fabulous Romantic Gestures!

With Valentine’s Day just two days away (guys have you bought your gifts?) we spoke to our fabulous staff about their favourite romantic gestures. From thoughtful acts to elaborate plans, we loved hearing these beautiful acts of love! We’d love to hear yours, leave a comment at the bottom of the article to share the love…

Jo, Owner of fabulous

Paul proposed to me in the most romantic of all places – Venice – on a balcony at the gorgeous Hotel Danieli, overlooking the Grand Canal. We had only stopped in Venice for one night on our way to Florence, so I had absolutely no idea that was what he was planning. It was a hugely romantic moment, and Venice is still the most special place in the world to me!

Rhian, eCommerce Manager

When I first started dating someone I went to Greece on holiday for two weeks. He gave me a package to open on the plane, which was a hand written letter for every day I was away. It was the most romantic gesture and I absolutely loved it – safe to say he was very much on my mind for the whole holiday and I couldn’t wait to get back to see him!

Becky, fabulous Manager Bath

If Dan goes away he always leave a little chocolate on my pillow to let me know he’ll be missing me. He also always comes home with wine and flowers on his return. Those little acts of kindness are one of many many reasons I’m marrying him in September!

Beth, Sales Assistant Bath

If my boyfriend ever has a half day at work, he rushes home to cook me a lovely meal as a treat, he puts all of his effort into making it special. I love it x

Sinade, Buying and Creative Manager

On my Mom’s Birthday Dad left for work as normal leaving her a card on the windowsill and asking her to promise not to open it until he called her after his meeting.  We spent hours excitedly coming up with ideas as to what it’d be… Mum was starting to panic that’d be a new tumble dryer and wasn’t sure how she’d hide her disappointment.

The time came and the phone rang, Mom ran to the windowsill, opened the card and shouted “I can’t read French, what does it say?”, we all looked at the words stumped ‘il a besoin d’une maman’. Dad was standing in the hallway with the tiniest black French Bulldog curled up in his arms. The card read “I need a mum”.

The next thing we knew there was hysteria, with me, my sister and my Mom all crying! Dad did very well, he got Mom exactly what she asked for, he’d surprised us all and done it in such a romantic way!


Do you have any romantic stories you’d like to share? Pop them in the comments section! Happy Valentine’s Day from fab HQ x

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5 things you need to know about the history of Valentine’s Day!

1. Valentine’s Day is thought to originate from the Roman festival Lupercalia celebrated on the 15th February, a celebration of fertility where men stripped naked and whipped young maidens with animal hides (apparently!).

2. St. Valentine was a Christian saint who married people in secret after it was banned by the Roman Emperor Claudius II who forbid soldiers to marry as he thought it would make his army stronger. St. Valentine was supposedly executed in AD 270 on February 14th, hence the celebration of love on this day.

3. The first Valentine’s Day card has been attributed to Charles, Duke of Orleans (1395-1465) who was captured in the Battle of Agincourt. He wrote romantic sonnets and poems to his second wife Bonne d’Armagnac from the Tower of London.

4. Japan started celebrating Valentine’s Day in the 50’s when the idea came over from the UK. In Japan Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling the man, so women lavish the men in their lives with gifts, particularly chocolates!

5. In Wales the love spoon is the traditional symbol of Valentine’s Day (or Dwynwen’s Day as it is known in Wales), which is celebrated on the 25th January. Traditionally men would carve ornate and romantic spoons from one piece of wood and present them to their love. The first example of a love spoon dates back to 1667 and is on display in the Welsh Folk Museum in St. Fagans, Cardiff.


Story of the Month #WhyIWear Alex and Ani: Memories by Rhian


I’ve been collecting Alex and Ani bangles for over a year now, I love the look, the sound they make jingling on my wrist, but most of all I love what they say about me, the people that bought them for me and the positive affirmations they bring me. Here’s my stack and #whyIwear them…


Rhian with her Dad on her 30th Birthday

Rhian with her Dad on her 30th Birthday


I added the Nile and Euphrates bangles to add some texture to my stack, the ‘love’ bangle I fell in love with when I saw it and I like to remind myself to feel love in everything I do. I chose my Disc bangles to represent what’s important to me, the Path of Life reminds me that everything happens for a reason, the Om acts as a reminder to be calm and do as I would be done by, the Eye of Horus is a beautiful symbol which represents intuition and protection and reminds me to trust my instincts. The feather I bought on Mother’s Day for my Mum, who loved Native American Indian culture and always wore feather jewellery, it is my reminder that she’s with me every day.



1. Gold Nile, £33 – Silver Euphrates, £33  2. Vintage66 Love Wrap, £41  3. Gypsy66 Wrap, £50  4. Path of Life, £24 – Om Disc, £21  – Eye of Horus, £21 – Small Feather, £24

Rhian wears her Alex and Ani bangles to celebrate Memories – let us know which bangle you’d choose to remember someone special and why with #whyIwear. Tweet us, email us (positive@fabulouscollections.co.uk) or post your comment on our Facebook page or on Instagram. Each month we’ll reward our favourite story with a £20 voucher towards your next bangle.

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