Spring Trends: Spring in the City

Spring Trends: Spring in the City

For Spring in the City wear the vintage trend. You are free-spirited and cultured, love people watching and looking through vintage markets. All of your jewellery has a story behind it and you love finding new pieces to add to your collection.

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Spring Trends: Wind-down Weekends

Spring Trends: Wind-down Weekends

For laid-back lunches and wind-down weekends sport the laid-back luxe trend. You’re a spontaneous person and nothing makes you happier than hanging out with your nearest and dearest. You’re a natural host who loves luxurious understated clothes and jewellery, your look is polished, laid-back and accessorised perfectly.

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Spring Trends: The Social Season

Spring Trends: The Social Season

For this Spring’s Social Season channel your English Rose. You love getting dressed up and can’t wait to get your pretty pastels out of your wardrobe. You love chic jewellery with a personal, sentimental touch.

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Spring Trends: Festivals and Fiestas

Spring Trends: Festivals and Fiestas

For a summer full of fun wear the ‘festival’ trend. You love finding unusual clothes and accessories and are at your happiest surrounded by your friends with good music and a fun atmosphere. You love colourful jewellery with a handcrafted feel.

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The Next Big Thing!

It’s always important for us at fabulous to make sure we have our finger on the fashion pulse – so Laura from the Bath store updates us on what jewellery we should be wearing this season!

I recently had the chance to visit the NEC’s Jewellery Show at Spring Fair, which gave me the opportunity to look out for the Next Big Thing in jewellery!

There were a few stand out themes I spotted at the show, including the sheer amount of gold jewellery on display. After talking to the various brand managers they informed me that gold is becoming much more popular. Clogau in particular are a Welsh brand which uses elements of Welsh gold in their pieces, interestingly they are also linked to the Royal Family as Kate Middleton’s wedding band incorporates Welsh gold. This theme of royalty and ‘British-ness’ was very apparent during the show due to the upcoming jubilee and Olympics. Sphere of Life, Nomination and Pandora have all made reference to this in their new collections.

However, for me the Next Big Thing is jewellery inspired by different eras. Lola Rose for example introduced the use of bright purples, oranges and yellows in their collection which is very reminiscent of the 1960s. Also they had a lovely black cuff which was very art deco inspired! Swarovski also went for the 60s look – their new collection is called Sweet Sixties and includes big statement pieces and bold shapes. During the catwalk show the music was very 60s and the styling featured Mod-type shirts and monochrome. Jersey Pearl was another brand which used the 1920’s as inspiration, celebrating the elegant designs of a decade which saw pearls first come to the masses.

If you would like to get a closer look at jewellery through the decades then make sure you come along to the Girls’ Night Out fashion shows in March at either Leamington or Solihull!

And here’s some shots from the Catwalk Show we saw….

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Get Ready for the New Season!

After visiting The Jewellery Show at Spring Fair and Pure London exhibitions, fabulous gives you a run down of the latest jewellery trends….

The Bigger The Better!

All the fashion glossies have focussed on the trend for over sized earrings and necklaces, and you couldn’t miss them at the fairs we visited! Swarovski are definitely leading the way, and we were privileged enough to have a sneaky look at their “show” collection, which featured huge bauble shaped necklaces in summery coral colours. Oversized pearls were also prevalent and are a nod to this confident trend while maintaining a subtle look! Chunky cuffs and belcher link bracelets were part of a lot of desginers’ new collections too.


Yellow gold looks set to be headlining this Summer’s jewellery trends. It has been creeping up on us for a while, and  its popularity has increased despite the rise in gold prices. In order to keep costs down, designers are using gold plated materials, such as Daisy who use 24carat gold plate. Pieces plated in real gold look much more expensive that gold coloured metals used in fashion jewellery and the colour will really pop against your colourful Summer outfits. Rose gold is also proving to be more and more popular as does mixing gold colours with silver.


Designers have taken their inspiration for the new season from retro styling, and lots of pieces seemed to be throwbacks to the 1960s especially. Think optic shapes, bubble faced watches, and primary colours for long pendants and big rings. The geometric designs of the roaring 20s popped up at designers from Lucas Jack to Lola Rose, with simples lines and angular shapes in bright colours. Look out for our Girls’ Night Out fashion shows with the theme ‘Decades’ taking place in March!

Matte Finish

This was probably the most striking trend, which saw satin finish metals and matte semi-precious stones used to create chic and eye catching pieces. At Azuni beads made from lava rock have been used, which creates a very interesting combination next to the gold nuggets on their popular dainty bracelets. Plus, as part of his latest jewellery collection, Thomas Sabo has introduced a number of charms in a matte black finish, which have a gothic look. Pair these matte styles with Summer brights, as seen on the brand new Tresor Paris bracelets, to help them stand out even more!

Happy New Year – here’s to the new trends for Spring Summer 2012

Here’s a run down of the trends fabulous is tipping to be the top five for the new season!

  • Statement jewellery reigns supreme

A trend which continues from last season is statement jewellery; but think more sculptural and eye catching than last season to complement your Spring Summer wardrobe. Most importantly, Spring 2012 sees the return of the earring, with extravagant drop styles usually saved for the evening making a break for day time. They don’t have to be bold and obvious though, quirky details will make people do a double take! Dolce and Gabbana mixed pasta shapes with religious icons, Marni created colourful 60s optic styles and Salvatore Ferragamo had an ocean theme with seahorse shaped drop earrings. In short, the more unusual the better for this season.

  • Prints – be brave and embrace these!

According to Elle magazine, print is the season’s ultimate statement. The roots of this trend come fromLondon’s digitally talented designers, and it will no doubt feature heavily on the high street. Be brave and go for a print which resembles a collage of sharp vivid images like Mary Katrantzou’s flower and ribbon dress. Even though this lady has a difficult surname, it’s one you should learn off by heart, as she is one of THE up and coming British designers, and her dresses have been sported by many an A List celebrity on the red carpet since last fashion week. Don’t forget, prints don’t have to be garish, and can also come in muted or classic hues which can easily be incorporated into work wear.

  • Colours

It is Spring Summer, so you should have expected that bright colours would be a mainstay! Choose an outrageous colour and wear it with aplomb – either head to toe, see Mulberry’s neon yellow skirt suit and Rocksander Ilincic’s dresses – or as a fun accessory like the hot pink sports bag at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Make sure the material of your techni-colour item is as luxe as you can afford to keep it looking chic rather than fancy dress!

  • 1950s – the shapes and styles that broke the mould in the mid-century

We can guarantee you’ll see A LOT of Prada’s 1950s car inspired stilettos in the fashion glossies this season – the heels have little red break lights! A defined silhouette is key, so cinch in your waist – or bare it with an on trend crop top if you dare – and choose pastel colours which will maintain a modern edge. Accessorise with cat’s eye sunglasses, headscarves and ladylike gloves. Add petticoats to taste!

  • Ultra-girlie

This trend is all about the delicacy of the look; sheer flowing chiffons, silk slips, fragile lace, frivolous sequins, frills and simple lines. Broderie Anglaise is having a revival – see the Peter Pan collars by Louis Vuitton for the ultimate in girliness. However, the models at Alexander McQueen wore lace headdresses and at Nina Ricci sheer dresses, so although this trend is all about femininity, it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

Images from style.com