Having a moment: Elephants

elephant header

One of our key trends for spring is Talisman, and an enduring talisman for love, friendship and memory is the elephant. Elephants are a unique animal in that they possess immense size and power, but are gentle, loving and loyal. One of the most intelligent animals, elephants have an incredible memory and can recognise friendly places and faces years later. In times of drought, the elephant remembers all of the water holes from which it has drank. When it has strayed from the herd, the elephant remembers how to find its own; hence the popular saying “an elephant never forgets”. For this reason the elephant talisman gives you the power of recall. In times of personal and spiritual drought, the elephant reminds you how to replenish your soul. In times of loneliness, the elephant reminds you where you can find your friends. In timeless of aimless wandering, the elephant reminds you of your goals and sets you on course to fulfill your aspirations.

elephant-silver necklace card.jpg

Mantra Silver Elephant Necklace, £20

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elephant bracelets

Erin Elephant Bracelet by Jennifer Zeuner £89,  Elephant Silver Karma Bracelet by Daisy London £49

Shop Erin Elephant by Jennifer Zeuner at fabulous!

Shop Elephant Silver Karma Bracelet by Daisy London at fabulous!

elephant earrings

Elephant Silver Studs by Thomas Sabo £25.95, Elephant Rose Gold Karma Studs by Daisy London £45

Shop Thomas Sabo elephant Studs at fabulous!

Shop Daisy London elephant Studs at fabulous!

elephant coins.jpg

Strong as an Elephant Medium Coin by Nikki Lissoni, £23-8

Shop Nikki Lissoni elephant coins at fabulous!

elephant trollbeads.jpg

ElephantCharm Bead by Trollbeads £25, Indian Elephant Charm Bead by Trollbeads £65

Shop elephant Trollbeads at fabulous!

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