Summer Jewellery Style; Elle Macpherson

It’s a dreary Monday here at fab HQ so we’re dreaming of holidays on board super yachts in the Mediterranean. If we could be anyone this very moment we’d choose Elle Machperson. At 51 Elle looks absolutely incredible, we’re admiring her flawless holiday style and her impeccable accessory choices and that beaming smile! Steal her style with fabulous…



BOHO. For a laid-back boho look Elle wears a long tassel necklace, these semi-precious stone necklaces from Diana Wilson Arcana make the perfect holiday accessory. £85 from fabulous



SPORTY. Have you ever seen a more stylish holiday photo? There’s not many people who could pull off this sports inspired look, we love the thin belly chain and ID necklace which adds the perfect amount of glamour. Believe necklace by Mantra, £58



GLAMOUR. We love the combination of her Rose Gold watch with vibrant red bracelet, Rose Gold watches are still very much on trend and add a serious touch of glamour on holiday. Rose Gold watch, £265 by Calvin Klein

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