Trend Alert: the Artisan


With the August sunshine stoking our wanderlust, we’re craving the untouched beauty of the world’s hidden gems. Those of you who dance to the beat of your own drum know that it’s sometimes better to travel off the beaten path. Drawn to culture, art and architecture, you’ll be found wondering the streets, browsing the markets and speaking to local artisans. The of-the-moment kaftan is your outfit of choice accessorised with symbols and references to bygone eras celebrating the folklore, mythology and symbolism of the world.

swatch gruezi all

Edelblau £38, Roetli £38

These eye-catching Swatches are part of the Grüezi All collection, inspired by mountain chalets and folk-art. Grüezi All translates as “hello everybody” in Swiss-German, which aligns perfectly with your relaxed and friendly approach to travelling.

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Take What You Need Bar Necklace £42.50

Take What You Need is an interchangeable bar jewellery collection with countless customisation options- perfect for anyone whose style is completely unique. Reflect your surroundings with a Natural Beauty bar, or draw strength and inspiration from a Word bar. 

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thomas sabo ss16.jpg

Corundum Rose Gold Hamsa Pendant £215, Dreamcatcher Ring £270

Add colour to your collection with these striking and ornate additions from Thomas Sabo, which feature delicate filigree and gemstone accents.

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Scarab Bangle in Rafaelian Silver and Gold £24

An ancient emblem of the desert, the scarab is a talisman of prosperity and promises a safe passage to new horizons. Have a scarab accompany you for good luck on any upcoming adventures with this beautifully intricate bangle by Alex and Ani.

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