Jo’s Training Update: London Marathon

It’s rapidly approaching: just 2 weeks until the London Marathon, which I am running to raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

Thanks to all of you, I have passed my fund-raising target of £3000, which is absolutely fantastic – thank you all so much. But please don’t stop there! I would love to raise even more for this important charity, so please do sponsor me, if you would like to and haven’t yet had chance. I have a fund-raising page at

I started experiencing severe pain in my right knee when running lately, and have had good advice that it is ‘Iliotibial band syndrome’. This is a weakness in the muscles in my hip and thigh, putting pressure on my knee – so I have been doing lots of exercises and Pilates moves every day to correct it.

Position of iliotibial band


And it seems to be doing the trick, as my knee didn’t hurt so much on my longest run so far – 18.5 miles – last weekend. It was very tough, and pretty slow-going towards the end – but it’s the furthest I have ever run, so it left me feeling hopeful about at least being able to finish the marathon!

The most glorious day for a run

So – one more long run this coming weekend, aiming for 20 miles; and still lots of short sprints to build my overall fitness; and weights and stretches to work on my muscles. Then, it’s just resting before the big day.

I know many of you have run the marathon yourselves, and I am hugely appreciative to all of you for the advice, support and encouragement you are giving me. I’m getting more and more nervous as the day approaches – but it’s such a good cause, and I am determined to run the whole thing and finish well – so that is keeping me going.

I suspect now it is more my mind than my body that needs to keep going; so, it’s all about positive thinking now – and, as we say in our Mantra jewellery collection, ‘All things are possible, if you believe’. I have about 20 mantras to repeat to myself while I’m running, to get me through the miles!


I’ll look forward to updating you all on how I get on, as April 24th is now just around the corner. Thanks very much for reading this, and for your support.

Jo x

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