The Pursuit Of Persephone Collection

Alex and Ani has introduced birth month flower bangles for spring 2015 with The Pursuit of Persephone collection. These colourful bangles will make a vibrant addition to your Alex and Ani stack with uniquely shaped charms that evoke the fresh energies of spring.


January Carnation & February Violet

The Carnation is the flower cherished as a centuries-old ingredient in love potions.
The Violet is the flower of the faithful heart, with trios of delicate petals on every bloom.


March Jonquil & April Sweet Pea

Jonquil is the flower of the wondrous heart that radiates pure, vibrant energy.
Sweet Pea was once believed to invite chance meeting and good fortune with blossoms containing precious oils.


May Lily of the Valley & June Rose

The bell-like petals of the elegant Lily signify purity of heart.
With its legendary deep velvet petals, the oils of the Rose are believed to heal the heart.


July Larkspur & August Gladiolus

Larkspur is also called delphinium, the Greek word for dolphin. This is Neptune’s flower
The vertical blooms of the Gladiolus represent a warrior’s will.


September Aster & October Marigold

Blossoming in a burst of delicate petals, the Aster is the flower of the patient, enchanted heart.
Flaring with brilliant, fiery hues, the Marigold promotes independence.


November Chrysanthemum & December Narcissus

Derived from the Greek word meaning ‘golden flower’, the Chrysanthemum is the flower of the happy heart.
The elegant blossoms of the Narcissus are known to empower truth.

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