cover photo deep sea

Alex and Ani’s new Deep Sea collection has received a warm welcome this week at fabulous; the vibrant, marine-inspired line heralds the beginning of summer and has reminded us all that it’s nearly time for beach holidays and seaside sojourns. The collection reflects the magic and colour of the sea-bed. With their infinite mystery, the depths of the sea have always inspired endless exploration and wonder. Dive for sunken treasure and begin your adventure with this unique and beautiful collection.

art infusion.jpg

Anchor Art Infusion Bangle, Seahorse Art Infusion Bangle £24 each

We particularly love the new art infusion designs, which feature beautifully toned watercolour designs and are sure to stand out on any stack.

deep sea wraps.jpg

Deep Sea Wraps in Shore, Marina and Navy, £33-42

The collection also features an eclectic mix of glass and metal beaded wraps in beautiful beach-inspired colourways, which are perfect for adding texture and colour to your Alex and Ani collection.

charity by design header.jpg

Charity by Design UNICEF Angel Fish, Lobster and Jelly Fish £33

Among the new sea-life styles are these playful enameled Charity by Design bangles, from which 20% of the purchase price go to UNICEF. Charity by Design empowers non-profit organizations to reach their goals by capturing the power of positive energy through innovative, creative designs.

anchor collage.jpg

Gold Precious Providence Anchor Expandable Ring £33, Studs £42, Pull Chain Bracelet £59

The collection also features some beautiful additions to the US designer’s Precious Providence line, comprised of fully adjustable precious metal jewellery. We love the intricate detail of these pieces, such as the texturing of the anchor’s rope.

ring wraps.jpg

Precious Ring Wraps £33

Alex and Ani have also released a new selection of precious ring wraps, which feature strikingly detailed and unique designs. At fabulous, we can’t wait to get our hands on the mermaid ring wrap!

Shop ALEX AND ANI Deep Sea at fabulous!

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