Motivation Monday: 5 ways to beat the blues!

According to The Telegraph, Blue Monday was in fact a marketing ploy from a holiday company, based on weather conditions and debt levels they believed that the third Monday in January was the most depressing. We can all agree that Mondays aren’t always the best day, but with the added pressure of New Year’s Resolutions slipping by the wayside this time of year can feel a bit blue. So here’s 5 things to do today that will cheer you up!

  1. Get some fresh air

Don’t be tempted to stay couped up in your office or front room. It may be cold outside but some fresh air really blows out the cobwebs, so venture out for a walk wrapped up warm and really take in your surroundings. Don’t rush, just take in the beauty around you, you’ll instantly feel upbeat.


2. Plan a lovely meal

Think of your favourite winter warmer, or plan a huge healthy salad that you’ve been wanting to try out. Head to your local grocer and butcher in your lunch break and buy some lovely ingredients, you’ll be supporting local businesses, will get wonderful ingredients and can look forward to a great meal tonight. Whoever gets to enjoy the meal with you will be made up!


3. Do some exercise

Was it your New Years Resolution and has started to fall by the wayside? Don’t let it! Go for a walk or a jog, do an exercise video at home or if you joined the gym go and use it. Ten minutes will be enough to get your pulse racing and to feel great, all of those endorphins will banish the Monday blues (and you can be smug on Tuesday).


4. Treat Yourself

January is often a quiet month, we’re all feeling the pinch after Christmas and early paydays so it can feel like a long time with no treats. Set yourself a small budget and treat yourself. If it’s under £10, Lauren G Adams rings are now just £9, Daisy Alpha Jewellery starts at just £10.50 and Thomas Sabo Letter Pendants are only £9.98


5. Read a book in bed

Research shows that we need between six and nine hours sleep a night, we also know that tech should be banished from the bedroom. The blue light emitting from phones and tablets stops us from feeling sleepy, so before you know it you’re awake way past your bedtime and all you’ve accomplished is a social media catch up! So head to bed an hour earlier than normal, banish your phone and escape in a good book.


What are your top tips for banishing the blues? We’d love to know in the comments below…

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