December Birthstones: Turquoise

Happy birthday, December babies! Those born in December are lucky enough to have one of the oldest gem-stones in the world: turquoise famed for its vivid and opaque colour. First used in ancient talismans and amulets, this stone is traditionally associated with:

  • protection
  • heaven
  • strength
  • sensitivity
  • spirituality
turquoise sabo ring.jpg

Thomas Sabo Turquoise Rings, from £70

Turquoise rings are one of the most symbolic pieces of jewellery, and were originally given as tokens of protection. We love these intricate designs by Thomas Sabo which incorporate cubic zirconia.

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jzeuner bracelet.jpg

Jennifer Zeuner Priscilla’s Eye Bracelets, £72.50

These beautiful designs by Jennifer Zeuner feature a genuine turquoise stone and a feminine flourish on the traditional evil eye symbol- worn for protection and good fortune.

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Angel Whisperers from £128

Invoke self-confidence and balance with a turquoise coloured chiming sound ball inside a beautiful Engelsrufer necklace.

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Nomination Turquoise Links, £27

These beautiful cabochon turquoise links are perfect for personalising any Nomination bracelet. Start a collection with a ready-made birthstone bracelet.

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October Birthstones: Opal & Rose Tourmaline

Happy birthday, October babies! Those born in October are lucky enough to have two birthstones: opal and tourmaline. The stones have a common quality: no two are alike as they all have unique patterns and colour-ways.


Oval Opal Nomination Links, £20

Opals are known for their unique rainbow hues, known as their play-of-colour. The kaleidoscopic stone has been a source of wonder for centuries; ancient Arabic legend claims that opals fall out the sky during lightning storms, and ancient Greeks believed the stone gave them psychic abilities. Nowadays opals are associated with:

  • health
  • innocence
  • purity
  • the crown and heart chakras

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Alex and Ani Birthstone Bangles £24, Thomas Sabo Birthstones £45, Dower and Hall Treasures from £18

One of the most colourful gemstones, people originally believed that tourmalines were formed out of rainbows. The stone has been adored throughout history for its vivid hues; it was used in ceremonies in ancient India, features in traditional Chinese carvings and adorns the Russian crown jewels. Tourmalines are associated with:

  • creativity
  • spiritual enlightenment
  • healing

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