Motivation Monday: 5 ways to beat the blues!

According to The Telegraph, Blue Monday was in fact a marketing ploy from a holiday company, based on weather conditions and debt levels they believed that the third Monday in January was the most depressing. We can all agree that Mondays aren’t always the best day, but with the added pressure of New Year’s Resolutions slipping by the wayside this time of year can feel a bit blue. So here’s 5 things to do today that will cheer you up!

  1. Get some fresh air

Don’t be tempted to stay couped up in your office or front room. It may be cold outside but some fresh air really blows out the cobwebs, so venture out for a walk wrapped up warm and really take in your surroundings. Don’t rush, just take in the beauty around you, you’ll instantly feel upbeat.


2. Plan a lovely meal

Think of your favourite winter warmer, or plan a huge healthy salad that you’ve been wanting to try out. Head to your local grocer and butcher in your lunch break and buy some lovely ingredients, you’ll be supporting local businesses, will get wonderful ingredients and can look forward to a great meal tonight. Whoever gets to enjoy the meal with you will be made up!


3. Do some exercise

Was it your New Years Resolution and has started to fall by the wayside? Don’t let it! Go for a walk or a jog, do an exercise video at home or if you joined the gym go and use it. Ten minutes will be enough to get your pulse racing and to feel great, all of those endorphins will banish the Monday blues (and you can be smug on Tuesday).


4. Treat Yourself

January is often a quiet month, we’re all feeling the pinch after Christmas and early paydays so it can feel like a long time with no treats. Set yourself a small budget and treat yourself. If it’s under £10, Lauren G Adams rings are now just £9, Daisy Alpha Jewellery starts at just £10.50 and Thomas Sabo Letter Pendants are only £9.98


5. Read a book in bed

Research shows that we need between six and nine hours sleep a night, we also know that tech should be banished from the bedroom. The blue light emitting from phones and tablets stops us from feeling sleepy, so before you know it you’re awake way past your bedtime and all you’ve accomplished is a social media catch up! So head to bed an hour earlier than normal, banish your phone and escape in a good book.


What are your top tips for banishing the blues? We’d love to know in the comments below…

Rhian’s January Sale Edit

Our sale this New Year really is fabulous! We have some truly iconic brands up to 70% off, which make them a really great style investment for 2016. It’s also a great time to pick up jewellery for friends or relatives for upcoming Birthdays or celebrations, you can shop within your budget but get a lot more, coming away with some really beautiful sentimental pieces of jewellery which they’ll adore. Here’s my pick of the fabulous sale…

jennifer zeuner 1

Jennifer Zeuner is huge in America and favoured by all the A-list stars. The jewellery is classic with modern design twists featuring beautiful protection talismans. The perfect layering look (which becomes extremely affordable in the sale) made from Sterling Silver with precious stone elements. I can’t resist treating myself to one of these pieces, this Evil Eye necklace was £116 and is now £34.80, the classic Chelsea bar bracelet in Rose Gold (below) was £124 and is now £37.20!

jennifer zeuner 2

This Chelsea Bar Bracelet is a great example of a piece of jewellery to buy and keep for a special present. You could have it engraved for a special Birthday or anniversary, or in my case, just keep it.

hipename back

Seeing the line up for Coachella being announced has got me dreaming of Californian Summers and all the fabulous jewellery to go with it. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m already thinking about my next holiday and Hipanema is the perfect accessory, I love to pile my bracelets up, but if I’m on holiday or at a big event I love the ease of one big statement cuff with the appearance of lots of layers.


They’re now 70% off, so instead of £69, they’re now £20.70 – take a look at their instagram for some serious life envy and a dose of sunshine.

lauren g chlobo

I love stacking rings; these Lauren G Adams rings come in a rainbow of colours but for Autumn/Winter I love them in glossy Black/White/Silver and Gold – they look great with the ChloBo Arrow midi ring too, plus, they’re all in the sale! Lauren G Adams rings are now only £8.40 and the ChloBo midi rings are 50% off, you can shop ChloBo rings here.

You can browse the fabulous SALE here, what will you be treating yourself to this January?


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Our Top 5 Friends Thanksgiving Moments!

When we were growing up Friends introduced us to Thanksgiving, the parade, American football and Monica’s infamous Turkey sandwiches. So we’ve put together our favourite Thanksgiving episodes, enjoy!

1. The One with the Rumor

Yep, it’s the one with Brad Pitt! When he and Rachel were an item this had to be the most hyped episode in the history of friends.

2. The One with All the Thanksgivings

Cue fat suits and prosthetic noses, we love the flashbacks in this episode and of course the romantic ending!

3. The One With The Football

Another classic from the early days of friends, the perfect reminder of what is important over the holidays, friends and family!

4. The One Where Ross Got High

So many funny moments, we particularly enjoy Rachel’s beef trifle and Monica’s Mum putting everyone in their place.

5. The One with the Late Thanksgiving

The last ever Thanksgiving episode of the series, with a very emotional ending!

Which was your favourite Thanksgiving episode? Let us know in the comments below…



5 fabulous DIY Thanksgiving Table Settings

This year at fabulous we welcomed some amazing American brands, so we’re celebrating Thanksgiving by putting together our ultimate guide to the holiday season in America. Today, we’ve scoured Pinterest to select our favourite table decorations for your Thanksgiving feast!

1. Pine Cones

Keep it simple and rustic with this fabulous idea. Simply saw a slim channel in the pine cone and slip a personalised note or name tag in the gap, co-ordinate with long slim candles in neutral shades for a chic look.

pine-cone-table-settings2. Feathers

Add a bit of glitz to the proceedings with these beautiful dipped feathers. Simply paint PVA glue on to the tips of feathers and dip them in gold or silver glitter. Simple yet stunning.


3. Rosemary Sprigs

We love the idea of adding herbs to your table settings, these simple cards feature a sprig of fragrant Rosemary adding a warming scent to your table. Simple and elegant, add festive candles for an array of nostalgic scents.

rosemary-table-settings4. Orange and Cloves

This traditional Christmas decoration is a great Thanksgiving addition, get creative with your designs with initials, hearts or classic stripes. This is another great way to bring warming scents to the table.

orange-clove-table-settings5. Leaves

We love this downloadable template of leaf cutouts which you can customise with names. For an added wintery touch char the sides with a candle for a browned edge, or spray them gold. You can add acorns or pine cones, or simply place them on a white napkin.


Are you having a Thanksgiving feast this year? Which decorations will you make? Let us know in the comments box below!



Images courtesy of Pinterest, click the images to see their original source.

Colourful Jewellery QUIZ: What new jewellery brand should you try?

What’s the occasion?
a) I’ve got a wedding coming up and I need something intricate and bright
b) I’m looking for a way to brighten up my outfit everyday
c) I’m looking for something casual to brighten up my look
d) I’m going to a festival and want a statement piece

What materials do you like?
a) I’d like to add some enamel to my jewellery box
b) I like fabrics and leather in lots of colours
c) I love leather and metal, I’m a bit of a rock chick
d) I love stones, big, bright stones

Which destination would you like to be jetting off to?
a) The Caribbean, for the bright colours and beautiful flowers
b) Paris, so I could plan hundreds of outfits
c) Ibiza, chilling by a pool enjoying the music
d) Rio, partying in style

What are you looking for?
a) Something intricate and unusual
b) Something I can collect and is versatile
c) Something I can throw on that will change an outfit
d) A real statement which will draw attention!

What’s your style?
a) I’m quite a classic dresser but I like to wow with accessories
b) I think through my outfits and love the co-ord trend
c) I’m pretty boho and like to wear lots of jewellery
d) I’m laid-back but will usually pick one thing to plan my outfit around

Mostly A

Lauren G Adams is for you. Bright enamel bangles in lots of designs and colours perfect for stacking or wearing alone, these beautiful bangles and rings will certainly get you lots of attention. Huge in America and the Caribbean, fabulous are the first UK stockists and they’re already flying off the shelves!

lauren g social 1

Mostly B

Moog is for you! This genius watch concept can create hundreds of different watches, one to suit every outfit. Buy a watch face and then add as many straps as you like to your collection, you can change your strap for every occasion. Moog is exclusive to fabulous in the UK, so you’ll be the first to wear it!

moog watches

Mostly C

Qudo is for you! These fabulous bracelets are available in a wide range of colours and you can choose between Silver, Rose Gold or Gold. The magnetic clasp make them quick and easy to put on and you can choose a colour to suit your style, colouring or outfit.


Mostly D

Pranella is for you! This Geordie Mother and Daughter duo have created these fabulous statement necklaces. In long lengths (perfect for the Summer) the necklaces are strung with beautiful semi-precious stones and feature boho charms, the perfect festival accessory or a great way to add a focal point to your holiday wardrobe!