Mother’s Day 2017: Gift Guide

Somehow there are only 4 days left until Mother’s Day! But if you’re still undecided on a gift, don’t worry. We have selected special gifts for every taste, meaning you’re sure to be the favourite this year!

md necklace in silver

Infinity Heart Necklace, £70

The Heart Infinity necklace by Thomas Sabo symbolises eternal love and is the perfect keepsake to celebrate the unbreakable bond between a mother and child.

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md doublelink.jpg

Mum Double Link, £36

Begin or add to her Nomination collection. The composable Italian bracelet range is the perfect example of jewellery that tells a story, and the new double link designs are a wonderful personal gift for Mother’s Day.

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light the way

Light the Way Pendant £50, Light the Way Studs £30

Life’s Journey is a collection that celebrates the individual path that each wearer follows. Light the Way describes those who lead and nurture others, letting nothing stand in their way. They are resourceful, unwavering and devoted to others.

The perfect gift to show appreciation to a mother who has always put her children first.

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Engelsrufer (Angel Whisperer) is the perfect combination of timeless beauty and personal sentiment. The ornate filigree lockets encase a coloured chiming sound ball, imbued with a specific meaning. This purity set perfectly reflects the purity of a mother’s unconditional love.

Each chime whispers to a corresponding guardian angel; keep your Angel Whisperer close to your heart to feel loved and protected wherever you are in the world.

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md mantras.jpg

Mantra necklaces, from £20

Tell her exactly how you feel with a Mantra. The flower and rose necklaces, with their accompanying mantras, are the perfect way to show appreciation for years of support and love. The perfect reminder of love that she can wear everyday.

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mom rg

Alex and Ani bangle, £24

The Because I Love You collection by Alex and Ani features beautiful botanical engravings; the Mom bangle has a peony design that symbolises the generosity and heroism of a mother’s love.

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Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

March is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking Mother’s Day gifts! With just ten days to go, it can feel like the time to choose the perfect present is running out. Luckily, we have hand-selected the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for every taste, meaning you are sure to be Mum’s favourite this year. If you’re unsure which gift would be perfect for your mum, take our fabulous quiz!

The Fashionista


Your mum loves a treat and is no stranger to being spoiled! You admire her so much for her grace, poise and classic style. She is both a mother and a best friend to you, and the bond between the two of you is unbreakable. You want a gift that expresses how deeply rooted your love is, and to say thank you for all the deep talks about life, love and, of course, fashion!  This Mother’s Day, spoil her with Thomas Sabo’s Infinity Heart!

The Sweetheart


Your mum is a ray of sunshine! Eternally sweet, patient and kind, she is the first person you go to with your problems and she never fails to leave with smiling. Her joie de vivre is infectious and you want a gift that reflects her amazing personality. This Mother’s Day, spoil her with an iconic necklace by Daisy!

The Nurturer


Your mum is an emotional rock! She has seen you through thick and thin, and has always stood by your side. You want a gift to say thank you for all the years of support. This Mother’s Day, spoil her with the Silver Rose necklace and earrings by Mantra.

The Bohemian


You and your mum have an incredibly meaningful bond. She taught you the virtues of being adventurous, bold and open-minded. You want a gift that shows how much you love and admire her courageous spirit. This Mother’s Day, spoil her with Alex and Ani’s Because I Love You, Mom bangle.


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Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to show your Mum how much you love her? Take a look at our selection of Mother’s Day gifts at fabulous!

What wisdom has your Mother passed on to you? We’d love to hear in the comments box below…

Top 5 Jewellery Gifts for Mother’s Day


Our top picks for Mother’s Day this year are…

1. Thomas Sabo Special Edition Locket, £159

2. Lily & Lotty Scripted Mum Necklace with 2 Pendants, £85

3. Kate Hamilton Hunter Necklaces, from £37.99

4. Tales from the Earth I Love You Mum Bangle, £45

5. Pandora Mother’s Day Charms, from £30


NEW Pandora Mother’s Day Collection

Mother’s day falls on Sunday 15th March and to celebrate the special occasion Pandora have a fabulous new collection to celebrate the inspirational women in our lives.

The limited addition engraved ‘always in my heart’ bangle (590722cz) costs £75; made from Sterling Silver with a glistening Cubic Zirconia clasp. There is also an exquisite limited addition ‘always in my heart’ charm (791523cz) with 14ct and clear Cubic Zirconia detailing, with the message ‘always in my heart’ delicately engraved at the cost of £65.


791523CZThe classic sparkling heart gift set (B800056) is also limited edition, comprising of stunning clear Cubic Zirconia heart earrings and necklace. The set includes a small Pandora jewellery box and costs £99; this flawless set is the perfect gift to make your Mum feel truly special. The clear Cubic Zirconia heart ring is the icing on the cake to this elegant set, at the cost of £55.


A new addition to the Rose collection, the lovely message ‘First my mother, forever my friend’ (791528en40) has an embellished rose on either side of the charm, symbolising love and beauty and costs £55.


In addition to our new Mother’s Day collection, we have some lovely personal charms for a shared gift, the ‘from us’ Sterling Silver charm is only £35 (791517) and has a boy and girl arm in arm, with the message of ‘happy mother’s day’, perfect for your mother to remember the occasion of the charm!


The ‘we love you’ charm costs £60 (791532) with a desirable 14ct Gold heart in the middle of the message, surrounded by Sterling Silver in the shape of a book.


The ‘motherly love openwork’ charm (791519) is made from Sterling Silver and would look perfect with the limited edition bangle. The new charm has striking openwork with hearts and also spells Mum in the middle costing only £30. The ‘Mother’s pride’ (791520cz) spacer is also from the new collection, consisting of clear Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver, for only £25.


The ‘sweet mother’ dangle charm (791285CZ) is from the previous collection and contains Cubic Zirconia and pink Enamel on the inside of the charm. On the outside it contains flourishing flowers, embedded on the charm and costs £55. It makes a beautiful Mother’s Day gift and would also look wonderful on a necklace.


Will you be buying your Mum Pandora for Mother’s Day? Let us know what’s on your gift list in the comments below…

Inspired by Motherhood: Dolce and Gabbana AW15/16 Collection

There’s a special relationship between Motherhood and fashion, we all grow up idolising our Mum’s make up collection, high heels or shimmering jewellery, dreaming of looking just like her one day. We have memories of the jangle of bangles, trying on engagement rings or our first shopping trip together. Like jewellery, fashion becomes something handed down through generations, special timeless pieces which take pride of place in our wardrobes, our style is often an evolution of our Mother’s and we look forward to passing it on to the next generation.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we had to feature Dolce and Gabbana’s Autumn Winter collection for 2015/16, a show like no other, where Mothers and babies took to the catwalk in matching outfits, expectant Mothers sashed stylishly down the runway and dresses were adorned with the cute doodles of the designer’s nephews and nieces.


dg2 dg3 dg4 dg5dg 1

We love this celebration of fashion and family, what are your favourite sartorial Mother Daughter memories?

See the full Dolce & Gabbana collection here 

Perfect for my Mum; Beth

This Mother’s Day I want to treat my mom, Sally, to something special to show her just how much she means to me. I’ve picked five items that I think will appeal to her personal taste the most. Each beautiful piece of jewellery holds a story linking to my mum and my reasons for choosing them – Beth x

photo 5(4)

Thomas Sabo Locket Heart Pendant, £250

Thomas Sabo Heart Locket

This locket from the Glam and Soul collection is the perfect gift to show the bond between a mother and daughter. The larger rose gold heart represents the mum, lovingly encasing the smaller silver heart that represents the daughter. In return the silver heart can be seen as an organ physically linked to the rose gold heart. My mum will hold my heart for a lifetime so this Thomas Sabo pendant is a fabulous interpretation of my love towards her. Although I’ve outgrown some aspects of childhood, I will never outgrow her heart.

“This is lovely! I’m a massive fan of rose gold; I love its warm rich tones. The encased heart not only reminds me of carrying Beth; but also of how now as I watch her grow into a beautiful, independent young woman, she remains forever close to my heart.” – Sally

Mother's Day jewellery

Folli Follie Thin champagne Ring (£45), Tales from the Earth Hearts Bracelet (£50)

Folli Follie Match Dazzle Ring

My mum tends to favour Rose gold over all other metals -so this ring fits in perfectly with her style. It can be worn separately or stacked with another rose gold ring which I bought her before for Christmas. It dazzles like the stars which symbolises my aspiration to follow in her footsteps. I will always look up to her.

“Bethany really knows my taste. This is a stunning ring that would complement the one she bought me for Christmas. Folli Follie means crazy, crazy and this fun style embodies how we both like to look on the positive side of life. It is also a Greek brand and the Greek islands are one of my favourite places where I have fond memories of family holidays. The full circle of stones would catch the light beautifully and be a constant reminder of how Beth’s smile lights up my day.” – Sally

Tales From the Earth Hearts Bracelet 

This Tales from the Earth bracelet represents an eternal love that is inseparable. Our hearts will forever be interlinked and when worn, we will always be connected. The solid heart shows that my mum’s love will always keep me whole.

“Another beautiful piece. I love the organic feel of this bracelet with the differing size hearts. It reminds me of linked arms and the friendship that Beth and I share. The large heart is a real focal point and the continuous circle represents how, whatever path Beth chooses and wherever she is, we will always be closely linked together.” – Sally

Mother's Day jewellery

Ted Baker Chronograph (£145), Alex and Ani Because I Love you (£24)

Ted Baker Rose Gold Watch 

A watch is a great piece to give my mum for Mother’s day. She would be able to wear this Ted Baker watch every day and would benefit her keeping track of her busy schedule at work. It could represent time being an important aspect of our bond to one another and our memories we have. The times we’ve cherished together are precious and I’m grateful that there will be more to come!

“I love this rose gold watch, it could be worn with so many outfits and would look equally good for work as well as worn casually. It would be a great reminder of how we need to make time for the most important things in life – family and to sometimes stop rushing around but to enjoy the moment. Whenever I look at this it would bring a smile to my face and make me think of Beth” – Sally

Alex and Ani Because I love you, Daughter

This bracelet represents our love being limitless. My mum would literally be able to wear her ‘heart on her sleeve’ with this bangle and show what she means to me. The daisy represents a pure love felt towards one another. My mum has helped my blossom into the person I am today so this bracelet is a token of my gratitude.

“This piece speaks for itself. I love the way it looks like a collector’s piece with the different charms. The flower reminds me of the summer, my favourite time of the year and of so many precious holidays which I have shared with Beth.  Sometimes less is more and the words ‘because I love you’ are always enough.” – Sally