September Birthstone: Sapphire

sapphire header.jpg

Happy birthday, September babies! Those born in September are lucky enough to have one of the most iconic birthstones: the sapphire.

The rarest and most valuable blue gemstone, sapphires have a timeless popularity owing to their velvety-blue hues and natural lustre. Their natural hardness is second only to diamonds, so sapphire jewellery is built to last and perfect for keepsakes.

  • Sapphires are associated with magic; in ancient times, they were considered a talisman of protection and, in the middle ages, it was thought that they could cure illnesses.
  • Sapphires are also traditionally connected to royalty, and featured on the engagement ring of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.
soru sapphire.jpg

Soru Sapphire Earrings £160, Necklace £140, Ring £110

These Sapphire pieces by Soru feature genuine sapphire gemstones set within Swarovski Crystals on gold vermeil. Each piece is hand-crafted and no two are alike. With its iridescent colour and unique appearance, we think this beautiful Soru collection definitely showcases the striking beauty of the sapphire.

Shop Soru at fabulous!

a+a sapphire.jpg

Alex and Ani Sapphire Birthstone Bangle £24

Personalise your Alex and Ani stack with a sapphire birthstone bangle.

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

diamonfire sapphire set.jpg

Diamonfire Necklace £99, Ring £105

These beautiful pieces by Diamonfire feature exquisitely cut cubic zirconia stones in the dazzling vivid hue of a sapphire, on a platinum-plated silver setting.

Shop Diamonfire at fabulous!

thomas sabo sapphire studs.jpg

Hand of Fatima Studs £60, Nazar Eye Studs £45

These dainty studs by Thomas Sabo feature sapphire-blue cubic zirconia stones at the centre of protective symbols. Both the Hand of Fatima and the Evil Eye are associated with good fortune in Middle Eastern traditions.

Shop Thomas Sabo at fabulous!

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