Class of 2016 Graduation Gift Guide

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Across the country, students are getting results and reaping the rewards for all their hard work! Whether you are looking for yourself, or a loved one, jewellery is the perfect precious gift to commemorate the time-honoured and proud ceremony of graduation.

Jewellery gifts are ideal for demonstrating how much you appreciate the efforts of someone dear to you, or for giving yourself a much-earned treat at the end of a long course. Exchanging matching friendship jewellery at your graduation ceremony or ball is a lovely way to honour the friendships you have made at university, and to show those friends that  your bond can withstand any changes graduation may bring.

We’ve hand-selected the perfect gifts to celebrate the wonderful rite of passage that is graduation:

grad cap bangles alex and ani.jpg

2016 Graduation Cap Bangle in Rafaelian Gold and Silver, £24 each

This sweet bangle by Alex and Ani features a cute mortarboard charm, and a hand-stamped tag with the year of your graduation. The perfect keepsake to cherish a day like no other.

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the giving keys.jpg

The Giving Keys necklaces, from £30

The Giving Keys are that rare combination of an inspiring concept and an amazing execution. Working with charities such as the LA Downtown Women’s Center to rehabilitate the homeless, The Giving Keys recycle old keys into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery stamped with a motivational word. Gift someone a DREAM or CREATE key to inspire them as they embark on life after graduation.

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mantra grad gifts.jpg

Compass Mantra Necklace in Silver £30, Explore.Dream.Discover Mantra Necklace in Rose Gold, £55

These inspiring necklaces by Mantra come with beautifully printed meaning cards, and are perfect for gifting your loved one both a beautiful piece of jewellery and a motivational mantra to guide them as they begin a new chapter in their life.

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Tales From The Earth The World Is Your Oyster Necklace, £76

Although graduation marks the close of one of life’s stages, it is always the beginning of something bigger. This beautiful sterling silver oyster necklace, with a globe motif on the reverse, is the perfect way to tell someone that they’re in store for great things.

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Travel Talismans: Gap Year Gift Guide

travel talisman header.jpg The academic year is drawing nearer to a close and, for the students among us, summer is finally almost here! For many of us, this spells travel. An increasing number of UK students are choosing to sate their wanderlust by spending their spare time abroad, working, volunteering or just soaking up other cultures and experiencing what the wide world has to offer. Research tells us that time abroad can help us develop in wonderful ways, with gap year students becoming more creative, outgoing and compassionate. Taking the leap, however, can be a daunting experience. Finding your place in an unfamiliar country doesn’t come without at least a little bit of loneliness or nervousness at first. We’ve compiled a fabulous collection of gap year gifts to reassure and encourage those who are about to commence their own gap year adventures:

For the dreamer…


travel mantras

Compass Mantra Necklace in Silver £30, Explore, Dream, Discover Necklace in Gold £55


For many, a gap year represents a once in a lifetime chance for adventure, personal development and freedom. These dainty and beautiful necklaces by Mantra are perfect for showing support to your loved one as they embark on fulfilling their biggest dreams.

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For the bohemian…

a+a boho bangles.jpg

Eye of Horus Bangle in Rafaelian Silver £24, Om Bangle in Rafaelian Gold £24

For those who dance to the beat of their own drum, a gap year can signal a break from conventionality and a chance to live authentically. For the one-of-a-kind traveler, Alex and Ani bangles, carefully chosen for their individual symbolism, are the perfect supportive gift. We especially love the Eye of Horus and Om bangles, which symbolise strength and oneness, respectively.

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For the explorer…


tfte collage

Silver Travel Necklace £80, Silver The World is Your Oyster Necklace £76


For some, the gap year presents a rare chance to experience other lands and cultures. For others, it is just the beginning of a much bigger adventure. These travel-themed necklaces by Tales From The Earth are the perfect supportive keepsake for the natural-born globetrotter, as they sail away from the harbour on what will be the first of many voyages.

Shop Tales From The Earth at fabulous!


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Halloween Inspired Jewellery

Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic Samhain festival that marks the end of the summer and celebrates the final harvest and the onset of winter during October 31st and 2nd November. The eve of November is regarded as the most magical time during this period, known today as Halloween. The Celts believed that during this magical time, the divide between the living and the dead lifted during Samhain leaving ghosts and evil spirits to roam the earth. From this has come today’s iconic Halloween symbol’s of ghosts and ghouls, skulls, bats, pumpkins, witches and black cats!

Shop halloween jewellery at fabulous

Skulls have been a big story in jewellery this year, with the Rebel trend of the Autumn and Winter featuring this icon heavily. This season ChloBo have used the Skull in their Lucky13 range, nestled on sparkling jet black onyx, you can choose from Silver or Gold which make a great Halloween addition and will carry you right through the winter.

ChloBo lucky 13 skulls

ChloBo skull bracelets, from £45

New to fabulous is this beautiful skull necklace from Tales from the Earth – featuring a gold skull hanging from a delicate silver chain. High fashion, bang on trend and a great gift!

Tales from the earth skull

Tales from the Earth skull necklace, £38

Thomas Sabo’s Autumn Winter Charm Club collection features sparkling black CZ bats and cats, which we absolutely love and charm favourites Nomination and Trollbeads also bring spiders and pumpkins to the table.

Halloween jewellery charms

Thomas Sabo, Nomination and Trollbeads halloween charms from £18

This year the dark arts and rebellious jewellery is a big fashion story, so a Halloween treat will turn into a season long investment piece.

Celebrating Exam Results: The Perfect Gifts

Name: Lucy Vincent
Store: Leamington Spa
Position: Work experience

After months of revision and hard work for exams, it seems to take forever for results day to come round! As the summer goes on, results day looms and you think back to each of your exams and hope that luck is on your side when you open that envelope!

At the beginning of the summer I arranged to do some work experience at Fabulous Leamington spa, which happened to fall on the same week as AS results day. The week has been going really well, so hopefully that’s a good sign for Thursday! I took a look through all of the beautiful jewellery at fabulous and picked some gift ideas for exam results day.

The Nikki Lissoni ‘Good Fortune’ coin is a must have for this occasion, perfect for that extra bit of luck that I just might need. I also love this Tales from The Earth bangle inscribed with ‘a lifetime of luck’.Image

Nikki Lissoni ‘Good Fortune’ set, £123 – Tales from the Earth bangle, £36

Nomination charm bracelets are a perfect way to create a collection of memories. I love the graduation cap, star and scroll and if you’re proud of your results why not add them to your Nomination bracelet!


Nomination Gold star, £16 – Nomination letter A, £18 – Nomination graduation cap, £18 – Nomination letter B, £16 – Nomination certificate, £18

Thomas Sabo also have great additions for your charm bracelet. You can add your grades to your bracelet or buy someone you’re proud of a star!


Thomas Sabo open star charm, £19.95 – Thomas Sabo letter A, £21.95 – Thomas Sabo star charm, £29.95

Everybody remembers their school days, exams and results day whether good or bad! In a few weeks I will start my final year at Southam College, finish my A levels and then go on to something or somewhere new – which as a lot of you may know, is quite nerve wracking. I love the idea of having jewellery that reminds me of this transition, it’s scary – but exciting!