NEW: Alex and Ani ‘Celebration of Life’


It’s hard to believe that August is already over and Autumn is soon going to be settling in, but the new Alex and Ani collection at fabulous is certainly helping to soften the blow.

New for AW16, the Celebration of Life collection is inspired by the magical journey that each of us goes on. With their new designs, Alex and Ani channels the amazing moments that we all experience, individually and as a collective.  Just like our ancestors, inside every one of us is the power to choose our own destinies and carve our paths in life. Although we experience our own individual joys, struggles and breakthroughs, this collection honors the common bonds we all share as we go through life.

alexandani celebrationoflife wraps.jpg

Alex and Ani Celebration of Life Wraps from £33


The collection features an eclectic mix of filigree, metal and wooden beaded wraps in earthy tones.

alexandani celebrationoflife beaded bangles.jpg

Alex and Ani Celebration of Life Beaded Bangles from £33

There are also lovely new metal glass beaded designs on Alex and Ani’s signature expandable wire bangle.

alexandani celebrationoflife pathofsymbols.jpg

Alex and Ani Charm Bangles from £24

The US designer also has striking additions to their popular charm bangle collection, Path of Symbols, with three beautiful new designs. We love the intricate detail of the Calavera skull, and the sparkling Swarovski detail on the Crystal Dove.

Shop Celebration of Life at fabulous!


Path of Symbols Update: Alex and Ani Spring Mythology

We love the latest editions to the Path of Symbols collection from Alex and Ani. This Spring we welcome the ‘Scarab’ ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Ouroborus’ – three fabulous new bangles inspired by their mythological counterparts. Perfect for Spring they welcome change, adaptability and new beginnings… which one will you wear?


You can shop the new bangles, rings and wraps from the The New Day collection here

Having a Moment: Arrows

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Cupid is gracing the covers of cards and romantic gifts, his bow and arrow synonymous with the romantic time of year. Alex and Ani have referenced the arrow in their ‘hooked on you’ collection for Valentine’s Day 2016, but the arrow has a rich history of symbolism, anchored in Native American Indians traditions…

  • Two Arrows pointing away from each other depicts war
  • Arrows crossed over shows friendship
  • More than 3 arrows represents strength,  it’s easy to snap one arrow where as a bunch of arrows is much harder to break, symbolising solidarity
  • A broken arrow represents a feud coming to an end, the end of a disagreement or war

We love the arrow, for us at fabulous it symbolises overcoming difficult times, it represents the path of your life and reminds us that sometimes you have to be pulled backwards in order to be propelled forwards in a new exciting direction.

As January comes to an end, we want to continue to soar on the excitement of the New Year. The arrow reminds us that we still have a whole year of exciting adventures and that we are very much aiming forward. Here are the Arrow items we have our eyes on this payday…


Mantra Silver Arrow Necklace, £30

arrow wall print

Cross Arrow Wall Sticker, Etsy £12.23


Alex and Ani Adjustable Rose Gold Arrow Ring, £24

arrow notes

Mint Green Arrow Note Cards, £15 from Notonthehighstreet

arrow cushion.jpg

Arrow Cushion, from £35 Notonthehighstreet


Alex and Ani Arrow Wrap, £42

Are you treating yourself this payday? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below…

Ready-to-wrap Gifts!

Are you leaving the big gift until last? Well, here are some suggestions that will make her Christmas truly fabulous! Many of our collections can be customised, which can be a daunting prospect when choosing a gift. So, we’ve put together some perfect sets to start you off. She’ll have a fabulous gift to open on the day, and you can add to it on future special occasions: the perfect sentimental gift!


A fabulous favourite this year, the Engelsrufer range is both beautiful and meaningful. The central chiming ball calls your Guardian Angel to your side offering you protection. We’ve put together this set combining the most popular elements. She can then add different chiming balls, wear the wing or Angel Whisperer on their own or combine for a glamorous look. Rose Gold Sparkle Set, £294, other Engelsrufer sets start at £118.

For the romantic at heart, Cherish by Dower & Hall is the perfect gift. These ornate glass lockets house treasures, which you can choose to represent different moments in your life, from the first time you met to the birth of your child. Hugely popular with Pandora fans, this I Love You locket is £235, other sets start at £157


If bracelets are more up her street, then this Alex and Ani set is the perfect gift for her this Christmas. Alex and Ani are huge in America, we loved their stacking concept and have now stocked the brand for 2 years championing it here in the UK. This set comes with a free bangle of your choice, just write in the checkout which one you’d like to add to her stack. Alex and Ani Holiday set, £84 available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

Which one would she love? Have a fabulous Christmas – wish, love, sparkle! x

We all have that one friend who…

The new Path of Symbols collection from Alex and Ani is the perfect gift for your besties. Great value for money, full of meaning and symbolism; they’re the perfect stack bangle and the biggest jewellery trend coming over from the US. We’ve put together 4 personality types which we all had in our friendship group and suggested the perfect bangle for their character – we’d love to know whether you have these kind of friends too, question is, which one are you?..


The Wild One

She’s the life and soul of the party and a real night owl, she’s vivacious and tenacious and it’s just not a get-together without her. She makes great plans and gets everyone organised, she loves to throw a party particularly for one of her friends, making sure all of their favourite things are there. She is wild at heart, you admire her passion and willpower and know that if she sets her mind to it she can do anything! She lights your life up, is guaranteed to make you laugh when you most need it and inspires you every day.


Wild at Heart: Primal, Power, Night – £24

The Romantic

She’s the eternal optimist, no matter what happens this friend is there with an uplifting quote or romantic notion, she believes in fate and thinks everything happens for a reason. She wears her heart on her sleeve, has a very sensitive side and loves to shower her friends in love and affection. With such a loving nature this beautiful friend will do anything to help you, she’s the one on when you need a shoulder to cry on, knowing that whatever the issue, she’ll fix it with love.


Love: Affection, Joy, Light -£24

The Protector

She’s the strong and silent type and the last one to throw her opinion around; instead she’ll take in the situation from all sides and offer her advice once she’s really thought the situation through. She protects her friends fiercely – she’s fair, she’s calm and she’s your rock. Her thoughtful nature means she approaches situations with caution, taking in due diligence and always succeeds, she’s a natural winner in life and you often joke that she’s the mum of the group, taking care of you all!


Hand of Fatima: Positivity, Abundance, Faith – £24

The Adventurer

She’s pretty much always late but when she does arrive she’ll have a crazy tail for you about a bird she had to save or a petition she just had to sign. She cares about the world around her and has a very creative nature, often with plenty of projects on the go and lots of different friendship groups. She lives for travel and experiences, with a pure soul and deep character; she’ll always be a big beautiful part of your life.


God Speed: Journey, Blessing, Grace -£24

ALEX AND ANI Path of Symbols

path of symbols

The stunning new collections by ALEX AND ANI are making the transition into winter a lot more bearable, and their new Path of Symbols Collection is no exception. The latest installment from ALEX AND ANI features re-designs of their most popular symbols as well as brand new symbols to add to your stack. These symbols have been re-imagined as larger and more heavily textured charms, and so offer a fresh way to feel empowered, express your individuality and make a statement.

path of symbols fatima


The Hand of Fatima originates from the Hebrew word hamesh, meaning five. An ancient talisman that symbolises feminine power and often used as a fertility symbol, the Hand of Fatima is worn as a defence against negative energy as it deflects evil away from the wearer. Wear your Hand of Fatima bangle to channel the forces of good, embrace the energy of the Hand of Fatima that promotes healing and fosters miracles.

wildheart path of symbols


The panther ignites passion and willpower. Paired with the alchemical symbol of antimony, a metal that represents the animal in each of us, the panther is a fierce guardian of the heart. Awaken your wild heart and reclaim what’s yours with the ALEX AND ANI Wild Heart bangle.

path of symbols cosmic balance


Channel cosmic energy with the new ALEX AND ANI symbol, Cosmic Balance. Moon and sun, yin and yang: the balance of nature is essential. One force without its opposite is powerless. The moon reflects the light of the sun, illuminating the night when life rests and restores itself. Manifest your dreams with the power of masculine and feminine energy. When both align, all is possible. This fabulous symbol hangs from an expandable wire.

Shop Path of Symbols by Alex and Ani at fabulous!

ALEX AND ANI Celestial Wheel

star maps collage 2

Winter is fast approaching and the dark skies are aglow with an array of dazzling illuminations; it is the season of bonfires, fireworks and Christmas lights.Look to the stars and take inspiration from beautiful winter nights with Alex and Ani’s new Celestial Wheel Collection. The collection draws from the signs of the zodiac; our zodiac signs are the celestial blueprint which guide us around the wheel of life. The way in which the heavenly bodies align upon your birth lights your path in life and leads the way to your deepest desires. Express your true self and connect to your astrological destiny with these stunning shiny gold bangles featuring striking enamel illustrations of your individual star map. These pieces also make for a thoughtful gift with a personal touch over the holiday period.


Scorpio (23rd Oct- 21st Nov)


Still waters run deep: the defining trait of the water sign Scorpio is mystery! The Scorpio keeps much below the surface, and is driven by an insatiable curiosity to uncover greater meanings in life. The Scorpio is nonetheless excitable and passionate, driven to make profound connections in life. Reveal your inner energy and intuition with Alex and Ani’s Scorpio bracelet.


Sagittarius (22nd Nov- 21st Dec)

Loving- Philosophical- Restless

A truly untameable fire sign, the Sagittarius loves to travel and is inspired by all the wonders the world has to offer. Although a true individualist, the Sagittarius is optimistic and sincere in making connections with people. Release your inner wild-fire with Alex and Ani’s Sagittarius bracelet.


Capricorn (22nd Dec- 19th Jan)

Ambitious- Patient- Humourous

The sky is the limit for this earth sign; the Capricorn truly values personal freedom and possesses the determination to achieve anything they set their mind to.Their hard-working nature and enthusiasm means that the Capricorn can triumph through any obstacle. Go for gold with Alex and Ani’s Capricorn bracelet.

Shop Alex and Ani at Fabulous.

Inspired by: Macbeth

This week we’ve been spellbound by the dark arts of ‘the Scottish play’. If you haven’t seen Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in this dark adaptation of Macbeth, hence forth to the cinema. The windswept highlands, rich Scottish heritage, deep woods and dark royalty are the perfect build up to winter and All Hallows Eve.

Be inspired by royalty…macbeth-royalty

Alex and Ani Queen and King bangles, £33 each

Be inspired by venomous creatures…


Alex and Ani Snake Coil bangle, £41. Thomas Sabo Snake and Scorpion studs, £45. Thomas Sabo Snake Coil Karma Bead, £55

Be inspired by the forest…macbeth-trees-forest

Alex and Ani Rulers of the Woods collection, £24. Alex and Ani Colour Infusion collection, £33. Thomas Sabo Tree of Life Karma Bead, £89

Be inspired by the dark arts…  macbeth-witchcraft

Sun and Moon collection from Daisy, Necklace £129, Ring £69.  Nikki Lissoni Dreamcatcher coin, £23

Have you seen it yet? Take a look at the trailer for Macbeth below…

Having a moment: Acorns


We’re loving the influence the seasons are having on jewellery this year, with Alex and Ani introducing a new core symbol to their collection, Unexpected Miracles, inspired by the beautiful Acorn. You’ll see lots of jewellery inspired by the Autumnal woods this season, from tree inspired symbols to wooden elements, and cute animals you’d find in the forest.

UNEXPECTED MIRACLES “The humble acorn holds the potential of the mighty oak. Sometimes, the biggest blessings come in the smallest packages. Recognize and receive the serendipitous gifts of the universe. Miracles come when you least expect them.”

Shop Unexpected Miracles at fabulous

Having a moment: Trees


With autumn firmly knocking on our door, we’re craving long walks in crisp woods with the sunlight dappling through falling leaves. The mythical and mindful forest is the inspiration behind many beautiful new jewellery lines for the fall, be inspired by the magic of the forest with a Rulers of the Woods bangle from Alex and Ani, or add the Tree of Life to your jewellery collection.


Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet that was used to describe plants, herbs and trees found in the forest and the inspiration for this seasons’ Alex and Ani Rulers of the Woods collection, inspired by the enchanting forgotten paths and untraveled trails of the forest.

Autumn is a time for reflection and renewal, as the old leaves fall from the trees we are given the opportunity to start afresh. Trees represent immense strength, stability and shelter, the elders of the forest, their antiquity is respected worldwide. A common symbol is the Tree of Life, its routes firmly in the ground and its branches dancing in the stars, be inspired by the strong and silent tree this season.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?