Happy Birthday, Cancerians!

happy birthday cancers

Cancer is in the stars this month! Still waters run deep for this water sign, since Cancers can be one of the most mysterious zodiacs. Cancers are slow to open up immediately, and can often be closed books; however, once a Cancer has chosen to open themselves up to others, they reveal a wealth of emotion, sensitivity and empathy. Symbolised by the crab, Cancers are very attached to home and hearth. Nothing is more important than family and loved ones to the Cancer.

Cancer strengths:

  • Loyalty
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Independence
  • Passion
cancer zodiac.jpg

Cancer Mantra Star Map in Silver £35, and Gold £50

These stunning Star Map necklaces by Mantra reflect the alignment of the stars upon the wearers’ birth. We love the attention to detail in these necklaces- with tiny cubic zirconias embedded in the constellation in white and black, respectively. Each Mantra Star Map comes with its individual meaning card, celebrating the unique traits of each sign. This Mantra honours the imaginative, loving and sympathetic nature of the Cancer. Shop Mantra at fabulous!

alex and ani cancer zodiac bangles.jpg

Alex and Ani Cancer Bangle in Rafaelian Silver £24, Cancer Celestial Wheel in Shiny Gold £33

These zodiac bangles by Alex and Ani are the perfect way to personalise your stack. The traditional zodiac bangle features the classic Cancer crab emblem on Alex and Ani’s trademark Rafaelian finish, while the Celestial Wheel offers a pop of colour and a star map motif on a shiny finish. Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

chlobo cancer zodiac.jpg

Chlobo Silver Cancer Zodiac Necklace £105, Cancer Zodiac Bangle £200

We love the hammered Silver finish of the Silver Cancer Zodiac necklace by Chlobo, which features the traditional crab symbol. Pair with the Cancer Zodiac Bangle for the perfect present. Shop ChloBo at fabulous!


Nikki Lissoni Cancer Gold Large Coin £35

We love the simplicity of the zodiac collection by Nikki Lissoni, which features cut-out filigree symbols for every sign. They offer the perfect way to personalise your Nikki collection. Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!


Nomination Cubic Zirconia Cancer £18, Gold Cancer £18

Add a personal twist to a classic composable Nomination bracelet with these zodiac links. Let your sparkle shine with a cubic zirconia accent, or mix metals with the gold crab emblem on silver. Shop Nomination at fabulous!


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