Bracelet, £128.00

Jersey Pearl Violet Joli Bracelet, £49.00

Jersey Pearl Heart Kimberley Selwood Pearl Ring, £39.00

Jersey Pearl Peacock Pearl Bracelet, £72.00

Jersey Pearl Three String Pearl Necklace, £155.00

Blossom Gold Pearl Drop Earrings, £92.00

Jersey Pearl Peacock Studs, £39.00

My Fabulous Watch Wardrobe: Jo

Name: Jo Stroud
Position: Owner of Fabulous


“When I’m dressed smartly or heading out for dinner, I love my CK Equal watch in Rose Gold, as it’s a stylish watch with an art deco look, that works well for a more dressy occasion. I’ve got several pieces of Rose Gold jewellery now, which go really well with this design.”



“For a more casual look, I’ve got one of last year’s bestselling Radley watches – the cream leather strap with the cut-out Scottie Dog on the face, in pinks and lilacs. It’s a great look that combines a fun design with Summer colours, perfect for this time of year.”



“Whenever I can, I head down to Cornwall for a weekend, to enjoy the relaxed feeling of life by the sea. We enjoy heading out on a speedboat for a few hours, anchoring up at a waterside pub, and generally taking it easy. I haven’t yet got the perfect watch for this, but the new Ice Slims with their silicon straps and 100m water resistance would be great for when I’m jumping on and off the boat, tying us up to moorings. The Sky Blue Pink one is on my must-buy-for-Summer list!”


What’s your dream watch wardrobe?
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