We’re loving: Touchwood’s Christmas Owl!

When Sinade spotted the photo-op Owl in Touchwood yesterday she sent us a photo straight away, a lover of all things festive, furry and fabulous – we weren’t surprised to hear this was right up her street!


The super cute owl will be residing in the Map Room in Solihull’s Touchwood for the festive season, so be sure to go down and take a selfie with him (or her?).

Feeling festive Sinade put together her top fabulous items inspired by the @TouchwoodTweets Owl…


Thomas Sabo Karma Bead, £125

Nomination Hanging Owl Link, £46

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Owl Charm, £55

Thomas Sabo Diamond Charm Club Charm, £60

Alex and Ani Feather Bracelet, £24


The owl is considered wise because he was Athena’s companion. The Goddess of Wisdom, Athena is said to have had an owl by her side at all times. The owl was said to reveal the truth to his master, he also had the ability to light up her blind side, hence the owls association with wisdom and light.


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