Rhian’s Jewellery Spring Clean

Our eCommerce manager Rhian has been with fabulous for two and a half years, her jewellery collection consists of a lot of Alex and Ani, from the bangle bar through to the Providence collection. She loves a layered look and firmly believes that more is more, which can make for a pretty messy jewellery box.


Before: This is a good example of how not to look after your jewellery!

photo 3

Rhian’s jewellery is organised back into her stacker jewellery box, she hangs her necklace on a gilt frame so she can choose easily in the morning

photoA vintage candelabra houses bangles, bracelets and anklets picked up on holidays

photo1Rhian admits that her Alex and Ani bangles always live in their box and she’ll be adding more to her collection this Spring, as well as updating her Nikki Lissoni collection with some new coins from the Summer collection. Rhian is looking forward to the warmer weather so she can stack her bangles even higher!

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