May, Myself and I: Find Your Chakra


Our theme for the month is all about getting to know you, getting re-acquainted with your needs and treating yourself. Part of that self-love is encouraging yourself to address your anxieties and weaknesses. In yogic traditions, the chakras are the seven centres of spiritual power in each body; physical manifestations in the human body of each spiritual energy. It is thought that perfectly balancing all seven chakras is the key to a healthy and happy life. Read our fabulous guide to help you find your chakra.


Chakra Rings by Daisy, £49-65

We love the new Chakra collection by Daisy, which features beautiful filigree motifs of all seven chakras on bracelets, rings and necklaces, in gold, rose gold and silver. The attention to detail is amazing, with each bracelet featuring an accent of the corresponding stone for each chakra.

Shop Daisy at fabulous!

nikki chakra.jpg

Medium Chakra Coins, £60

Nikki Lissoni also has a Chakra collection featuring beautiful gold-plated filigree coins embellished with sparkling Swarvoski Crystals.


The 7 Chakras Medium Coin, £33-38

The dutch designer also has a beautiful coin which features all chakras through a combination of each chakra’s corresponding stone.

Shop Nikki Lissoni at fabulous!

swatch breathe

Breathe Swatch, £32

This striking Swatch is a perfect fusion of ancient spirituality and modern design. The white strap, case and dial are printed with all seven colourful Chakras.

Shop Swatch at fabulous!


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