Trend Alert: Talisman


With summer seeming less and less far away, our style choices are being influenced by a strong sense of wanderlust. Whether your spiritual heartland is in Mount Kailash, Tibet, or Varanasi, India, warm weather implores the traveler in all of us to get out and see the world.


Base Chakra Gold Necklace £85, Sacral Chakra Silver Ring £49, Base Chakra Rose Gold Bracelet £69

The new Chakra designs by Daisy are a perfect fusion of spirituality and sophistication with their delicate filigree motifs. In yogic traditions, chakras are the physical manifestation of spiritual energies. Well-balanced chakras ensure a healthy and happy life, with each chakra addressing a different aspect your personality.

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Ouroboros Bangle in Rafaelian Gold and Silver Finish, £24 each

The ouroboros is one of the most iconic symbols in ancient mythology. Found everywhere from Egyptian to Indian legend, Norse mythology, and Alchemy, the snake eating itself has come to embody the infinite cyclical nature of life.Wear this beautifully intricate bangle by Alex and Ani on your travels to remind yourself that you are at one with the wider world, part of the renewal of the beautiful lands that surround you.

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Silver Cube Moon Bracelet £80,  Moon Hamsa Necklace £145, Aventurine Moon Hamsa Bracelet £65

The hamsa is an iconic talisman in the middle east for warding off evil spirits, and is featured beautifully in ChloBo’s Luna Soul collection. Never venture far from home without your hamsa to ensure good fortune and protection along your journey.

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