Colourful Jewellery QUIZ: What new jewellery brand should you try?

What’s the occasion?
a) I’ve got a wedding coming up and I need something intricate and bright
b) I’m looking for a way to brighten up my outfit everyday
c) I’m looking for something casual to brighten up my look
d) I’m going to a festival and want a statement piece

What materials do you like?
a) I’d like to add some enamel to my jewellery box
b) I like fabrics and leather in lots of colours
c) I love leather and metal, I’m a bit of a rock chick
d) I love stones, big, bright stones

Which destination would you like to be jetting off to?
a) The Caribbean, for the bright colours and beautiful flowers
b) Paris, so I could plan hundreds of outfits
c) Ibiza, chilling by a pool enjoying the music
d) Rio, partying in style

What are you looking for?
a) Something intricate and unusual
b) Something I can collect and is versatile
c) Something I can throw on that will change an outfit
d) A real statement which will draw attention!

What’s your style?
a) I’m quite a classic dresser but I like to wow with accessories
b) I think through my outfits and love the co-ord trend
c) I’m pretty boho and like to wear lots of jewellery
d) I’m laid-back but will usually pick one thing to plan my outfit around

Mostly A

Lauren G Adams is for you. Bright enamel bangles in lots of designs and colours perfect for stacking or wearing alone, these beautiful bangles and rings will certainly get you lots of attention. Huge in America and the Caribbean, fabulous are the first UK stockists and they’re already flying off the shelves!

lauren g social 1

Mostly B

Moog is for you! This genius watch concept can create hundreds of different watches, one to suit every outfit. Buy a watch face and then add as many straps as you like to your collection, you can change your strap for every occasion. Moog is exclusive to fabulous in the UK, so you’ll be the first to wear it!

moog watches

Mostly C

Qudo is for you! These fabulous bracelets are available in a wide range of colours and you can choose between Silver, Rose Gold or Gold. The magnetic clasp make them quick and easy to put on and you can choose a colour to suit your style, colouring or outfit.


Mostly D

Pranella is for you! This Geordie Mother and Daughter duo have created these fabulous statement necklaces. In long lengths (perfect for the Summer) the necklaces are strung with beautiful semi-precious stones and feature boho charms, the perfect festival accessory or a great way to add a focal point to your holiday wardrobe!


Fabulous now stock MOOG watches!

New to our watch collection this season is Moog, a brilliant French brand with interchangeable straps. This fabulously innovative watch collection has over 70 leather straps in an array of colours in a mix of patterns and textures that you can easily switch to style your watch for every occasion!

Copy of Moog WatchesDesigner Hovel Chenorhokian creates beautiful watch dials in stainless steel with mother-of-pearl, gold plating and bold, Art Deco-inspired numbers and classic stone-set dials. These beautiful dials can then be worn with as many different straps as you like to match your moog to your mood!

Copy of colours2
Moog watch straps slide easily through the back of your moog dial and are closed with a classic buckle design, making it easy to change the look of your watch to match any outfit, every season.

Check out our full Moog collection in-store or online and start your collection today!