We all have that one friend who…

The new Path of Symbols collection from Alex and Ani is the perfect gift for your besties. Great value for money, full of meaning and symbolism; they’re the perfect stack bangle and the biggest jewellery trend coming over from the US. We’ve put together 4 personality types which we all had in our friendship group and suggested the perfect bangle for their character – we’d love to know whether you have these kind of friends too, question is, which one are you?..


The Wild One

She’s the life and soul of the party and a real night owl, she’s vivacious and tenacious and it’s just not a get-together without her. She makes great plans and gets everyone organised, she loves to throw a party particularly for one of her friends, making sure all of their favourite things are there. She is wild at heart, you admire her passion and willpower and know that if she sets her mind to it she can do anything! She lights your life up, is guaranteed to make you laugh when you most need it and inspires you every day.


Wild at Heart: Primal, Power, Night – £24

The Romantic

She’s the eternal optimist, no matter what happens this friend is there with an uplifting quote or romantic notion, she believes in fate and thinks everything happens for a reason. She wears her heart on her sleeve, has a very sensitive side and loves to shower her friends in love and affection. With such a loving nature this beautiful friend will do anything to help you, she’s the one on when you need a shoulder to cry on, knowing that whatever the issue, she’ll fix it with love.


Love: Affection, Joy, Light -£24

The Protector

She’s the strong and silent type and the last one to throw her opinion around; instead she’ll take in the situation from all sides and offer her advice once she’s really thought the situation through. She protects her friends fiercely – she’s fair, she’s calm and she’s your rock. Her thoughtful nature means she approaches situations with caution, taking in due diligence and always succeeds, she’s a natural winner in life and you often joke that she’s the mum of the group, taking care of you all!


Hand of Fatima: Positivity, Abundance, Faith – £24

The Adventurer

She’s pretty much always late but when she does arrive she’ll have a crazy tail for you about a bird she had to save or a petition she just had to sign. She cares about the world around her and has a very creative nature, often with plenty of projects on the go and lots of different friendship groups. She lives for travel and experiences, with a pure soul and deep character; she’ll always be a big beautiful part of your life.


God Speed: Journey, Blessing, Grace -£24

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