NEW ARRIVAL: Beach Art Glass | Fabulous

It’s finally beginning to feel like summer, and for most of us that goes hand-in-hand with a trip to the sea-side. So we at fabulous are feeling very excited about our newest arrival: Beach Art Glass by award-winning artist Julie Fountain…

Trollbeads Lampworker Julie Foutain Beach Art Glass Designer Jewellery Silver

Fountain has been, for many years, an accredited lampworker for Trollbeads. Working from her studio in Malvern, England, she handcrafts each unique piece from molten glass with sterling silver details. Combining striking glasswork with beach-inspired designs, Beach Art Glass is the perfect statement collection for summer.

Trollbeads Lampworker Julie Foutain Beach Art Glass Designer Jewellery

Sand & Sea necklaces by Beach Art Glass, from £70

Although no two handmade pieces are alike, all pieces in the Sand & Sea collection perfectly capture the bright colours and eclectic beauty of the beach.

Trollbeads Lampworker Julie Foutain Beach Art Glass Designer Jewellery

With blue-green hues, the Deep Blue Sea collection captures a serene nautical beauty.

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Having a moment: Elephants

elephant header

One of our key trends for spring is Talisman, and an enduring talisman for love, friendship and memory is the elephant. Elephants are a unique animal in that they possess immense size and power, but are gentle, loving and loyal. One of the most intelligent animals, elephants have an incredible memory and can recognise friendly places and faces years later. In times of drought, the elephant remembers all of the water holes from which it has drank. When it has strayed from the herd, the elephant remembers how to find its own; hence the popular saying “an elephant never forgets”. For this reason the elephant talisman gives you the power of recall. In times of personal and spiritual drought, the elephant reminds you how to replenish your soul. In times of loneliness, the elephant reminds you where you can find your friends. In timeless of aimless wandering, the elephant reminds you of your goals and sets you on course to fulfill your aspirations.

elephant-silver necklace card.jpg

Mantra Silver Elephant Necklace, £20

Shop Mantra Elephant Necklace at fabulous!

elephant bracelets

Erin Elephant Bracelet by Jennifer Zeuner £89,  Elephant Silver Karma Bracelet by Daisy London £49

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Shop Elephant Silver Karma Bracelet by Daisy London at fabulous!

elephant earrings

Elephant Silver Studs by Thomas Sabo £25.95, Elephant Rose Gold Karma Studs by Daisy London £45

Shop Thomas Sabo elephant Studs at fabulous!

Shop Daisy London elephant Studs at fabulous!

elephant coins.jpg

Strong as an Elephant Medium Coin by Nikki Lissoni, £23-8

Shop Nikki Lissoni elephant coins at fabulous!

elephant trollbeads.jpg

ElephantCharm Bead by Trollbeads £25, Indian Elephant Charm Bead by Trollbeads £65

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Halloween Inspired Jewellery

Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic Samhain festival that marks the end of the summer and celebrates the final harvest and the onset of winter during October 31st and 2nd November. The eve of November is regarded as the most magical time during this period, known today as Halloween. The Celts believed that during this magical time, the divide between the living and the dead lifted during Samhain leaving ghosts and evil spirits to roam the earth. From this has come today’s iconic Halloween symbol’s of ghosts and ghouls, skulls, bats, pumpkins, witches and black cats!

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Skulls have been a big story in jewellery this year, with the Rebel trend of the Autumn and Winter featuring this icon heavily. This season ChloBo have used the Skull in their Lucky13 range, nestled on sparkling jet black onyx, you can choose from Silver or Gold which make a great Halloween addition and will carry you right through the winter.

ChloBo lucky 13 skulls

ChloBo skull bracelets, from £45

New to fabulous is this beautiful skull necklace from Tales from the Earth – featuring a gold skull hanging from a delicate silver chain. High fashion, bang on trend and a great gift!

Tales from the earth skull

Tales from the Earth skull necklace, £38

Thomas Sabo’s Autumn Winter Charm Club collection features sparkling black CZ bats and cats, which we absolutely love and charm favourites Nomination and Trollbeads also bring spiders and pumpkins to the table.

Halloween jewellery charms

Thomas Sabo, Nomination and Trollbeads halloween charms from £18

This year the dark arts and rebellious jewellery is a big fashion story, so a Halloween treat will turn into a season long investment piece.

Ruby Red: July Birthstone Jewellery

Official July BirthstoneRuby
Zodiac: Cancer and Leo


Ruby gets its name from the word Ruber, which is Latin for red. With its vibrant red colour, the Ruby is known as “the king of gems” and is considered to embody the values of courage, devotion, romance, integrity and happiness. Ruby is the red variety of Corundum and is one of the hardest gemstones, second only to the Diamond, making this gemstone very hard wearing and perfect for jewellery worn everyday. Deemed as the most precious gemstone in ancient Sanskrit writing, the Ruby has long been a favourite gem among those in power. With romantic associations, this gem is a popular choice for engagement rings as well as the traditional anniversary gift for a couple’s 15th and 40th year together.

Red is a power colour that ignites passion and confidence so July is the month to stand out. Swap your little black dress for a little red one, perfect your pout with bright red lippy and wear your best Dorothy slippers! Accessorise any summer’s outfit with red jewellery or a statement red watch! For the perfect birthday gift, take a look at our fabulous selection of birthstone jewellery for July here.

Here’s a pick of our favourite jewellery for July! Shop online at fabulous with free delivery:

 Spinning Ruby Birthstone Ring, £49

Trollbeads Ruby and Gold Glass Charm Bead, £260 

Lulu Guinness Red Lips Watch, £160

Tresor Paris 6mm Red Studs, £11

Thomas Sabo Pearl Bracelet and Ruby Charm, £51.90

Valentine’s Day: How to choose jewellery for your loved one

Jo Stroud, owner of fabulous

Jo Stroud, owner of fabulous

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon (14th February, gents) so we thought we’d speak to someone in the know about choosing jewellery – our very own Jo Stroud, owner of fabulous. Picking a Valentine’s present for that special someone in your life doesn’t need to be stressful, it should be an enjoyable experience, so we spoke to Jo to get some top tips when it comes to buying something extra special for your better half.

Where do I start?
Does your wife or girlfriend wear jewellery every day, or only for special occasions? Decide whether you want to get her something really special, or something she can wear every day to remind her of you.

Take the hint…
Listen out for hints, or go shopping together, pop into fabulous and see which designers she hovers around! Also, does she already have a charm bracelet – maybe Pandora, Nomination, Thomas Sabo or Trollbeads – or a favourite piece of jewellery? If she does, then let us know, we’ll be able to suggest additions to these pieces.

Steal…well, borrow
If there’s something she loves and keeps for very special occasions, bring it in. Any of our in-store team will be able to suggest other designers that share a similar look. Or if she has a favourite outfit, take a sneaky pic of it on your phone and bring that in – we can match something to it.

Rings can seem like the hardest item to get right, but it’s easy to get the right size. Simply slip one of her rings on your finger and note where it reaches. If you think you’ll forget, mark it with a pen! This will make it easy to pick the right ring size when you come into store.

Pay attention to the colours she wears – is her existing jewellery typically Silver or Gold? Or maybe Rose Gold, which is very fashionable right now? Are there any colours of clothes she wears more often? Or maybe a favourite handbag? Her hair colour, skin tone and outfits will all help us choose great jewellery to suit her, so show us a picture of her.

Be romantic…
Come armed with special dates, her favourite flower, the best holiday you’ve ever had, special people in her life. This will help us select initials, colours or items that will remind her of this special time. Think of how long you’ve been together too, or where you met, all perfect things to add that special sentiment to your present.

So come on guys, it’s really not that hard! We’re all here to help, in-store and on-line. Or if you want some friendly advice over the phone, give our web team a call on 0845 4509334 and we can point out some things on our website that she might like.

Looking for some inspiration? Head to our Valentine’s Day page for some ideas!

Make Valentine’s Day fabulous!

Fabulous Team Christmas Wish List – Gaia

Name: Gaia

Store: Bath

Position: Full Time


Where will you be this Christmas? I will be in Dorset with my family having a very merry Christmas.

What do you love most about Christmas? I have a big family so this is the time of year we can all get together and see each other, that for me is the best time.

Trollbeads Murano Charm

Trollbeads Murano Charm from

What’s on your Fabulous wish list?I love Trollbreads and ChloBo, I have a Trollbeads bracelet and I love the colours and the detail of the charms, I’d love some more

Chlobo bracelet from

Chlobo bracelet from

Murano glass charms and I also love their necklaces. I would be happy with anything from ChloBo as I love the whole range, it’s really wearable and stackable.

What else would you like to find under the tree? I love my music so vouchers and CDs are top of my list, maybe some skin care and body scrubs for some festive pampering and I could do with a nice scarf and gloves for winter.

Smell of Christmas: Definitely cant wait to smell my Mum and Dads cooking and the fire my Dad loves to make. I don’t mind the smell of mulled wine either!

Taste of Christmas: Wine, chocolate, mince pies.

Sounds of Christmas: It would be my Dad playing his guitar and my sister playing the piano. I love a good Christmas album.

Happy Halloween!

The spookiest time of the year is upon us as the days get shorter, darker and colder! Ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night, witches, black cats, pumpkins, and of course scary movies (Paranormal Activity 4 anyone!?) can mean only one thing, Halloween

Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic Samhain festival that marks the end of the summer and celebrates the final harvest and the onset of winter during October 31st and 2nd November. The eve of November is regarded as the most magical time during this period, known today as Halloween. The Celts believed that during this magical time, the divide between the living and the dead lifted during Samhain leaving ghosts and evil spirits to roam the earth. From this has come today’s iconic Halloween symbol’s of ghosts and ghouls, witches and black cats! It was a common Celtic belief that black cats were humans who had been changed as punishment for their evil deeds. As protection from these evil spirits, large bonfires were built for protection to ward off the dead.

The tradition of trick-or-treating also originates from the Samhain festival where on 2nd November, All Souls Day, the poor would walk from village to village begging for square pieces of bread known as ‘soul cakes’ in exchange for their promise to pray for the family’s dead relatives. This practice was later taken up by children who would visit the houses nearby and be given food and money, which in modern day means lot and lots of sweets!

Have fun with Nomination charms with scary faces and black stones; create a gothic edge with Pandora’s Rhodolite pieces; keep it edgy with skulls and crosses from ChloBo’s After Dark collection, or choose a Halloween favourite from Pumpkins to Spiders! Our favourite at the moment is Trollbeads Inner Glow charm bead that glows bright green in the dark!

Join us this week for an in-store pumpkin hunt with a chance to win some goodies and check out our favourite Halloween pieces in store and online!

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