ALEX AND ANI Celestial Wheel

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Winter is fast approaching and the dark skies are aglow with an array of dazzling illuminations; it is the season of bonfires, fireworks and Christmas lights.Look to the stars and take inspiration from beautiful winter nights with Alex and Ani’s new Celestial Wheel Collection. The collection draws from the signs of the zodiac; our zodiac signs are the celestial blueprint which guide us around the wheel of life. The way in which the heavenly bodies align upon your birth lights your path in life and leads the way to your deepest desires. Express your true self and connect to your astrological destiny with these stunning shiny gold bangles featuring striking enamel illustrations of your individual star map. These pieces also make for a thoughtful gift with a personal touch over the holiday period.


Scorpio (23rd Oct- 21st Nov)


Still waters run deep: the defining trait of the water sign Scorpio is mystery! The Scorpio keeps much below the surface, and is driven by an insatiable curiosity to uncover greater meanings in life. The Scorpio is nonetheless excitable and passionate, driven to make profound connections in life. Reveal your inner energy and intuition with Alex and Ani’s Scorpio bracelet.


Sagittarius (22nd Nov- 21st Dec)

Loving- Philosophical- Restless

A truly untameable fire sign, the Sagittarius loves to travel and is inspired by all the wonders the world has to offer. Although a true individualist, the Sagittarius is optimistic and sincere in making connections with people. Release your inner wild-fire with Alex and Ani’s Sagittarius bracelet.


Capricorn (22nd Dec- 19th Jan)

Ambitious- Patient- Humourous

The sky is the limit for this earth sign; the Capricorn truly values personal freedom and possesses the determination to achieve anything they set their mind to.Their hard-working nature and enthusiasm means that the Capricorn can triumph through any obstacle. Go for gold with Alex and Ani’s Capricorn bracelet.

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Inspired by: Macbeth

This week we’ve been spellbound by the dark arts of ‘the Scottish play’. If you haven’t seen Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in this dark adaptation of Macbeth, hence forth to the cinema. The windswept highlands, rich Scottish heritage, deep woods and dark royalty are the perfect build up to winter and All Hallows Eve.

Be inspired by royalty…macbeth-royalty

Alex and Ani Queen and King bangles, £33 each

Be inspired by venomous creatures…


Alex and Ani Snake Coil bangle, £41. Thomas Sabo Snake and Scorpion studs, £45. Thomas Sabo Snake Coil Karma Bead, £55

Be inspired by the forest…macbeth-trees-forest

Alex and Ani Rulers of the Woods collection, £24. Alex and Ani Colour Infusion collection, £33. Thomas Sabo Tree of Life Karma Bead, £89

Be inspired by the dark arts…  macbeth-witchcraft

Sun and Moon collection from Daisy, Necklace £129, Ring £69.  Nikki Lissoni Dreamcatcher coin, £23

Have you seen it yet? Take a look at the trailer for Macbeth below…