Alex and Ani: Get the Look, Rhian’s Stack

I spotted Alex and Ani bangles on Pinterest back in December 2012 and fell in love with them, so when Jo told me we were going to be introducing the brand to the UK I couldn’t have been more excited. We launched Alex and Ani in January of this year and ever since, my stack has been growing!

I have a mixture of Rafaelian Gold and Silver finish bangles, with a mixture of bangle bar and Vintage 66 bracelets, here’s my stack…


Get the look…


1. Gold Nile Bangle, £33 – Silver Euphrates Bangle, £33

2. Vintage66 Love Wrap, £41

3. Gypsy66 Wrap, £50

4. Path of Life Bangle, £24 – Om Disc Bangle, £21  – Eye of Horus Bangle, £21 – Small Feather Bangle, £24

I added the Nile and Euphrates bangles to add some texture to my stack, the ‘love’ bangle I fell in love with when I saw it and I like to remind myself to feel love in everything I do. The Gypsy66 wraps come in 4 different finishes, they look great against the more delicate bangles and I love the rock chick vibe it brings. I chose my Disc bangles to represent what’s important to me, the Path of Life reminds me that everything happens for a reason, the Om acts as a reminder to be calm and do as I would be done by, the Eye of Horus is a beautiful symbol which represents intuition and protection and reminds me to trust my instincts. The feather I bought on Mother’s Day for my Mum, who loved Native American Indian culture and always wore feather jewellery, it is my reminder that she’s with me every day.

What is your stack and why have you chosen your bracelets? Let us know in the comments below…




lucky nmbers

Whether it’s a new job, a new challenge or even just a new day, take it on with a fabulous good luck talisman! Rare and beautiful, the four leaf clover will bring good fortune to its wearer, like the lucky horseshoe, a popular symbol of protection. From the Celtic knot, given as an emblem of undying love, to the Buddhist eternal knot, the lucky knot has appeared as a symbol of luck and affection throughout history.

1. Chlobo Black Sparkle Horseshoe Ring, £30 2. Alex and Ani Lucky Clover Bangle, £33  3. Tales from the Earth Lucky Knot Necklace, £60 4. Nomination Gold Horseshoe, £18 5. Folli Follie Heart4Heart Clover Ring, £75  6. Flower Jewellery Four Leaf Clover Necklace, £30 7. Thomas Sabo Lucky Cat Charm, £70 8. Thomas Sabo Lucky Number 8 Charm, £55 9. Estella Bartlett Wishbone Necklace, £14 

Get the look! Lucky Charm Necklaces

Lucky Charm Necklaces #getthelook

A lucky number is a great way to remember a significant event or date special to you, whilst the wishbone is a reminder to never give up on your dreams!


Jo’s Week in Las Vegas: On the hunt for new designers

Las Vegas quote

Well, I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, but it certainly looks pretty spectacular – especially when seen from the bird’s eye view of a helicopter! The neon lights, the fountains dancing in time to the music, the nightly erupting volcano, and the chance to see Paris, New York, Venice and Ancient Egypt all in one over-the-top strip of manmade paradise is certainly a sight to behold.

This was my first time in Las Vegas, with the chance to go to JCK, the world’s biggest jewellery fair, as well as taking a few days’ off.

JCK sprawls over the vast exhibition halls of the Mandalay Bay, with over 3000 brands, designers and suppliers showcasing their wares. Great to see European designers conquering the US – with Pandora and Nikki Lissoni having a strong presence. But my main intention was to find unfamiliar, talented designers from the US, perhaps new to the UK, that I felt would excite us all back home.

And I have come back with a shortlist of 5 designers, some which will be exclusive to Fabulous, and all of which I am very excited by! We will be launching them over the next few months, so watch this space. A sneak look at some of their designs below…


And what else did I get up to in Vegas?

The top 5 things do when you’re tired of the casinos

1. The Grand Canyon by helicopter


35 minutes each way across desert, manmade lakes and the Hoover Dam, until you start flying through the incredible and truly awe-inspiring Canyon. Not to be missed.

2. See a show you won’t see anywhere else

Le Rêve, at the Wynn, is genuinely breathtaking. From high dives that are terrifying to watch, to an underwater tango, to aerial ballet, this show defies easy description, but I can honestly say it is mesmerising, and easy to understand why it is voted ‘Best Show in Las Vegas’.

3. Eat at Alizé

A stunning Michelin-starred French restaurant on the 56th floor of the Palms. It’s expensive, so go for a special treat – you’ll get the best view of the Strip at night, and brilliant, inventive, delicious food.

4. Do all the free stuff


It’s worth it. The hotels are tourist attractions in their own right, so go inside The Venetian, The Wynn, The Bellagio, to see a recreation of St Mark’s Square, canals with actual gondolas, carousel horses made from flowers, sculptures by Jeff Koons… the list is endless!

5. Go shopping at Fashion Show

A huge shopping mall with every store you could ever want, including all the top US department stores in one place, from Saks Fifth Avenue to Nordstrum. Go easy on the credit card!

Jo x

Look - they renamed Vegas for us_with Jo



5 Ways to Enjoy the Brazilian World Cup Without Football!

Tour the Painted Streets of Rio

Good Maps have a fabulous gallery of beautiful streets in Rio, from small neighbourhoods covered in flags to vibrant street art. Say goodbye to a couple of hours while you walk the streets of Rio without football fans!


Be Inspired by Rio in Fashion

The World Cup in Rio has undoubtedly influenced the Summer trends, the high street and high end have injected a vast array of tropical prints and colour into their collections! The perfect buys for a beach holiday…



1. River Island crop top, £12 2. Dune shoes at Asos, were £70 NOW £48 3. BHS swimsuit, £28 4. Christes Sarong at Farfetch, £129 5. Lizas Rio bracelet at fabulous, £29

Look out for World Cup WAG Offers

Many stores will be offering WAG discounts, so take the opportunity to treat yourself to some World Cup bargains. Is fabulous offering any discounts? You bet we are!

Enjoy a Caipirinha – The National drink of Brazil!

Drank throughout Brazil, the Caipirinha is made from Cacacha, a very sweet style of Rum made from sugarcane juice.

Ingredients: 1 Lime quartered, 2 Teaspoons of fine sugar, 60ml Cacacha.

To make: Muddle the lime wedges and sugar in the glass, fill with ice cubes, top up with Cacacha. Simple and delicious!

caprinhi-imageImage courtesy of Relax with Dax, read his fabulous Brazilian blog here

Support a Brazilian Children’s Charity!

SOS Children’s Villages is a fantastic charity which we were introduced to by Chavin. Money donated to this charity goes directly to children and villages giving them a better quality of life and a brighter future. Over the last ten years poverty in Brazil has decreased substantially and living standards have increased, however in the most deprived areas 97% of children still live without access to decent sewerage and are at high risk of life threatening diseases through infection. In rural areas one in three children are unable to read or write and in the cities young children are found without parental care often ending up on the streets, where they are vulnerable to gang violence, sexual abuse and drug addiction.

If you wont be going out to watch the football, why not spend that money on some Brazilian children’s futures.





Father’s Day Gifts: What’s his style?

Whether it’s for your Dad or the father of your children, Father’s Day is a great way to show the man in your life just how special he is. We’ve put together some top gifts for Father’s Day…


He loves classic style, classic cars and is always suited and booted for work. Fred Bennett Sterling Silver cufflinks, were £105 NOW £52.50. Ted Baker Watch, £125


He loves fashion and follows the latest trends, he’s the perfect shopping partner! Daisy Alpha Bracelet in Silver, £35. Daniel Wellington York Watch, £179


He’s quirky, loves a vintage aesthetic and loves wearing natural materials like leather and denim. Thomas Sabo Leather Bracelet, £39.95. Fossil Vintage Watch, £115.


He was hooked on ‘The Island’ and would love to holiday with Bear Grylls, his style is classic but always practical. Fred Bennett Traveller Set, was £95 NOW £47.50. Fossil Grant Multi-Function Watch, 145

Which style does your Dad have? Let us know in the comments below…

Personalise your Pandora: NEW Initials and Symbols

We’re loving Pandora’s new Summer additions this year, particularly their initials and symbols which are the perfect way to personalise your Pandora collection. If you’re in festival mode you’ll love the new symbols, from peace signs to hamsa hands, clovers to hearts – these are a great way to add some hedonism to your stack.

NEW Pandora Symbol Charms

NEW Pandora Symbol Charms. Call 0845 450 9334 to get yours.  £25 each

What better way to add a personal touch to your bracelet than with your initial or that of a loved one. We love these cute letters which are just £25 and make the perfect gift for a Pandora lover to add to their bracelet or necklace.

NEW Pandora Initials, £25 Call 0845 450 9334 to order yours with FREE UK delivery

NEW Pandora Initials, £25 Call 0845 450 9334 to order yours with FREE UK delivery

Will you be wearing your initial or a symbol on your Pandora this year? Let us know in the comments below…


As Seen in Print: Shop Jewellery from Elle Magazine at fabulous

Elle Magazine June 2014

Elle Magazine June 2014

Featuring: Thomas Sabo Palm Tree Pendant, £70.  Pandora Rings from £99. Story Saturn Earrings, £119. Folli Follie Necklaces, from £65.

Elle Magazine June 2014

Elle Magazine June 2014

Featuring: Thomas Sabo Karma Collection & The Pandora Spiritual Collection.



tropical numbered

  1. Sphere of Life Tempted Necklace
  2. Alex and Ani Apple of Abundance Bangle
  3. Nomination Watermelon, Cherries, Apple, Strawberry 
  4. Mirabelle Pineapple Necklace
  5. Mirabelle Apple Necklace
  6. Thomas Sabo Pineapple Charm
  7. Thomas Sabo Strawberry Earrings

#Getthelook Pineapple Paradise


Louche Ditta Dress; ASOS pumps; Topshop Bag; Fabulous jewellery

Alex and Ani Bangle of the Month: June Conservation



Each month, we will feature a different bangle with a different meaning, to inspire us all to examine different aspects of our lives – our health, our relationships, our finances, our state of mind, our environment – and see how we can change them for the better.

Tell us how you’re planning to change your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month – and one lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

reloved letters

If you’re a fabulous fan you’ll know that this year we have launched our reloved project. This initiative invites our customers to bring in their old, broken or unwanted jewellery to our stores, we’ll give you a 15% discount voucher for your donation and then we’ll get to work up-cycling your old jewellery.

We’ll be giving the old jewellery along with £1000 worth of jewellery from fabulous to design students at City of Bath College and Coventry University who will upcycle the jewellery in to new exciting creations. These new items of jewellery will be sold online where you make a suggested donation on our just giving page which goes directly to Breast Cancer Campaign. There’ll also be bundles of beads and jewellery parts that you can buy online to make your own ‘reloved’ creations, so if you love getting crafty then buy your bundle today and be sure to show us what you make.

In England we generate about 177 million tonnes of waste every year, things we throw out are filling landfill sites causing environmental damage, this year we decided that we’d launch our own project to do our bit for the environment.

Here’s five ways to recycle which will also save you or even make you money…

  • Recycle your old clothes. Gather together those items in your wardrobe that haven’t seen daylight for years and take them to a store that have a recycling initiative. Marks and Spencer and H&M both offer discounts for donated goods.
  • Recycle your old jewellery. Have a rummage through your jewellery box and bring your old, broken or unwanted jewellery to fabulous. We give you a 15% off voucher and anything that is made and sold from your old jewellery will be donated to Breast Cancer campaign.
  • Sell your old DVDs and books. There are lots of websites that will take your old DVDs and books and pay you for them. ziffit is fast and easy, you enter your barcodes and they’ll tell you how much you can earn. It’s a great way to make a bit of extra cash and is so much better than throwing them out.
  • Go to a boot sale. Toys, bric-a-brac, old gifts you’ve never used are taking up lots of space in your house. Have a clear out and make some holiday money from the sale. Boot sales are all over the country, and for a small price and an early start you can make yourself a nice profit by selling your items on to a new home. This is a helpful site to find your closest sale.
  • Sell your old mobile phones. We all have old mobile phones lying around the house. Send yours to envirofone, who refurbish your old phone and sell them to developing countries where they can play a major part in developing communication networks.

Keep an eye on our reloved page for information on reloved events as well as the latest information on our jewellery amnesty!

bangle-of-the-month-june-tileTell us how you’re planning to change your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month. One lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

Just let us know how your outlook on CONSERVATION will change this year. One lucky winner will be picked out on March 31st to win the Star of Venus bangle. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook or send us an email to #positivechange