Trend Alert: Prism


Spring is finally here, and we are loving the bright sunshine and the vibrant colours of the world in bloom. With the Rio Olympics fast approaching, we are embracing the South American Spirit with an explosion of colour.

druzy collage

Agate Bar Necklace £27, Agate Round Studs £19, Two Tone Rings £22

The Druzy collection celebrates natural beauty with an eclectic mixture of vivid colours and textures. Crafted from Agate and electroplated in Gold, their pieces feature sparkling facets and a intense colour. Versatile and eye-catching, Druzy is the perfect collection for channeling your inner carnival queen.

Shop Druzy at fabulous!

cdl collage

Pink Couture Geo Cube Drop Earrings £42, Geo Cube Malachite Necklace £149, Multi Couture Geo Cube Bracelet £65

Coeur de Lion’s Geo Cube collection is an innovative fusion of minimalist design and on-trend colour combinations. Made using state of the art techniques from light-refracting polaris, the sunshine plays off these colourful pieces beautifully, making them perfect for summer.

Shop Coeur de Lion at fabulous!

swatch collage

Flowerfool £47.50, Fiorinella £47.50

These new designs by iconic Swedish watch giant Swatch embody the joys of spring with their kaleidoscopic colour-ways and floral prints. The perfect accessory for touring the Americas!

Shop Swatch at fabulous!



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