Travel Talismans: Gap Year Gift Guide

travel talisman header.jpg The academic year is drawing nearer to a close and, for the students among us, summer is finally almost here! For many of us, this spells travel. An increasing number of UK students are choosing to sate their wanderlust by spending their spare time abroad, working, volunteering or just soaking up other cultures and experiencing what the wide world has to offer. Research tells us that time abroad can help us develop in wonderful ways, with gap year students becoming more creative, outgoing and compassionate. Taking the leap, however, can be a daunting experience. Finding your place in an unfamiliar country doesn’t come without at least a little bit of loneliness or nervousness at first. We’ve compiled a fabulous collection of gap year gifts to reassure and encourage those who are about to commence their own gap year adventures:

For the dreamer…


travel mantras

Compass Mantra Necklace in Silver £30, Explore, Dream, Discover Necklace in Gold £55


For many, a gap year represents a once in a lifetime chance for adventure, personal development and freedom. These dainty and beautiful necklaces by Mantra are perfect for showing support to your loved one as they embark on fulfilling their biggest dreams.

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For the bohemian…

a+a boho bangles.jpg

Eye of Horus Bangle in Rafaelian Silver £24, Om Bangle in Rafaelian Gold £24

For those who dance to the beat of their own drum, a gap year can signal a break from conventionality and a chance to live authentically. For the one-of-a-kind traveler, Alex and Ani bangles, carefully chosen for their individual symbolism, are the perfect supportive gift. We especially love the Eye of Horus and Om bangles, which symbolise strength and oneness, respectively.

Shop Alex and Ani at fabulous!

For the explorer…


tfte collage

Silver Travel Necklace £80, Silver The World is Your Oyster Necklace £76


For some, the gap year presents a rare chance to experience other lands and cultures. For others, it is just the beginning of a much bigger adventure. These travel-themed necklaces by Tales From The Earth are the perfect supportive keepsake for the natural-born globetrotter, as they sail away from the harbour on what will be the first of many voyages.

Shop Tales From The Earth at fabulous!


For more gap year gift inspiration, check out our Talisman trend and our complete selection of travel gifts.





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