Update on my training for the London Marathon – Jo Stroud

As many of you know, I am running in the London Marathon in April, to raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

I ran in the Bath Half Marathon last weekend, to test my progress and to experience running with 15,000 people. What a great day! Gorgeous sunshine, huge camaraderie, and a beautiful city to run around.


However, I found the run very tough. More hilly than I expected; hard to get a good pace with so many people; and bad cramp in my knee and foot, 4 miles from the end.

So, a tough race, and a good wake-up call, 6 weeks before London, that I need to work harder. If anyone has any good cures for cramp, then do let me know – tweet us @FabCollection or post to our Facebook page /FabulousCollections. I am trying magnesium supplements and spray, and doing a lot more stretching before a run now.

My fund-raising is going well, thanks to the generosity of so many customers, designers, and friends. I am at £2700 now, aiming to get to £3000 by the time of the run. It’s a brilliant cause – Breast Cancer Now – so I would love to reach the £3000 goal. I have a fund-raising page set up at www.justgiving.com/jostroud.

I’ll continue to keep you updated with my progress over the final few weeks, as April 24th looms ever closer! Thanks very much for reading this, and for your support.

Jo x

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