NEW: Alex and Ani ‘Celebration of Life’


It’s hard to believe that August is already over and Autumn is soon going to be settling in, but the new Alex and Ani collection at fabulous is certainly helping to soften the blow.

New for AW16, the Celebration of Life collection is inspired by the magical journey that each of us goes on. With their new designs, Alex and Ani channels the amazing moments that we all experience, individually and as a collective.  Just like our ancestors, inside every one of us is the power to choose our own destinies and carve our paths in life. Although we experience our own individual joys, struggles and breakthroughs, this collection honors the common bonds we all share as we go through life.

alexandani celebrationoflife wraps.jpg

Alex and Ani Celebration of Life Wraps from £33


The collection features an eclectic mix of filigree, metal and wooden beaded wraps in earthy tones.

alexandani celebrationoflife beaded bangles.jpg

Alex and Ani Celebration of Life Beaded Bangles from £33

There are also lovely new metal glass beaded designs on Alex and Ani’s signature expandable wire bangle.

alexandani celebrationoflife pathofsymbols.jpg

Alex and Ani Charm Bangles from £24

The US designer also has striking additions to their popular charm bangle collection, Path of Symbols, with three beautiful new designs. We love the intricate detail of the Calavera skull, and the sparkling Swarovski detail on the Crystal Dove.

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Make it Personal: Gift Guide

If there’s one gifting trend we unanimously love at fabulous, it’s personalisation! A simple personal engraving can transform a piece of jewellery by adding irreplaceable sentiment to any precious gift. The inscription of a pet-name on a necklace or bracelet ensures that it will become a treasured romantic keepsake. When buying gifts for a group, a personal flourish such as an initial or date will make sure that every recipient feels individually cherished. If a loved one is going travelling or moving away, engraving their name on a necklace will reassure them that they will always be near to your heart, wherever they are in the world.

my mantra.jpg

myMantra Pendants from £72

myMantra pendants were designed as both a beautiful piece of jewellery and a wearable, personal mantra that you can carry with you every day. Inspire a loved one with a motivational phrase, or tell them exactly how you feel with a sweet nothing.

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Mantra personalisation.jpg

Mantra Disc Necklaces from £35, Personalisation £5

Personalise any Mantra disc necklace for £5, with a simple engraving on the reverse of the disc.

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me.mi Name Necklaces from £50

A hit with celebrities, these bespoke name designs are the perfect way to show a loved one how dear they are to you. Whether you want a simple initial pendant, a luxe monogram or an intricate filigree full name, me.mi necklaces are an ideal gift.

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love bridge pendants.jpg

Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Pendants from £25.95

The Thomas Sabo Love Bridge collection is an engravable collection inspired by the Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris; covered in engraved padlocks, the bridge is a symbol of the unbreakable bonds.

love bridge sabo.jpg

Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Bracelets from £70

The collection features both engravable pendants and bracelets in silver, gold and rose gold.

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Take What You Need Engravable Bars £23.50

Take What You Need is a interchangeable bar jewellery collection from Dutch designer Mi Moneda. Completely personalise a bracelet or necklace with an engraving.

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For more inspiration, shop our full personalised gift selection!

June Birthstone: Pearl


Happy Birthday, June babies! Those born in June are lucky enough to have one of the most iconic birthstones: the pearl.

Pearls are unique in the world of gem-stones. They are the only birthstone formed organically by living sea creatures, and they require no faceting or polishing to reveal their iridescent natural beauty. Pearls are timeless in their popularity: La Peregrina (The Wanderer) is regarded as the most beautiful pearl in the world, and was passed from its discovery by an African Slave in the 1500s to European royalty such as Mary I to Napolean and, more recently, Elizabeth Taylor. Audrey Hepburn sealed their reputation as a contemporary style staple with her iconic pearl-collar-and-lbd ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  • Sometimes formed for years by oysters, pearls appropriately symbolise the wisdom that comes with age and experience.
  • Traditionally, they are also associated with beauty, innocence and purity.
soru pearl.jpg

Baroque Pearl Ring £95, Baroque Pearl Necklace £120, Baroque Pearl Earrings £130

This stunning set by SORU celebrates the innate beauty of pearls with naturally-formed baroque pearls set in Swarvoski crystals and gold vermeil. Each piece is completely unique. Shop SORU at fabulous!

sabo necklace.jpg

Glam&Soul Classic Mother of Pearl Necklace in Silver £80, and Rose Gold £150

These elegant necklaces by Thomas Sabo play perfectly off the classic beauty of pearls, with a simple, chic and understated design. Shop Thomas Sabo at fabulous!

tear of heaven silver

Engelsrufer Tear of Heaven Locket £99

We love this striking locket by Engelsrufer, which is inspired by the natural journey of the pearl. The nacre-style sound ball encased in the locket has its own individual chime and is designed to bring calm and clarity to your day. Shop Engelsrufer at fabulous!

jersey pearl.jpg

Jersey Pearl Round Pearl Necklace £85-139

These beautiful string necklaces by Jersey Pearl combine the highest quality fresh-water pearls with a timeless string design, and so are perfect for bringing Audrey Hepburn’s quintessential 1960s look into the present! Shop Jersey Pearl at fabulous!

nikki pearls.jpg

33mm Everlasting Star Coin in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold by Nikki Lissoni £93-8

This sparkling coin by Nikki Lissoni features an imitation pearl at the centre of a filigree star design. We love how the chic colour combinations and striking motif bring a contemporary flourish to classic pearlescence. Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!


cover photo deep sea

Alex and Ani’s new Deep Sea collection has received a warm welcome this week at fabulous; the vibrant, marine-inspired line heralds the beginning of summer and has reminded us all that it’s nearly time for beach holidays and seaside sojourns. The collection reflects the magic and colour of the sea-bed. With their infinite mystery, the depths of the sea have always inspired endless exploration and wonder. Dive for sunken treasure and begin your adventure with this unique and beautiful collection.

art infusion.jpg

Anchor Art Infusion Bangle, Seahorse Art Infusion Bangle £24 each

We particularly love the new art infusion designs, which feature beautifully toned watercolour designs and are sure to stand out on any stack.

deep sea wraps.jpg

Deep Sea Wraps in Shore, Marina and Navy, £33-42

The collection also features an eclectic mix of glass and metal beaded wraps in beautiful beach-inspired colourways, which are perfect for adding texture and colour to your Alex and Ani collection.

charity by design header.jpg

Charity by Design UNICEF Angel Fish, Lobster and Jelly Fish £33

Among the new sea-life styles are these playful enameled Charity by Design bangles, from which 20% of the purchase price go to UNICEF. Charity by Design empowers non-profit organizations to reach their goals by capturing the power of positive energy through innovative, creative designs.

anchor collage.jpg

Gold Precious Providence Anchor Expandable Ring £33, Studs £42, Pull Chain Bracelet £59

The collection also features some beautiful additions to the US designer’s Precious Providence line, comprised of fully adjustable precious metal jewellery. We love the intricate detail of these pieces, such as the texturing of the anchor’s rope.

ring wraps.jpg

Precious Ring Wraps £33

Alex and Ani have also released a new selection of precious ring wraps, which feature strikingly detailed and unique designs. At fabulous, we can’t wait to get our hands on the mermaid ring wrap!

Shop ALEX AND ANI Deep Sea at fabulous!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Celebrate the day of love and romance by letting the most important person know how much you love them – you! Fill your day with treats and reminders of just how fabulous you are, whether you’re celebrating with friends, family or your significant other – take a moment to embrace some #selflove


From top left: Alex and Ani Lovestruck Ring, £24

Mantra Initial Necklace, £25

Faith Giving Key, £30

Alex and Ani Wild at Heart Bangle, £24

Alex and Ani Lovestruck Arrow Wrap, £42

ChloBo Triangle Ring, £40

The Giving Keys Love Padlock, £58

Happiness Mantra Bar in Gold, £58


carrie quote

Image from

We’re loving: Touchwood’s Christmas Owl!

When Sinade spotted the photo-op Owl in Touchwood yesterday she sent us a photo straight away, a lover of all things festive, furry and fabulous – we weren’t surprised to hear this was right up her street!


The super cute owl will be residing in the Map Room in Solihull’s Touchwood for the festive season, so be sure to go down and take a selfie with him (or her?).

Feeling festive Sinade put together her top fabulous items inspired by the @TouchwoodTweets Owl…


Thomas Sabo Karma Bead, £125

Nomination Hanging Owl Link, £46

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Owl Charm, £55

Thomas Sabo Diamond Charm Club Charm, £60

Alex and Ani Feather Bracelet, £24


The owl is considered wise because he was Athena’s companion. The Goddess of Wisdom, Athena is said to have had an owl by her side at all times. The owl was said to reveal the truth to his master, he also had the ability to light up her blind side, hence the owls association with wisdom and light.


Summer Jewellery Trends: BOHO BABE


If you love mixing vintage with high street and admire a relaxed outlook on life, you’re a boho babe! 

Your dream summer consists of fabulous festivals and dancing under the stars at beach parties, as long as your feet are in the sand and you are surrounded by friends, you’re happy! Your summer look is relaxed, with fringing and natural materials taking centre stage, accessories are key to your look, with stacks of bangles and talisman jewellery a firm favourite.