Designer fashion on a budget? We’ve got you covered!

Many of us have been feeling the pinch recently, and the little luxuries we treat ourselves to are often the first thing to go. But the good news is that staying on trend with the latest designer jewellery doesn’t mean breaking the bank!

At fabulous, our aim is to help you add a little glamour to your life, every day. We know that times are hard, so this year we’ve been searching for the best in affordable luxury that the designer jewellery world has to offer. Here we’ve collected some of our favourite pieces from the collections stocked at fabulous that come in at under £25, to help you treat yourself even if you’re on a budget this summer!

Big Baby - Designer Fashion on a Budget!

Big Baby - Designer Fashion on a Budget!

First up is the wonderful Big Baby, a recent addition to fabulous. Big Baby’s fun and wearable jewellery is created using high-quality Acrylic, for something a bit different. The bold designs are right on-trend this summer, and each piece comes in a range of muted colours, making them very versatile. Every piece in our collection costs under £25, so everyone can treat themselves to a bit of glamour. It’s selling out fast though, so get in quick if Big Baby is your thing!

Antica Murrina Glace Necklaces, a very affordable £17 each

Antica Murrina Glace Necklaces, a very affordable £17 each

These gorgeous Glace Necklaces from Antica Murrina Venezia are another firm favourite here at fabulous. They come in a range of colours, and are so versatile you can wear them with almost anything (you’ll often see us wearing these!) The pendants are handmade in Italy using Murano Glass, world-renowned for its quality. The Glass is tinted in different shades and simply hung from a matching cord, for easy, wearable glamour that will never go out of fashion.

Adorn your wrist with an Azuni Beaded Nugget bracelet, at just £20!

Adorn your wrist with a Beaded Nugget bracelet from Azuni, at just £20!

Last but not least is another favourite of ours – these Beaded Nugget bracelets from Azuni at only £20 each!  They’re delightfully delicate, look great layered up with other bracelets, and are just so unusual – we can’t get enough of them! Each bracelet is made using 18ct Gold-plated nuggets, interspersed with smooth semi-precious beads in a range of colours. If you’re looking for a bracelet you can wear again and again, or if you’re looking for an affordable yet glamorous gift, Azuni’s fabulous bracelets are just perfect.

These are just a few of our favourite fabulous pieces that come in at under £25. You might also like to check out our collection of Sterling Silver Spinning Earrings, a steal at £20, or choose yourself a Colour Code Bracelet from Swatch at just £17. The possibilities are endless!

Work the Trend – Boho Chic

Relax your way into style with our guide to working this Summer’s Boho Chic trend

Work the Trend - Boho Chic

The ‘boho chic’ vogue is back in the limelight this season. That laid-back bohemian trendiness, made so popular by style icon Sienna Miller, has burst back onto the high street – just in time for Summer! The boho chic look is just perfect for Summer festivals, and those lazy afternoons spent beside the BBQ, so here’s the fabulous guide to going boho!

Going boho chic isn’t just about bagging the latest maxi dress. There’s a huge array of bohemian influenced outfits to choose from, and choosing the right accessories is key – the right shoes, scarves and jewellery can really add the ‘chic‘ to your ‘boho‘!

To get started, look out for all things floaty (be it blouses, trousers, jumpsuits or skirts), embroidered or furry! Floaty maxi skirts like this Cream Lace Maxi Skirt from Dorothy Perkins are all the rage right now, and make a versatile, staple piece for your boho wardrobe. Pair with your favourite casually glamorous tops – we love this Rust Broderie Lace Trim Vest from Topshop (Lace trims are everywhere right now – we’ve seen them on boots, clothes and bags!)

A few good rules of thumb when looking for accessories:

(1) Mix up your patterns and shades. Trollbeads’ Limited Edition Kimono Kit is a great example of how to combine different colours and designs and stay on-trend. You can also create some fantastic looks by mixing and matching patterned scarves, like this fantastic, limited edition Vintage Flower Silk Scarf from Miss Selfridge.

(2) Wear natural materials, and lots of them!  Natural materials complement bohemian outfits perfectly. Think Faux-Leather sandals, Semi-Precious Stones and wooden jewellery. The Branch’s collection of handcrafted wooden jewellery works its magic best when paired up with a funky peasant skirt or a furry gilet! And look out for the gorgeous trend-of-the-minute wrap bracelets from Chan Luu, in varying Semi-Precious Stones – the ultimate in laid-back, luxury designer jewellery.

(3) Layer friendship bracelets. Layer, layer, layer! Layering up friendship-style bracelets isn’t just for groovy festival goers, it’s the latest fashion craze. And with so many designers tempting us with their fresh interpretations of the friendship bracelet, it’s a good job too! Fabulous favourites are Azuni’s message bracelets and Daisy’s ever popular Chakra Bracelets, seen adoring the arms of such lovely celebs as Cheryl Cole and boho queen Sienna Miller.

The key to working the boho chic trend is to have fun with it – mix and match, go for bold combos and patterns, and let your personality shape your style. What are your boho chic tips?

How to spot a genuine Thomas Sabo retailer online

One of the difficulties of shopping online is telling the genuine, official retailers of particular designers apart from websites selling fake jewellery under the designer’s name. But some quick checks can let you shop in confidence!

Thomas Sabo charm and jewellery - spotting the genuine stockists

Thomas Sabo charm and jewellery – spotting the genuine stockists can be tricky!

Spotting official stockists can be especially difficult when shopping for well-known, popular brands like Thomas Sabo and Pandora. For huge brand names like these, there will always be companies offering similar pieces in the same style, but the real problem arises when these companies deliberately give the impression that they’re selling genuine Thomas Sabo or Pandora products, when they’re not. The most problematic websites are the ones which use Thomas Sabo’s logos, pictures, jewellery descriptions and recommended retail prices (all without permission), but which aren’t selling genuine Thomas Sabo jewellery. These websites give the false impression of selling official merchandise, and what you receive when you place an order might not look much like the jewellery in the picture you saw on the website.

Thomas Sabo fans understandably want the real thing. When buying genuine Thomas Sabo, you can be assured that you’re getting good quality jewellery and charms made using Sterling Silver, and you know that you’ll receive a good level of customer service following your purchase. But when searching for ‘Thomas Sabo’ on Google or other search engines, some of the websites which show up in results are not what they seem.

So as customers wanting to shop online for Thomas Sabo, what can we do? When you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot the websites selling fake Thomas Sabo (or Pandora), so we’ve put together this list of four checks you can use to ensure you always buy the best quality, official jewellery. We hope it helps!

1. Beware of websites offering discounts or cheaper items

Official Thomas Sabo retailers usually sell Thomas Sabo jewellery and charms at the same recommended retail price, without discounts. Not only does this mean that you’ll get the same great price wherever you shop, it also means that if a website is offering Thomas Sabo jewellery at discounted prices, they may not be official Sabo products.

2. Check the website’s web address

This one’s a bit technical, but it’s a great, quick way of checking the authenticity of a website claiming to sell Thomas Sabo. Official online stockists have all agreed with Thomas Sabo not to use the designer’s name in the main part of their web address. That means they won’t ever use the designer’s name between the ‘www’ and the ‘.com’ or ‘’ part of their web address. The only valid exception to the rule is Thomas Sabo’s own, official website. Some examples may help here.

3. Look for disclaimers

In my own experience, some of the websites which sell fake Thomas Sabo jewellery often have a sentence or two somewhere in their small print which states that their products are not genuine. Look for links to pages like ‘Disclaimers’, ‘FAQs’, ‘About Us’, or ‘Terms and Conditions’, and look out for anything suspicious!

4. If in doubt, ask Thomas Sabo!

If you ever aren’t sure that a website you’re looking at is selling genuine Thomas Sabo products, the absolute safest thing to do is ask Thomas Sabo themselves, using the contact pages on their official website:

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I hope this guide has been useful, and helps you shop online with confidence! And of course, you can always buy official Thomas Sabo charms and jewellery at Fabulous!

May Birthstone – Enchanting Emerald!

Celebrate May birthdays with the birthstone for this month, Emerald.

Emerald - birthstone for MayWho first beholds the light of day

In spring’s sweet, flower month of May

And wears an Emerald all her life

Shall be a loved and a loving wife

The gorgeous green tones of Emerald welcome anyone born in May. This stunning stone is associated with faithfulness, friendship and relationships, making it the perfect stone for all you romantics out there. It is said to symbolise understanding, patience and memory, and is mined in South America and Africa. By weight, it is actually the most valuable gemstone in the world, thanks to its glorious, rich green colourings.

In mythology, Emerald was said to be the talisman of Venus, the goddess of love, and the gemstone is still associated with loyal and loving relationships. They were also popular with the ancient Egyptian royalty, and Queen Cleopatra is said to have owned pieces of Emerald jewellery.

Jewellery designers have long been attracted to the fresh, vibrant colour of Emerald, and the colour green is associated with new birth and regeneration. It goes especially well with the warmth of gold, and creates gorgeous pieces of jewellery that can be treasured for years to come.

Thomas Sabo Emerald Charm, £24.95

Thomas Sabo Emerald Charm, £24.95

Nomination Emerald Charm, £24

Nomination Emerald Charm, £24

Swarovski Neva Bangle, £97

Swarovski Neva Bangle, £97

April also introduces the Taurus zodiac sign from 21st April to the 21st May. The symbol for Taurus is the bull, and people born under this star sign are said to be loving, warm-hearted and determined.

Nomination Taurus CZ Starsign Charm, £35

Nomination Taurus CZ Starsign Charm, £35

Nomination Taurus Starsign Charm, £16

Nomination Taurus Starsign Charm, £16

Thomas Sabo Taurus Starsign Charm, £29.95

Thomas Sabo Taurus Starsign Charm, £29.95

Happy birthday to everyone born in May!