Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day 2017

February has arrived, and there are only 7 days to go until Valentine’s Day! If you’re still stuck for gift ideas, don’t worry. Our fabulous gift guide comprises the most thoughtful Valentine’s gifts for every personality, and will be sure to score you top marks next week.


Is she a hopeless romantic? Has she been counting the days until Valentine’s, because she always has the perfect gift and date ideas? If she lives for classic romantic gestures, you can’t go wrong with hearts and flowers.


Tell her exactly how you feel with a Mantra, or give her a precious keepsake with a pendant by My Token of Love. Mixing rose tones and Swarovski crystals, the new Alex and Ani collection is perfect for those who love fairy-tale romance- there’s even a Frog Prince bangle! With their timeless and elegant designs, Thomas Sabo are always a favourite for a classic romantic gift.

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Hearts and flowers not her thing? Maybe she prefers gifts with deep meaning and thought behind them. Buy her a simple symbolic piece that she can wear all day, from the office to the yoga studio.


For a gift with deep thought behind it, respond to her psychic energy with a Daisy Chakra, or give her words to live by with a Mantra. Find a symbol that perfectly captures her with Alex and Ani’s Path of Symbols.

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Maybe she lives to look her best. Is one of her favourite things about  Valentine’s Day having an excuse to get dressed up? If her style is all-out glamorous, spoil her with something fabulous.

glamorous jewellery.jpg

With ornate filigree pendants and chiming pave sound balls, Engelsrufer lockets  are the perfect piece of sparkle with meaning. Nikki Lissoni lockets, in which each coin has its own meaning, also carry striking dazzling designs. Or, for something that’s as unique as she is, opt for precious gemstone piece by Soru– no two are the same.

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She might have told you not to do Valentine’s gifts this year- don’t fall for that trap! She maybe doesn’t want the fuss of old-fashioned romance, but a low-key and on trend piece of jewellery is perfect for her laid-back attitude.

edgy jewellery gifts.jpg

Steer clear of the big designer names this Valentine’s and look into up-and-coming designers with individually striking designs. A simple bangle by Life’s Journey, chosen to match her personality, is an ideal thoughtful gift. Find a Mantra that perfectly matches her free-spirited approach to life, or motivate her with a Giving Key.

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If you need some extra help, take our fabulous Valentine’s gift quiz!


September Birthstone: Sapphire

sapphire header.jpg

Happy birthday, September babies! Those born in September are lucky enough to have one of the most iconic birthstones: the sapphire.

The rarest and most valuable blue gemstone, sapphires have a timeless popularity owing to their velvety-blue hues and natural lustre. Their natural hardness is second only to diamonds, so sapphire jewellery is built to last and perfect for keepsakes.

  • Sapphires are associated with magic; in ancient times, they were considered a talisman of protection and, in the middle ages, it was thought that they could cure illnesses.
  • Sapphires are also traditionally connected to royalty, and featured on the engagement ring of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.
soru sapphire.jpg

Soru Sapphire Earrings £160, Necklace £140, Ring £110

These Sapphire pieces by Soru feature genuine sapphire gemstones set within Swarovski Crystals on gold vermeil. Each piece is hand-crafted and no two are alike. With its iridescent colour and unique appearance, we think this beautiful Soru collection definitely showcases the striking beauty of the sapphire.

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a+a sapphire.jpg

Alex and Ani Sapphire Birthstone Bangle £24

Personalise your Alex and Ani stack with a sapphire birthstone bangle.

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diamonfire sapphire set.jpg

Diamonfire Necklace £99, Ring £105

These beautiful pieces by Diamonfire feature exquisitely cut cubic zirconia stones in the dazzling vivid hue of a sapphire, on a platinum-plated silver setting.

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thomas sabo sapphire studs.jpg

Hand of Fatima Studs £60, Nazar Eye Studs £45

These dainty studs by Thomas Sabo feature sapphire-blue cubic zirconia stones at the centre of protective symbols. Both the Hand of Fatima and the Evil Eye are associated with good fortune in Middle Eastern traditions.

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Trend Alert: the Jet-Setter


Can you believe it’s August already? For those of us who love a bit of luxe, this means one thing: indulging in a well-earned break in a beautiful city! The very definition of cosmopolitan, the jet-setters among us are no strangers to weekend sojourns in hotels overlooking iconic sights- from the Colosseum to  the Great Pyramid. You are well-travelled social-butteflies, never content to stay put for long.

You’re drawn to the glamour of the marina, the glitz of a restaurant overlooking the city. You combine city breaks with luxe beach resorts, you’re well researched and know the hottest spots in town. Your holiday wardrobe is a combination of classic glamour with high end fashion, your accessories are carefully curated and picked for their wow factor.


Bering Milanese Blue Mesh £179, Bering Blue Mother of Pearl Ceramic Watch £199

The must-have accessory for any woman-about-town is a statement timepiece. We love the way these chic Bering watches play light off dark with their navy mother of pearl dials.

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soru pearls kate middleton.jpg

Soru Baroque Pearl Pendant £120, Soru Baroque Pearl Earrings £130, Soru Baroque pearl Ring £95

The striking baroque pearl collection by Soru made headlines earlier this summer when Kate Middleton showcased the earrings at Wimbledon. We love the beautiful combination of amazing natural pearls and sparkling Swarovski crystals.

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Rose Gold Purity Angel Whisperer Set £174, Angel Whisperer Wing Set £163

Engelsrufer (Angel Whisperer) is the perfect combination of timeless glamour and personal sentiment. The ornate filigree lockets encase a coloured chiming sound ball, imbued with a specific meaning. Each chime whispers to a corresponding guardian angel; keep your Angel Whisperer close to your heart to feel loved and protected wherever you are in the world.

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coeur de lion.jpg

Turquoise Geo Cube Bracelet £75, Turquoise Geo Cube Bracelet £149, Malachite Tuquoise Earrings £42

Add a touch of colour to your wardrobe with Coeur de Lion’s Geo Cube collection.  The collection features an innovative fusion of minimalist design and on-trend colour combinations. Made using state of the art techniques from light-refracting polaris, the sunshine plays off these colourful pieces beautifully, making them perfect for summer.

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June Birthstone: Pearl


Happy Birthday, June babies! Those born in June are lucky enough to have one of the most iconic birthstones: the pearl.

Pearls are unique in the world of gem-stones. They are the only birthstone formed organically by living sea creatures, and they require no faceting or polishing to reveal their iridescent natural beauty. Pearls are timeless in their popularity: La Peregrina (The Wanderer) is regarded as the most beautiful pearl in the world, and was passed from its discovery by an African Slave in the 1500s to European royalty such as Mary I to Napolean and, more recently, Elizabeth Taylor. Audrey Hepburn sealed their reputation as a contemporary style staple with her iconic pearl-collar-and-lbd ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  • Sometimes formed for years by oysters, pearls appropriately symbolise the wisdom that comes with age and experience.
  • Traditionally, they are also associated with beauty, innocence and purity.
soru pearl.jpg

Baroque Pearl Ring £95, Baroque Pearl Necklace £120, Baroque Pearl Earrings £130

This stunning set by SORU celebrates the innate beauty of pearls with naturally-formed baroque pearls set in Swarvoski crystals and gold vermeil. Each piece is completely unique. Shop SORU at fabulous!

sabo necklace.jpg

Glam&Soul Classic Mother of Pearl Necklace in Silver £80, and Rose Gold £150

These elegant necklaces by Thomas Sabo play perfectly off the classic beauty of pearls, with a simple, chic and understated design. Shop Thomas Sabo at fabulous!

tear of heaven silver

Engelsrufer Tear of Heaven Locket £99

We love this striking locket by Engelsrufer, which is inspired by the natural journey of the pearl. The nacre-style sound ball encased in the locket has its own individual chime and is designed to bring calm and clarity to your day. Shop Engelsrufer at fabulous!

jersey pearl.jpg

Jersey Pearl Round Pearl Necklace £85-139

These beautiful string necklaces by Jersey Pearl combine the highest quality fresh-water pearls with a timeless string design, and so are perfect for bringing Audrey Hepburn’s quintessential 1960s look into the present! Shop Jersey Pearl at fabulous!

nikki pearls.jpg

33mm Everlasting Star Coin in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold by Nikki Lissoni £93-8

This sparkling coin by Nikki Lissoni features an imitation pearl at the centre of a filigree star design. We love how the chic colour combinations and striking motif bring a contemporary flourish to classic pearlescence. Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!

May Birthstone: Emerald

Happy birthday, May babies! Those born in May are lucky enough to have emerald as their birthstone, which carries the vivid green hues of spring and radiates a beautiful bright tone. They are traditionally associated with Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Emerald is believed to promote self esteem, invigorate passion and inspire mental strength.

alex and ani emerald.jpg

May Birthstone Bangle by Alex and Ani, £24 each

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Emerald Single Ring by Soru, £110

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sabo emerald

May Birthstone Charm by Thomas Sabo, £35

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Red Carpet Looks: Baftas 2016

Following on from the trends on the Golden Globes red carpet, stars at the  69th British Academy Film Awards embraced all-out glamour with  a particular focus on statement earrings.


cate swarovski

Cherie Drop Earrings by Swarovski (£75)

Cate Blanchett, who was nominated in the Best Leading Actress category for her role in Carol, dazzled fans with stunning diamond drop earrings by Tiffany&Co. We love the Cherie Drop earrings by Swarovski, which rival Cate’s with their delicate sparkle, pastel hues and drop formation. Shop them at fabulous


Emerald Earrings by Soru (£160)

Both Isla Fisher and Julianne Moore made waves by contrasting their iconic red locks with emerald earrings. The striking green gem is famously the stone of Venus, goddess of beauty and love, and is featured to amazing effect in these Emerald Earrings by Soru. Shop them at fabulous!

kate winslet dinny hall

Silver Almaz Drop Earrings by Dinny Hall (£345)

Kate Winslet, who won in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in Steve Jobs, also opted for diamond drop earrings. We love these Silver Almaz Drop Earrings by Dinny Hall, which mirror the unusual chandelier shape of Kate’s. Shop them at fabulous!

emilia laura ear jackets

Above: Attract Earring Jackets by Swarovski (£69), Below: Silver Stud Ear Jackets by Thomas Sabo (£115)

Both Emilia Clarke and Laura Whitmore brought an edge to their gowns by accessorizing with ear jackets. We love the combination of classic sparkle and on-trend style that these ear jackets by Swarovski and Thomas Sabo have. Shop them at fabulous!

Trend Alert: Statement Earrings

statement earring collage

Our favourite trend this season? Statement earrings! From the runway to the red carpet, the most stylish of celebs are ditching the simple stud for elaborate and striking earrings. Bold earrings are a low maintenance accessory to add some colour and texture to your look, and they frame the face beautifully.


(L-R) Earrings in Baroque Pearl, Ruby and Emerald by Soru: £130-60

These one-of-a-kind earrings by Soru feature genuine precious stones, Swarovski crystals and 18ct gold vermeil: they are the perfect way to add all-out glamour to any ensemble! Shop them at fabulous!

thomas sabo earrings

(L-R) Maharani Pink Drops, Blue Corundum and Silver Earrings and Maharani Milky Aqua Quartz Drops by Thomas Sabo: £135-235

These stunning earrings by Thomas Sabo feature semi-precious stones to add some subtle colour to your look, and a dusting of Cubic Zirconia to hint at classic Hollywood sparkle. Shop them at fabulous