Fabulous Holiday Destination: Rome with Sinade

Name: Sinade
Store: Solihull
Position: Retail, Creative and Buying Manager
Location: Rome with my boyfriend Darren
Duration: 4 Days

The Tiber River of Rome

The Tiber River of Rome

Holiday essentials: Comfortable sandals as there is a lot of walking involved and sunglasses as most sights are outdoors.

Highlights: All the sights in Rome are amazing but my absolute highlight of the trip was visiting the Trevi Fountain. Even in the intense heat where it was busy with tourists, it seemed calm and serene and I was desperate to jump in the cool, clear water. Darren had read that it is tradition to throw a coin into the fountain (in your right hand over your left shoulder) to ensure you return to Rome, and after 4 attempts I finally managed it correctly!

Gelato is a must! I tried cookies and cream, nutella, mint and chocolate brownie to name but a few. A personal favourite was the icy lemon drinks that were available across Rome – I had at least one a day.

The view from St. Peter's Basilica

The view from St. Peter’s Basilica

Top tips:

  • Drinks bottle – Rome has drinking fountains around the centre, which are ideal for quenching your thirst, particularly in the hot summer months.
  • Map – the best way to explore Rome is by foot, there is usually something to see around every corner.  Make sure you bring a map of the centre, as there aren’t too many signs to point you in the right direction.
  • Bag you can hold – Rome is known for pick pockets, we had no problems but to be safe, bring a bag you can keep tight to your person and close securely.
  • Cover up – whether you choose a scarf or a light-weight cardigan you will need something to cover your bare shoulders when entering the amazing Basilicas and churches.
Sinade drinking the must-try Icy Lemon drinks

Sinade drinking the must-try Icy Lemon drinks

Favourite outfit: Before I left I purchased two Vera Moda dipped hem skirts, these were light and airy and were easy to team with a vest, my sunglasses and my fabulous Tote bag.

What was in your fabulous jewellery roll? I chose to bring my Nikki Lissoni necklaces with me, so I had something I could mix and match depending on my outfit. I also packed my Daisy ‘Open Heart’ Karma bracelet, as this was light on my wrist and wouldn’t leave a tan line!

Sinade's Secret Garden Nikki Lissoni set

Sinade’s ‘Secret Garden’ Nikki Lissoni set