Pandora – Where to go when you’ve got the Charms!

So you’ve got your Pandora charm bracelet and all of your Unforgettable Moments, and you want to build your collection without starting from scratch. At fabulous we can show you how…

Did you know that Pandora have lots of other collections which tie in nicely with your Unforgettable Moments charms? Maybe you love the ‘I Love You’ charm your boyfriend or husband bought you this Valentine’s Day. So how about incorporating the matching earrings, rings or necklace from the Stories and Ring Upon Ring collections?

Pandora 'I Love You' charm and matching jewellery

Pandora I Love You charm and matching jewellery

Or perhaps you can’t get dressed without having your Lucky Knot charm on your wrist. Have you thought about enhancing this with a few pieces of Liquid Silver?

Pandora Lucky Knot charm - a perfect match for the Liquid Silver collection

Pandora Lucky Knot charm - a perfect match for the Liquid Silver collection

If you love the idea of slowly building your Pandora charm collection but don’t want to start another charm bracelet, you could always move on to the Compose earrings.

You can build up this type of earring with as many layers as you like, which is a brilliant trick if you are going travelling or on holiday and don’t want to lug your entire jewellery box across the world. Simply layer your earrings up to travel and then change them from day to day to suit your look!

Create your perfect earrings with Pandora's Compose collection

Create your perfect earrings with Pandoras Compose collection

So don’t be fooled into thinking that Pandora stops at charms, pop in to see us at any of our fabulous stores and let us show you the other five, fabulous collections Pandora have to offer!

Getting fabulous at Girls’ Night Out Solihull!

We welcomed the new season in with style at Girls’ Night Out Solihull – Zoe Ralph of fabulous Solihull tells us all about it!

This year we held our bi-annual, sell-out Girl’s Night Out event, a seasonal fashion show, on 30th March, in Poplar Arcade, Touchwood. The event was extra special as, for the first time, it was held outside the fabulous store, and saw models saunter across the arcade wearing great new pieces for the Spring Summer 2011. The 40 guests in attendance enjoyed viewing pieces from the latest collections by Thomas Sabo, Lola Rose and Chan Luu.

The new venue was a great success and the proximity to the store allowed our guests to browse the summery jewellery in a relaxed and private environment while they enjoyed canapés and cocktails.

Thomas Sabo representative Daniel Rhodes brought along a colourful selection of the new POP NOW jewellery range, which is inspired by the 1960s vibrant pop art movement and fits in with this season’s trend for colour blocking and fun, vivid prints.

Girl’s Night Out wasn’t just an excuse for some frivolous fashion fun, but also raised money for Cancer Research UK by including a raffle, for which designers kindly donated some special pieces such as necklaces and t-shirts for lucky ticket holders to win.

Sinade Prosser, Solihull store manager, was delighted by the success of the event: “This Spring’s Girl’s Night Out was a wonderful evening and we were thrilled to have held it in Touchwood as it provided a great space for our fashion show and easy access for the ladies to browse in store, where they could choose from our full range of pieces. We are also very proud to have such generous customers and to have raised money for Cancer Research UK.”

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Head over to our Facebook Page to see a full set of Girls’ Night Out Solihull Photos!

The next events coming up in the fabulous diary are the Garden Party, held at Mallory Court Hotel in Leamington. Each fabulous store also runs the Cancer Research UK Race for Life. The next Girl’s Night Out will take place in September 2011.

April Birthstone – Dazzling Diamond!

Celebrate April birthdays with the birthstone for this month, Diamond.

Diamond - the birthstone for April

“She who from April dates her years,
diamonds shall wear,
lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow.”

For all you lucky ladies born in April, it’s the most dazzling of all precious stones, Diamond, that represents your month of birth. The beautiful sparkle of Diamond has been desired by man for hundreds of years, and it has become one of the most sought after stones for jewellery design. Not only does it glitter like no other stone, but it is believed to enhance relationships and aid your inner strength, representing clarity, balance and innocence.

Diamond takes its name from the greek word “adamas“, meaning invincible, for its incredible strength and hardness – it is the hardest substance found in nature. Diamonds are classified by the 4 Cs clarity, cut, colour and carat weight – with the clearest stones being the most expensive. Though white or clear diamonds are the most common, they actually occur with many different colours and tints – it is possible to find pink, yellow and black Diamonds, though these can be incredibly rare and valuable.

Diamond is usually set into Gold jewellery, although many innovative companies such as Hot Diamonds and White Ice are now combining the luxury of Diamonds with the simplicity of Sterling Silver. Jewellery designers often opt for manmade Cubic Zirconia instead of Diamonds, which offers a similar sparkle for a much lower price – Thomas Sabo and Fiorelli, for example. Diamond is also the traditional stone in engagement rings, thanks to both its beautiful sparkle and its apparent potential to enhance relationships.

Thomas Sabo Diamond Star Charm, £49.95

Thomas Sabo Diamond Star Charm, £49.95

Hot Diamonds Bali Earrings, £65

Hot Diamonds Bali Earrings, £65

White Ice Diamond Heart Pendant, £52

White Ice Diamond Heart Pendant, £52

April also introduces the Aries zodiac sign from 21st March to the 20th April. The symbol for Aries is the ram, and people born under this star sign are said to be adventurous, courageous and impatient.

Nomination Aries Charm, £16

Nomination Aries Charm, £16

Nomination Aries CZ Charm, £35

Nomination Aries CZ Charm, £35

Thomas Sabo Aries Charm, £29.95

Thomas Sabo Aries Charm, £29.95

Happy birthday to everyone born in April!

The Trollbeads UK World Tour Charm Beads have arrived!

The long-awaited UK Collection from the Trollbeads World Tour has finally landed in-stores and online today!

Trollbeads UK World Tour Collection

Trollbeads UK World Tour Collection

The collection features four brand new charm beads, one Glass and three Sterling Silver, specially designed to celebrate the unique qualities of the United Kingdom’s culture and history. These beads are exclusive to the UK, making them even more collectible! So without further ado, allow us to introduce the UK Trollbeads!

UK Colours

Trollbeads UK Colours World Tour Charm Bead

UK Colours, £26

This beautifully coloured bead features the three colours of the United Kingdom’s Union Jack flag – red, white and blue – in a pretty, striped design.

The bead represents the combination of unity and diversity which is such a key part of the UK’s culture. The bead has been  lovingly designed by Lise Aagaard – add it to your bracelet to celebrate your love of the United Kingdom!

Celtic Kilt

Celtic Kilt, Trollbeads UK World Tour Collection

Celtic Kilt, £35

This wonderful new Sterling Silver charm bead is an exquisitely detailed kilt, traditionally worn in Scotland and Ireland.

Søren Nielson of Trollbeads has designed this charm with pipers and cèilidh dancing in mind, as a way of celebrating the uniqueness of Celtic culture. Add it to your bracelet to celebrate your love of all things Celtic!

Love Spoons

Love Spoons, Trollbeads UK World Tour Collection

Love Spoons, £42

This detailed charm is bursting with culture – Trollbeads have carved us their very own Love Spoon!

Love Spoons were traditionally carved by young Welsh men during long winter evenings. They were presented to loved ones to represent a lifetime of health and happiness.

English Tea Party

English Tea Party, Trollbeads UK World Tour Collection

English Tea Party, £47

The fourth charm bead in the UK collection is this fantastic Tea Party bead, designed by Martin Bruun as a celebration of all things English!

It features the much-loved characters from the famous tea party of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland – perfect for us tea-loving English folk!

The UK Collection is part of the Trollbeads World Tour, which visits selected nations around the globe introducing four Trollbeads charm beads specifically designed to capture each country’s history and culture. The beads are only available in the country hosting the tour. The UK Collection is exclusive to the UK! Visit to discover the official film celebrating the launch of the UK Collection.

All of the UK Collection charm beads are available to buy at Fabulous.