Announcing the People’s Bead for 2011!

The People’s Bead Competition is the annual competition where you can enjoy the opportunity to design a Trollbeads charm!

'Rolling Waves' - Winner of the Trollbeads People's Bead 2011 Competition

'Rolling Waves' - Winner of the Trollbeads People's Bead 2011 Competition

For the third year in a row Trollbeads has hosted this popular and exciting worldwide event. This year there were over 4000 entries. But there can only be one winner!

This year’s lucky winner of the Peoples Bead 2011 is Denise Tong from Hong Kong.

Fans and collectors voted for her design ‘Rolling Waves’. Denise Tong is trained as a Chemical Engineer, and also has a degree in Fine Arts. She says:

“Inspirations come from everything and everywhere… one just has to be attentive to her surroundings and feelings. Once an idea is formed, senses are activated, feelings are evoked, the light at the end becomes visible, then it all comes down to mapping a path to the light and trying out different means to make it happen, back track if it doesn’t feel right.”
The winning bead is inspired by the tsunami that swept the east coast of Japan on 11 March 2011. “The ocean has given us many wonderful things – the amazing marine creatures, our food supply, the beautiful water in which we could enjoy numerous sports/activities, etc. Yet it can also bring about mighty power to do harm in such an unpredictable way.
A thought came to my mind: We are indeed very small; and we have to be humble and respect nature. This is the inspiration for ‘Rolling Waves’.”

In 2010 the winner of the People’s Bead was Kristi Denning from the USA with her beautiful Ice Bear design. She said, “He is strong, beautiful, and in trouble. A constant reminder of the fragile climate we need to protect. With luck, his story will have a happy ending”.

Long live this wonderful competition! You can buy Rolling Waves here.

Have You Got Your Tickets to the Next fabulous Event?

Come and help welcome in the new season with fabulous at one of two “Girls’ Night Out” events.

Next month fabulous will be holding its bi-annual Girls’ Night Out evening event at the Solihull and Bath stores on 14th and 16th September respectively. It will be the first Girls’ Night Out in Bath and will be held at The Cosy Club located above the fabulous store in SouthGate. Due to the success of the new venue used for the previous Girls’ Night Out in Solihull, it will again take place in Poplar Arcade, Touchwood outside the new larger store.

For those who haven’t attended one of these popular events by fabulous before, expect to see all the new collections from well-known, stylish designers as well as pieces from up and coming designers who are new to fabulous, all showcased in a fun yet chic fashion show. This September will see grown-up glam take over Girls’ Night Out with models wearing black evening dress to create drama and an elegant blank canvas to the allow the jewellery maximum impact. As well as the catwalk show, fabulous owner, Jo Stroud, talks through this season’s hottest trends and the key pieces that you shouldn’t be seen without for Autumn/Winter 2011.

This season’s shows will be a little different to before: instead of screens illustrating images from the London, Paris and New York fashion weeks, there will be mood boards reflecting the theme of each fabulous catwalk style situated around the catwalk. Guests will also be able to view the mood boards after the show, to add a fun, interactive element to the evening and let guests feel inspired by the images as they shop.

As always, there will be some designers and representatives from the amazing brands we stock, such as Chloe Moss, the founder of ChloBo, will be joining in the fun at Bath. There will also be offers available only to those attending  the evenings (to alleviate any guilty spending!), tasty canapés and drinks, and the popular raffle in aid of Cancer Research UK, which guarantees some lucky guests taking home stunning pieces by our favourite designers!

Tickets for the events can be purchased through the store where you’d like to attend the Girls’ Night Out – either in-store or over the phone. Tickets cost £5.00 each and while you will receive a receipt of payment immediately, tickets are sent via post nearer the day of the event. Children are welcome. The fashion show in Solihull will start at 7pm, and in Bath at 6.30pm.

We really hope to see you at one of the evenings… they are a lovely opportunity to get dressed up with your girlfriends and do what you love best – jewellery shopping with fabulous!

Why not visit our website for more information? Just click here.

Get to know Pandora’s fabulous Watch collection…

Pandora launched their very own line of watches last year, called Black Crown Diamond, and as the range grows it gets more and more fabulous!

They chose this name because of the beautiful black rose cut Diamond in the crown of the watch. Many of the watches are also enriched with a large selection of high quality Diamonds. To ensure these watches have a long product lifetime, one of the hardest minerals on earth is used to create a scratch resistant surface; Sapphire Crystal.

All the watches are hand-crafted and Swiss made. Pandora work with a Swiss company named Ronda (who make TAG watches) and who create the Quartz movements.

Swiss Law states that a watch can only be considered Swiss if the movements are made, cased up, and have undergone a final inspection in Switzerland.

There are three different categories of Pandora watches: Classic, Contemporary and Fashion, all of which compliment the elegant jewellery.

And why not match the watches with your favourite jewellery?!

A Visit From ChloBo!

Georgie from fabulous Solihull gets a sneak preview of the new ChloBo collection and learns more about the inspiration behind Chloe Moss’s jewellery designs

Oistins Beach
Jo and Karen (from the Flesh & Blood Group that brought ChloBo to our doors) came to visit this week and treated us to tales of the ChloBo jewellery designs – as well as bringing us a sneak peak of the newest additions!

They had many exciting stories to tell us about Chloe Moss’s inspiration for her collection. We learned that the classic Oistins Pearl collection was inspired by the Oistins Beaches in Barbados, whilst the summery Ju Ju collection is named after a beach bar in Barbados, a popular hang out for Rhianna! It was also great to hear about how popular ChloBo is becoming and how many different celebrities love ChloBo jewellery!

We heard the stories behind each of the pendants and charms – which I can’t wait to share with customers – most of which are handmade in Bali.

My favourite story was about the ‘Dreamball’ – one of the ChloBo signature charms. Jo had the pleasure of visiting the workshop where these were made. A gentleman working there showed her how the ball was made in two halves and a tiny bell was trapped between them. He then attached all the Silver studs to the outside of the ball – he told Jo that when you buy a ‘Dreamball’ you have to make a wish, shake it and wait for it to come true.

Then, we were treated to a preview of the new collection – ChloBo rings. Available in Turquoise (bold and bright for summer), Pearl (a classic and always popular at fabulous) or simply Silver (to match your bracelet collection), each has a signature ChloBo charm hanging from it. I think these will look great on stacked up on fingers and toes… they will be hitting stores and arriving online this August!

Oh, and for Christmas, think rich red wine and a whole lot of sparkle!

– Georgie, Solihull

August Birthstone – Peridot

All about Peridot

Peridot forms during volcanic eruptions. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color: olive green. The intensity of this green depends on how much iron is contained in the crystal structure and so the colour of individual Peridot gems can vary from yellow- to olive- green. Peridot was called the the evening emerald by ancient Romans, who noticed that its green color shone even more vividly in lamplight, making it resemble deep green Emeralds. In folklore Peridot is said to ward against nightmares and evil spirits.

Did you know?

  • In Hawaii, Peridot symbolizes the goddess Pele’s tears. Some beaches in Hawaii have tiny grains of Peridot amongst the sand.
  • Ground Peridot was once used as a treatment for asthma.
  • Peridot is the only gemstone found in meteorites.

 Gift Ideas

The vivid green of the Peridot is the ideal colour for summer! See our range of stunning Peridot jewellery at fabulous! This gemstone is said to promote love, friendliness and warmth in relationships and so is an ideal stone to give as a gift for a friend and loved one. Peridot is also the official gemstone of the first wedding anniversary!

How to care for your Peridot jewellery:

  • Remove Peridot jewellery before doing housecleaning, yard work or other activities that might subject it to knocks and scrapes.
  • Keep your Peridot jewellery away from household chemicals and apply makeup, lotions, hair spray and other cosmetics before putting on your jewellery.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as this can fade color. Extreme temperature changes may also crack the stones.
  • Clean Peridot in warm water with dishwashing detergent, or a mild commercial solution. Do not use harsh chemicals which will damage the surface.
  • A small amount of ammonia in the water could be used to help brighten the stone if it’s very dirty.
  • Soak in dishwater solution for 10 to 20 minutes, then scrub thoroughly but gently with a soft brush. Rinse and dry well before storing. Have jewellery professionally cleaned every one to two years.
  • Protect Peridot jewellery from harder jewellery and metals in your jewellery box. Store it in a soft pouch of its own to keep other gems from scratching it.

You can read more about Peridot at Wikipedia!

August’s Zodiac Sign: Leo, July 24th  – August 23rd

Leo’s are known for their warm hearts and caring personalities. They often have a creative streak and are very energetic! No wonder the lion is their sign, as they are born leaders and full of courage!

Happy Birthday to everyone born in August!

Fabulous Festivals!

The festival season is upon us! What looks are in for this season? Be the belle of the ball – or festival – with our festival fashion guide!

Musical Madness

Colour blocks are a great way to make an outfit quirky. Mix and match bold and vibrant shades for the ultimate look. H&M’s colour-block range is right on trend! To finish off this look wear with new Swatch-Bijoux colour code bracelets.

Solar Power

Go for the elegant look with flowing and flirty skirts. This gorgeous pink maxi skirt and matching floppy sun hat from Topshop will brighten anyone’s day – rain or shine! These cute Chakra bracelets from Daisy have become one of the newest must-have jewellery trends. Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Sienna Miller have been spotted wearing these this summer!

Floral Fun

Be inspired by the 70’s revival! Laid back and boho-chic, this trend will release your inner hippy! Floral patterns add an element of fun and summer to any outfit… New Look has a fantastic range of floral items including some fantastic flared trousers. Floral accessories are also a must-have this summer – see these stunning Floral Bangles from Two’s Company.

Street Style

Add a touch of naughtiness to your festival look. Go for ripped tights or leggings, black leather shorts (like these from Republic) and graphic tank or crop top such as this cross tee from ASOS. To finish off this rock chick look ChloBo’s stunning Silver jewellery is the perfect accessory!

Glamping it up

Wellington Boots are a necessity for any festival. As well as practical they are a brilliant fashion accessory that can go with any festival look. This range of wellies from New Look will look fantastic with any outfit! Another must-have fashion accessory to go with any festival outfit are these semi-precious charm bracelets from Lucas Jack. These look fabulous stacked and add a touch of uniqueness.


Feathers, beads and bold colours: the tribal trend is taking the festival scene by storm! This feather headdress from Urban Outfitters will make sure you are ready to party this summer. Cute accessories such as this bag from New Look are a must-have. To add a unique touch to your outfit, Chan Luu’s stunning collection of Boho pieces are inspired by different cultures across the world and combine a beautiful mix of materials for an original look!