Our Top 5 Friends Thanksgiving Moments!

When we were growing up Friends introduced us to Thanksgiving, the parade, American football and Monica’s infamous Turkey sandwiches. So we’ve put together our favourite Thanksgiving episodes, enjoy!

1. The One with the Rumor

Yep, it’s the one with Brad Pitt! When he and Rachel were an item this had to be the most hyped episode in the history of friends.

2. The One with All the Thanksgivings

Cue fat suits and prosthetic noses, we love the flashbacks in this episode and of course the romantic ending!

3. The One With The Football

Another classic from the early days of friends, the perfect reminder of what is important over the holidays, friends and family!

4. The One Where Ross Got High

So many funny moments, we particularly enjoy Rachel’s beef trifle and Monica’s Mum putting everyone in their place.

5. The One with the Late Thanksgiving

The last ever Thanksgiving episode of the series, with a very emotional ending!

Which was your favourite Thanksgiving episode? Let us know in the comments below…