ALEX AND ANI Rulers of the Woods

The brilliant autumn collections by ALEX AND ANI make it a whole lot easier to say goodbye to summer! Connect with the energy of nature and unearth the divine wisdom of Oghams with the fabulous Rulers of the Woods collection.


Each bangle in this new collection is inscribed with the ancient alphabet of Oghams that channel unique energies. Ancient and cryptic, the tree alphabet is thought to bestow powerful abilities to its wearer. The symbols are believed to contain the life force of trees, and are known as ‘oghams’ by the Druids, an old and wise spiritual order. Thirteen types of trees and plants align with specific times of the year, linking our birthdays to unique energies and properties. Find the ogham that speaks to you!

tree oghams

September inspiration: The Vine holds the energy of determination and is the ogham of growth. Vine reminds us of our innate potential to grow and to conquer any obstacles in our lives. With its triangular leaves, it blesses us three times: with creativity, delight, and the power to bloom. The Vine ruling is September 2 – September 29  perfect for a special gift this month.

Shop this new collection online at fabulous with free UK delivery & transform your ALEX AND ANI stack for the new season!

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