Ready-to-wrap Gifts!

Are you leaving the big gift until last? Well, here are some suggestions that will make her Christmas truly fabulous! Many of our collections can be customised, which can be a daunting prospect when choosing a gift. So, we’ve put together some perfect sets to start you off. She’ll have a fabulous gift to open on the day, and you can add to it on future special occasions: the perfect sentimental gift!


A fabulous favourite this year, the Engelsrufer range is both beautiful and meaningful. The central chiming ball calls your Guardian Angel to your side offering you protection. We’ve put together this set combining the most popular elements. She can then add different chiming balls, wear the wing or Angel Whisperer on their own or combine for a glamorous look. Rose Gold Sparkle Set, £294, other Engelsrufer sets start at £118.

For the romantic at heart, Cherish by Dower & Hall is the perfect gift. These ornate glass lockets house treasures, which you can choose to represent different moments in your life, from the first time you met to the birth of your child. Hugely popular with Pandora fans, this I Love You locket is £235, other sets start at £157


If bracelets are more up her street, then this Alex and Ani set is the perfect gift for her this Christmas. Alex and Ani are huge in America, we loved their stacking concept and have now stocked the brand for 2 years championing it here in the UK. This set comes with a free bangle of your choice, just write in the checkout which one you’d like to add to her stack. Alex and Ani Holiday set, £84 available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

Which one would she love? Have a fabulous Christmas – wish, love, sparkle! x

Give her your heart for Valentine’s Day!

I carry your heart with me, (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it (anywhere i go, you go, my dear)
1. Otis Jaxon Locket £75
2. Daisy Alpha Ring £37
3. Tresor Paris Studs £79
4. Jennifer Zeuner Marissa Necklace £130
5. Nikki Lissoni Heart Coins from £28
6. Jennifer Zeuner Mia Bracelet £100

Top 5 Romantic and Personal Gift Ideas for Christmas

Jewellery is the perfect romantic gift at Christmas; something she can wear everyday which will remind her of you. It can be challenging to pick something truly personal, but with our composeable brands the hard part is done for you, you just choose the element which will make it truly unique to her and get you lots of brownie points!


Nikki Lissoni Necklace from fabulous

1. Nikki Lissoni

If she’s a jewellery fan she may well already have a Nikki Lissoni necklace. The concept is simple, you buy a chain, a carrier and then you can change the coins to create a different necklace. If she already has the necklace, add a new coin, or introduce a second carrier for lots of new designs. If she hasn’t got one yet, choose from our pre-made sets, the perfect starting place. If you really want to spoil her, add a bangle and charm for lots of styling options.


Scripted by Lily and Lotty at fabulous

2. Scripted by Lily and Lotty

These fabulous necklaces are our favourite new romantic addition. It is so easy to make a truly personal gift that she’ll love. All you have to do is choose your words, whether it’s I Love You or a pet name, if you’re looking for extra brownie points order the plain pendants which you can have engraved or hand stamped (fabulous doesn’t provide this service but your local engraver will be able to help).


Otis Jaxon from fabulous

3. Otis Jaxon

We have been searching for the perfect lockets for fabulous which is when we found Otis Jaxon. These fabulous lockets are made of glass which allows you to create a truly personal piece of jewellery. Take a look at our blog of ‘8 Romantic ways to fill your Glass Locket’ for inspiration.


Alex and Ani from fabulous

4. Alex and Ani

We launched Alex and Ani in January this year and it is one of our most popular designer brands online. Alex and Ani bangles all come with a meaning, from good luck to friendship, loyalty to fate, so you can build a stack solely around her personality and outlook on life. You can use this to find the perfect bangles by meaning.


Karma Beads from fabulous

5. Thomas Sabo Karma

Thomas Sabo introduced the Karma collection in March this year, their new charm concept which is a much more fashion forward look. Buy the Karma bracelet and get a free stone bead worth £16.95 and add beads in colours or stones you know she’ll love for a personal touch. The beads can also be worn on necklaces and hoop earrings which make great add on gifts.

If you’re still not sure, give us a call on 0845 450 9334 to speak to one of our personal shoppers. If you can describe her and what she likes then we’ll be able to find you the perfect personal present.

8 Romantic ways to fill your Glass Locket

Our Christmas catalogue launched this week and it’s full of fabulous ideas for Christmas. This year we’re encouraging everyone to make Christmas personal. So we’ll be bringing you lots of great ideas on how to buy beautiful presents and add a really personal touch (#browniepoints).

Otis Jaxon is a new collection to fabulous for Winter, we fell in love with their vintage inspired lockets back in the Summer and knew they’d be the perfect addition to our Christmas collections. Their fabulous unique design means that whatever is on the inside of the locket can be seen, so you have the opportunity to make a real style statement. Here we’ve put together our top romantic ideas for what to put inside!


1. A map

Whether it’s where you met, where you live, where you proposed or your favourite holiday destination, we love the idea of looking down at our necklace and being transported somewhere fabulous!


2. Co-ordinates

If her style is more graphical then you could use co-ordinates instead of a map. Choose your location and find the co-ords for a stylish alternative.


3. Pressed Flowers

If you had the foresight to press flowers from your wedding bouquet then this is the perfect place to keep them, allowing her to have memories of her special day on her at all times. If you don’t have flowers from the day, why not press a flower you know was in her bouquet – she’ll love the thought you’ve put in to it.


4. Music

It could be your first dance, or the first song you ever danced to, maybe she’ll want to be remembering a loved one she’s lost this year and there’s a piece of music she treasures. Find the sheet music online and print it out, cut out a line from it for her locket. We love this subtle idea, when you tell her what it is she’ll be over the moon.


5. Fabric

It could be a piece from her wedding veil or from a christening gown, fabric looks fabulous in these vintage lockets. Please ask before you go and cut up her favourite dress!!!


6. A poem or letter

You can hide her favourite poem or reading from your wedding, or you could write her a love letter. Don’t tell her straight away, then when she’s having a bad day tell her to open it up to give her a surprise boost!


7. Tickets

If you’re an old romantic you may have saved stubs from your first date, or special occasion. Add those to the locket for a unique piece of jewellery with a beautiful meaning.


8. A Photograph

If there’s a favourite little person in her life, then there’s no better way to show them off and keep them close to her heart!

Glass Lockets are by Otis Jaxon and start from £65 from made from Sterling Silver and plated in Gold or Rose Gold. The clever screw top allows you to lock away your treasures, these beautiful lockets are in our Christmas fab 5, the top 5 gifts for her this Christmas.