Wear Your New Year’s Resolution!

2016 is around the corner, with the New Year comes a clean slate, one that you can paint however you choose – how exciting is that?!

This year at fabulous we created our first own brand collection, Mantra, combining beautiful designs with thoughtful meanings. Inspired by the power of positive affirmations, we designed this range to be worn with joy! Let the powerful words and inspired mantras heighten your mood, focus your mind and go into 2016 with a purpose.


As we designed the Mantra range we all thought about the mantras, quotes or phrases we have which bring happiness to our lives. Whether they are advice from a loved one, a song lyric which makes us smile or a famous quote to empower us. myMantra was born, an engravable disc with a lotus on one side (representing growth through adversity) with space for your own personal mantra on the other. The perfect piece of jewellery to give you inspiration all year.


The Giving Keys launched at fabulous this year, an amazing LA brand who help homeless people transition through employment. Recycled keys are hand stamped with an inspiring word, wear your key to bring you strength, love, faith or belief, if you decide the key has done its job – pass it on to someone who needs the word more than you.


So rather than going into 2016 with a New Year’s resolution, a gym membership or fad diet, how about starting 2016 with a word or mantra to empower you, one which you can live by. We’d love to know what yours is…

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