Top 5 Festival Bracelets


Our top 5 picks for the festival season

1. Chlobo Sun Dance Aztec Triangle Bracelet, £85.00
2. Chlobo ‘Dance Like Nobody Is Watching’ Boho Bangle, £135.00
3. Azuni Turquoise Friendship Bracelet, £19.00
4. Icon Tan & Orange Cuff, £45.00
5. Daisy Orange Chakra Bracelet, £58.00


Turquoise is a bold summer colour that looks striking against gold and silver, brings depth and interest to jewellery without the sparkle and looks brilliant with a tan, making it a must-have holiday accessory! The semi-precious stone Turquoise is believed to be a healing stone and a symbol of good fortune and friendship.

Turquoise Jewellery


NEW for Spring Summer 2014

  1. ChloBo Let’s Dance Bracelet in Sterling Silver and Turquoise beads, £65
  2. Lizas Coachella Aztec Necklace, £39
  3. Lizas Coachella Aztec Bar Bracelet, £29
  4. Nikki Lissoni Fashionable Turquoise Gold 33mm Coin, £90
  5. Story by Kranz & Ziegler Turquoise Silk Bracelet, £59
  6. Azuni Turquoise Macramé Friendship Bracelet, £18
  7. Nikki Lissoni Gold Feather Dreamcatcher 33mm Coin with Turquoise stones, £75
  8. ChloBo Let’s Dance Peace Ring in Sterling Silver and Turquoise beads, £30