November Birthstone: Citrine

november birthstones.jpg

Happy birthday, November babies! Those born in November are lucky enough to have two beautiful birthstones: citrine and topaz.

With a name derived from the French for lemon (citron), the citrine comes in a spectrum of golden-honey hues. With its bright colour and luminous clarity, this stone is traditionally associated with lightness, joy and positive energy.

daisy london solar plexus chakra.jpg

Daisy Chakra bracelets, from £59

In yogic traditions, the citrine is associated with cleansing negativity, and paving the way for motivation and success. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which promotes personal power. We love these dainty filigree Chakra designs by Daisy London, which feature a sparkling citrine accent.

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nomination citrine charms.jpg

Nomination citrine charms, £27

These beautiful cabochon citrine links are perfect for personalising any Nomination bracelet.

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Like the citrine, golden topaz is associated with success, opulence and the ability to meet your aspirations. Since ancient times, it has been featured in protection amulets and to heal injury.

citrine a+a.jpg

Alex and Ani birthstone bangles, £24

Personalise your Alex and Ani stack with a birthstone bangle.

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